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10 iPhone and iPad Apps to Control Your Computer

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With millions of apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, smartphone users can always find the right app to accomplish their daily tasks. However there are so many mobile apps being developed for the similar job, it makes finding the best app for specific task a difficult part. Previously we’ve published quite a number of posts introducing both iPhone and Android apps for various purposes. Today we will be focusing on mobile apps that can remotely control PC and Mac.


Below we’ve rounded up 10 really cool remote control apps that can turn your smartphone into a wireless keyboard, mouse, or trackpad, allowing you to control your computer from the couch. For office purpose, some of these apps enable you to control presentation slides giving a good impression to your audience. Apart from controlling computer, entertainment centre and even your car can also be remotely controlled through your phone with WiFi connected. These apps are simply changing the way you use your phone. So try them out now and don’t forget to leave your comments here.

Many iTunes users should be familiar with Remote. The app is designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to remotely control iTunes on your computer. By connecting to the same wireless network, you can use Remote to browse your library, choose playlists, change a song, and adjust volume on the iTunes. Additionally Remote can be used to control Apple TV from anywhere in your home.

Mobile Mouse
This is one of the best apps that turns your iPhone and iPod Touch into a wireless mouse for your computer. You can browse your photo library and play the video from the comfort of your sofa. Apart from that, Mobile Mouse can also act as a remote keyboard and it supports on-screen typing, password protection, Multitouch gestures, etc.

VLC Remote Free
VLC Remote is one of the most popular apps for controlling multi-platform media player on your Mac, PC as well as Linux computers. The app can be installed on both iPhone and iPad, allowing you to control VLC from your comfortable sofa. With this remote control app you can play, pause, stop, control volume, and turn on and off fullscreen while watching a video. It also lets you use the graphical equaliser, view cover art and playlist, control subtitles, audio track and many more.

i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote
i-Clickr is the ideal app that helps you to control your PowerPoint presentation including animations. The remote app turns your presentation into a movie and lets you make real-time annotations to grab your audience’s attention. After you finish the presentation, the app enables you to email the PDF version of the presentation with audience.

Boxee Remote
Boxee is a well-known home theatre PC application that allows users to stream broadcast TV channels to any device. It lets you recommend video content to your friends through its integrated social media services. To make the full use out of it, you can install its mobile app Boxee Remote that turns your iPhone into a remote control for your Boxee TV.

HippoRemote app transforms your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless keyboard and mouse. The app comes in both free and paid versions, enabling users to control home theater PC, interactive whiteboard as well as PowerPoint presentation slides. The remote control app doesn’t require any dongle or adapter, what you need is only WiFi connection.

Off Remote
Off Remote is yet another cool app to control your computer at home. With iPhone or iPad on hand, you can turn off, lock, sleep and restart your PC and Mac without having to touch the computer. One of its handy features is that you can set a computer to automatically shut down after completing a specific task such as download or upload a file. The app also lets you check whether your computers are turned off. Another good thing about Off Remote is that you can control a number of computers at the same time on your local network.

EyeTV has both software and hardware that can turn your iPad and iPhone into a portable television. With the app, you can watch live TV while on the move, playback recordings, view and edit recording schedules, browse program guide, connect your Mac via WiFi and many more.

Remote HD
Remote HD turns your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch into a wireless keyboard, mouse and trackpad. The app enables you to view the live display of your computer, both PC and Mac, stream video and audio, control applications and many more. Additionally, Remote HD also supports AppleTV where you can launch or switch apps.
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With Keymote remote app installed on your iPhone and iPod Touch you can literally control everything on your Mac using shortcuts. Tasks like remote controlling iTunes, DVD player, refreshing Twitter stream as well as playing YouTube videos can be done easily through WiFi network. The app also allows you to create and download keysets for the applications you use most.

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