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10 Amazing Things the Future of Facial Recognition Can Do

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Rewinding a little, do you remember the feature Facebook introduced that recognized you and your friends in your photographs and suggested to tag them? Now the moment you upload a picture, Facebook tags everyone for you.


This amazing technology is known as Face Recognition. The improved algorithms help in identifying your friends’ faces after they have been tagged for a few times. It is surprising to know that a human developed technology can recognize faces with maximum accuracy, just like humans.

Not just limited to Facebook, this incredible technology has taken over many fields like finance, defense, security, advertising and we are still counting numbers. This technology wasn’t much into practice and was lesser known to the people, but the advancements in different fields including security, finance, and digital marketing, etc., have led to its increased usage.

As compared to other biometric systems, this modern technology has a distinct advantage because of its non-contact process. Where other biometric systems use fingerprint and iris, face recognition remains contact-less. It can be easily incorporated at any place, where you find a modern camera.

In this article, we present ten amazing things that the future of facial recognition can do.

1. A Device to Handle Security and Surveillance


Facial recognition software can be easily installed in the existing surveillance system to enhance security. It will further help in keeping the record of criminals and localities for easy identification. The officials can tap into the system and can quickly take ID fingerprints during a daily traffic stop or match face during an investigation. It is anticipated that one day this technology will spot you from your iris, voice and the way you walk.

2. A Tracker to Locate Lost or Abducted People

In the year 2013, Shashank Singh, TEDx Speaker, and an entrepreneur introduced Helping Faceless app. The objective behind the launch of this app was to bring lost youngsters back to their families and halt child trafficking. The app is designed using face recognition software that matches a photo uploaded by you with a databank. This app uses the record created from various sources like the police, NGOs, etc. Like so, the government and NGOs can locate the families and unite them.

3. Alarming Station for Sleepy Driver


Mining and road construction projects involve late night work which escalates the risk of fatigue-related accidents. The machinery and trucks used in these operations are huge and can easily demolish anything which might come in the way. The driver might not even register the accident. To overcome this problem, face recognition software is incorporated with measure signs of fatigue like driver’s eye closing and head position. If the software lists any inappropriate signs, it sounds an alarm in the truck which may help them avoid accidents.

4. A Helping Hand for Prosopagnosiacs

Since babyhood, we all have acquired the skill of face recognition. We can easily distinguish one person from another, but there are people who cannot differentiate among faces equally well. This lack of ability to differentiate and recognize familiar faces, even close relatives is Prosopagnosia.

Going a few steps forward, improvement in facial recognition software will make it easier to help patients, who are suffering from this mayhem. For patient’s usage, a wearable device like smart glasses can be integrated with facial recognition software to record everyone, the person converses with, and to display the name and a concise history of that person.

5. A Halt for Minor from Buying Cigarettes and Alcohol


Age prediction by face recognition technology can be used to impede minors from buying cigarettes and alcohol from vending machines. The face recognition software can be incorporated in the machines and with the help of an integral camera, analyzing a person’s age will be a quick process. The machine evaluates a range of features like bone structure and number of wrinkles, to identify teens from adults and block immature buyers.

6. A Categorizer for Photos

Google, Apple, and Facebook use this technology to differentiate a portrait from a landscape and arrange images by categories. Differentiating and sorting images according to the category are some of the few things that this technology does.

7. An Advertising Agent Based on Gender

As per the day-to-day advancements, this face recognition technology is said to be the future advertising agent. It will be able to scan people walking by, judge their gender and show them suitable content. For instance, if females pass by, it will show related ad videos and if males pass by, it will show statistics on the related subject and vice-versa. This facial recognition software will make it easy to target audience and advertise the products and services.

8. A Matchmaker for Single

Imagine just uploading a picture of someone you wish to date, and the face recognition technology finds a similar match for you. Isn’t it great? The software matches the facial features from the uploaded picture and offers results of people with similar attributes. In China, one of the dating site Jiayuan uses this technology for their business, and it proves to be pretty much beneficial for them. The most important thing of using this software is, it keeps your identity anonymous. You can keep the surprise element intact and avoid unwanted people to reach you.

9. Advancement in Unlocking Passwords for Phones


Do you keep on forgetting the password to unlock your phone? Do the frequent changes in password mess up your head? Worry no more. This software is being developed to unlock smartphone using your unique face structure, excluding the need to remember the secret codes. The level of security it is going to offer is priceless, and it’s just the beginning. There is more to come in the coming years.

10. A Currency for Authorizing Payments

Isn’t it tedious to type PINs and passwords to access your bank account? What about the times, when you are in hurry, and the typographical error in a password makes it more frustrating? For this reason, face recognition technology is developed for hassle-free payments. The purpose is to pay by face than by cash or credit card. Not to mention, it offers perfectly secure transactions as your face is the secret code to your bank account and no one can access that.

The technology is evolving with every passing second. There are advancements and experiments in progress that will make our world more wonderful and interesting. In one moment, it offers thousand more possibilities to make life simple and our working style much more efficient.

The thing that amazed me the most about this face recognition technology is, it can find a match for you from millions of people in the world. What about you?

Guest Author: Sahiba Sadana

Ms Sahiba Sadana is a professional Content Editor and an avid literature reader. She is the Content Editor at Sharda University and a regular contributor to Business Town, and Munfarid Consulting.

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