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10 Best Business Intelligence Tools and Software

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Business intelligent tools and software is a class of computer applications that are specifically designed to process and analyze corporate data to produce quality insight about the health of your business. BI software makes the use of the variety of formulas, metrics to measure, compare and relate business indicators. These software and tools have automated the process of distinguishing strength and weaknesses of the organization. Data discovery, data management, and data reporting are some the primary functions of this software. You can use some of them to evaluate the functionality and performance of employees.


Either you are a small start-up company, medium size or a large enterprise business you can get support for a wide range of business decisions from BI tools and software. It’s no wonder that a lot of business intelligence software is available out there, but it is always advisable to get more information on each product first before making the purchase. Do you want to read about the current leader in business intelligence tools and software category or you want to compare the most popular solutions available in the market?

Best Business Intelligence Tools and Software

This article will list down top BI tools and software to help the interested users to make the comparison and chose the best solution tailored to their needs. These leading solutions comprise of systems specifically designed to capture, categorize and analyses data to extract some best practices for strategic decision making. The more advanced the system is, the more data it can process and will ultimately help companies to gain insight on overall growth, sales trends, and behavior of their customers.

1. Dundas BI Software


A browser-based business intelligence and data visualization platform introduced by Dundas Data Visualization includes integrated dashboards, reporting tools, and data analytics. The correct implementation of this software allows the end users to create interactive, customizable dashboards. It will enable the users to build their reports, run ad-hoc queries, and analyze performance and much more.

This platform is highly flexible as it allows the users to connect and integrate with any data source in real time on any device. Touch-based interface and response design enable the users to create and view dashboards and reports on the screen of a desktop or a mobile.

Dundas support companies regardless of their development size and phase. Other than this software provides high degree of automation and integration support through programmable, open API platform offering.NET, REST and JavaScript APIs.

2. Sisense


Sisense is considered to be a leader in BI market. FinancesOnline, business software review platform gave the Best Intelligence Software Award in 2016 to Sisense. This BI solution is capable enough to simplify sophisticated data analysis and all-startups as well as small companies to streamline the process of advanced data analysis. Its capacity to collate data from multiple sources without any preparations is its core competitive advantage in BI software category. It allows users to enjoy the very efficient use of in chip technology in its database which process data 10 times faster than traditional systems. Innovative ElasticCube technology will enable it to import large sets of data and work with CPU layout without having any compromise on the quality of results.

It is an agile business intelligence solution that provides advanced for support and data management with analytics, visuals, and reporting.

3. Domo


Business optimization software that is designed to bring together people, data, and insights that business users need to present the detailed view of the performance of the organization. Domo customizable BI platform creates the connection between crucial business data, foster collaboration among employees and provides powerful visual data. This cloud-based business management software is suitable for all company sizes from small to large enterprises. You can have micro and macro level visibility and analysis. It provides information about cash balances, top selling product lines to revenue forecast, market return on investment and much more.

Domo is an interactive visualization tool with instant access to company-wide data through centralized dashboard. The good news is that you can make the use of it by paying on an annual subscription basis. Pricing also depends on the number of users that need access.

4. Actuate Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)


Flexible, open source 100% pure Java reporting tool is helpful in building and publishing reports against data sources. BIRT is the top-level projects within the Eclipse Foundation which have leverage the productive capabilities of Eclipse. It is considered to be open source community of users. BIRT allows developers at all levels to incorporate reporting into their Java, J2EE, and Eclipse-based applications.

5. InetSoft


It is a business intelligence software platform which allows the users to create dashboards, visual analysis and report through data mashup engine. This tool integrates data from multiple sources in real time. InetSoft’s proprietary data block technology enables data mashups in real time. The user can access this information through interactive dashboards, enterprise reports, scorecards and exception alerts. InetSoft’s data intelligence platform provides a wide range of charts to the users including custom geographic mapping. You can purchase this software on-premise or in the cloud. You can access intelligent style software through the mobile platform as it comes with an array of customization options and it is suitable for midsize to global organizations.

6. icCube


It is a specialized BI end to end platform which you can embed in your applications. You can deploy it on cloud and in premises. You can also make the use of one of its managed services to enjoy the short time to market for a custom feature request. On-the-fly-authentication and authorization (up to cell level), its ability to connect and combine custom data sources, direct access to Java and R, web-based dashboard builder make it seamless to integrate with any application. icCube is suitable for those who want to provide predefined dashboards or robust web-based self-service BI solutions for the end users.

