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10 Free Websites to Create Your Own Animated GIF Image

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Animated GIF, as implies by the name, it’s a kind of GIF image that support animations. This image format is created by combining a number of GIF files into a single image file. Since its introduction in 1987, the image format has gained wide popularity due to its support from nearly all the web browsers. Additionally the animated GIF file size tends to be smaller as compared to other type of animated files. It helps to speeding up website load time.


Despite the common perception that the animated GIFs are being widely used for gimmick and humor, many professional web developers out there applied them on websites for better visualisation and user interactions. Others turned the image files into interesting short videos sharing on their social media sites.

Google’s Image Search and photo stock sites such as PhotoBucket and ShutterStock are some of the best online resources to locate animated GIFs for web design, advertising and entertainment purposes. But what if you can’t find the right GIF for your work? Well the easiest solution is to create a customized animated GIF by your own. And the good news is that there are several websites available that allow users to generate high quality animated for free. Without the need of possessing any technical skills, all you need to do is to upload the images you’ve prepared, followed by some customizations, then hit the ‘generate’ button and there you go.

Below we’ve compiled a list of free and intuitive websites for you to create your own customized animated GIFs. We hope you’ll find them useful.

MakeaGIF is one of the most popular animated GIF generators on the Web. From the website you can choose either to use pictures-to-GIF maker or YouTube-to-GIF generator. Step-by-step instructions are provided along the process of GIF creation. Other useful tools you can find from the online service include webcam-to-GIF maker, video-to-GIF converter as well as free image host.

Minimalist user-interface is most of the GIFMaker.Me users’ first impression. The free animated gif image maker has a user friendly control panel that consists of settings such as canvas size (360,000 pixels max), animation speed, YouTube music URL, etc. In addition, the service lets you play GIF backwards and save as a new one, resize your existing GIF and even split GIF into separate images.

Picasion is another easy to use animated GIF generator. In addition to uploading images from computer, URL and webcam, the GIF maker takes a step further by allowing users to import images directly from Flickr or from Picasa Web. The free service also enables users to make glitters, create customized avatars as well as resize images.

MemeCenter offers a more sophisticated GIF maker with a great user interface. To create a high quality and impressive animated GIF, you can make use of its wide variety of image features including webcam-to-GIF, video-to-GIF, text and drawing tools, background colors and many more. MemeCenter also makes sharing GIF across social networks an easy job.

If you’re passionate about GIF animation, BlogGIF is certainly a fun website that worth your visit and try. The free image services offers about 20 features and tools which you can use to generate and customize your very own animated GIF in the way you want. In addition to common GIF photo effects, what makes BlogGIF different from other image makers is being able to generate GIF slideshow with many pictures by scrolling, cube with 5 images rotating in 3D as well as mini movie via webcam.

With GIFPal you can create animated GIFs online using webcam and images in minutes. The image maker comes with drawing tools for drawing and adding text purposes. Other customizations can be applied through the service include adding color effects to GIFs, adjusting animation speed, editing frames in timeline and many more.

The way ImgFlip works is pretty similar to other GIF online makers. After uploading images, you can do a bit of customizations such as adjusting frame delay, width and height and quality level. Other than that you can also add text to GIF, crop GIF and reverse GIF. Once you’re happy with the preview image, hit the ‘Generate GIF’ button and there you go.

Gickr is another free animated GIF generator that enables users to create animated image by uploading 3 to 10(max) images. Similar to other GIF makers, you can choose the image size (100px – 450px wide) at the frame speed (from fast to slideshow 3 seconds) you want. Gickr also support importing images from Flickr and Picasa as well as converting YouTube videos to animated GIF images.

LooGix is an intuitive animated GIF online maker where you’ll need to upload at least 3 images and not more than 10 images to the service. It offers 4 different image sizes (100~400px wide) and 5 frame speeds (slower~faster) for you to choose from. Animation effects including Shadow, Motley and Negative are also available where you may apply on your image making it more visually attractive. There are other services that worth a try include YouTube-to-GIF and Reserve GIF.

Another option you can consider to create your own customized GIF animation and avatar. To do that, you are enabled to capture photo with webcam, upload images from your computer, create animation using images from Flickr as well as get images from any specific URL.

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