7. SAP – Business Intelligence Software

The SAP is an industry powerhouse which gives organizations the full set of tools to manage and optimize business intelligence. It is considered to be a cohesive and consolidated approach which allows companies to handle everything from ETL and data cleansing to predictive dashboard and reports through a centralized portal.


The competitive edge of the SAP Business Object is that it can grow with company allow organizations to additional employee tools and eliminate the need to stitch together with various disparate solutions. The SAP is a sizeable user-friendly system encouraging high-end user adoption through its intuitive, standardized solutions.

The SAP is a complete set of business solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises to large organizations. You can mine, analyses and report information from almost all data sources and present it in some formats both internally and externally. SAP BusinessObjects Mobile allows the users to access reports, metrics and other data from smartphones and other mobile devices. It helps the end users to understand complex company data, make quick and accurate knowledge-based decisions. You can personalize the dashboards as per unique data needs of your company through drag and drop.

This platform makes the use of conventional semantic layer to avoid report duplication and ensure that the data is accurate and consistent across organizations. You can seamlessly integrate this with other enterprise solutions such as Salesforce and Microsoft Office. In short, SAP is a mature industry-leading solution for comprehensive business intelligence solution.

8. Microsoft SharePoint Software


If you want to gain an accurate and actionable view of business operations by collecting and analyzing business data, then Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is just for you. It provides support on-premises as well as web-based architecture. You can combine the solution with existing business management software such as Dynamics CRM, Dynamics ERP and Microsoft office to provide intuitive experience to the end user.

This BI solution enables organizations to monitor and analyze critical business data from different internet enabled devices such as desktop and smart phones. Microsoft SharePoint allows you to collaborate through a website set up for information sharing efficiently. Other than creating sites SharePoint allows for users to manage document through entire lifecycle and publish reports. Interactive dashboards and scorecards allow users to view and address specific needs of the department or company as a whole.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is suitable for companies which are looking for business intelligence solutions that increase collaboration and provide actionable business insights.

9. TARGIT Decision Suite Software


This business intelligence, and analytics solution is a single integrated solution offering visual data, discovery tools, self-service business analytics, reporting, and dashboards. It combines the centralized BI solutions with the flexibility of the decentralized solution to enhance control. Self-service capabilities of this BI solution enable users to create their reports, analyze and eliminate the IT bottlenecks.

A vast array of deployment options available in this made it accessible to every person in the organization through windows, web interface, mobile clients or embedded dashboards. It allows users to connect all data sources and control the access with centralized data governance tools. TARGIT has a team of consultants which allow a user to implement a solution. It offers a wide range of courses, and an active community of users provides support.

10. Clear Analytics


More and more companies are capitalizing their resources to implement BI intelligence tools and software. Successful implementation of BI tools helps organizations to improve efficiency, expand business opportunities and draw meaningful insight from data to have the significant impact. Clear analytics is one of those incredibly intuitive excel based business solutions which require minimal training. Employees with basic knowledge can learn and use the system rapidly. This fully operational self-service business intelligence platform with little downtime allows users to generate, automate, analyze and visualize data and information about the company. Clear analytics will enable you to consolidate data collected from multiple sources and within excel.

11. ZipBooks

It’s important to recognize that in a smaller business, your accounting software can actually serve as your intelligence tool. ZipBooks is one accounting tool that recognizes that and has built beautiful dashboards, color-coded reports, and other tools to make sure that you’re able to stay on top of your business day by day.

Before you graduate to a full-fledged BI tool, make sure you’re keeping good records – this won’t only help you analyze what’s happening in your business, but will be a huge benefit when tax time rolls around as well.

Final Words

Business Intelligence software and tools analyses and transform big data into operable business intelligence. These tools and software are extremely beneficial for small as well as large organization with complex structure. The robust and well-integrated solution has potential to reveal the whole picture of business operations. These tools and software detect essential trends, opportunities and explain the risk on early stages which help managers to avoid severe financial damages and take precautionary measures to improve the health of the organization.

The above mentioned Business Intelligence tools and software allow users to interpret large volumes of business data more efficiently and intensely. These platforms increase opportunities for growth and help organizations to gain substantial competitive advantage and build long-term stability. So what are you waiting for? Review the best in high-class quality business intelligence software and have a comprehensive overview of your organization.

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