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10 Useful Android Mobile Apps Users Often Missed

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Due to the popularity of the Android operated phones today, the Android market is booming as well and the applications supported by these devices have taken the center stage. The Google supported Android market features a host of numerous apps for the Android phones and devices and one can just select any from among them. There are apps however that users of the Android have found to come in handy. Here is a list of useful apps for the Android that are often missed.


Google Voice
This service has been found to be so useful that people have considered it to be one of the top benefits an Android user can take advantage of. Google Voice provides people with service by giving them a phone number that is capable of ringing to multiple devices or places as well as allowing access to text messages and voicemail through the Internet. This app even integrated with the user further, it allows the outgoing calls to look like they come from a Google Voice number so that the real mobile number is kept in private.

Advanced Task Killer
The reality that you have to face when you have a mobile OS that is capable of multitasking is that you will have to manage your apps so that they do not burn through your battery life or device performance. The Advanced Task Killer app is often missed by people but can come in handy very much so. It has a widget which can be tapped once to get rid of apps that are open and the app can also be set up to shut down apps at periodic intervals.

Quite popular in desktop computers but often missed in Android devices; Dropbox is an ideal cloud service that will allow people to sync their folder files through various devices. This app has extended on through the Android regime and will interact with other apps in order for the files to be opened. Dropbox will allow users to have access to image files, business documents and PDFs by just dragging them to a folder and computer which will then allow immediate access through the Android phone.

If you are already getting used to typing on a virtual keypad, an Android phone is a great way for taking down notes. Evernote is a great note taking app that is just like Dropbox, where it will save data locally but will sync it across the machines and devices it is connected to.

Although there are many to-do apps available to choose form with an Android device, Taskos offers an easy, clean and Android-user friendly interface. The app has a few extras which will give it a distinct advantage against other applications. One of its biggest is the voice recognition feature, which will let the user voice out a task and the app will turn this into a to-do item.

Documents to Go
This app will offer people with a great reader for documents that are compatible with Microsoft Excel and Word. The app is free but can be upgraded to the full version which will allow creation and editing of files and include PowerPoint features as well.

Astro File Manager
This app is a very versatile file manager that is available for the Android. This is a must app for every Android device as it comes with the capability of managing files through an sdcard.

This program is simple and brilliant which will allow users to handle profiles automatically. The app is aware of locations and this settings manager is easily scriptable. There are also other third-party programs that can integrate with Locale to make it even more functional.

The unique approach of BreadCrumbz in navigation allows a new kind of user-created geo-content. The aim for this app is to create a platform where users can store, create and share geo-content that is meaningful to them and their friends.

Barcode Scanner
The name of the app says it all. This app will allow people to access reviews, prices and other documents that have barcodes on them. People will not have to worry about the longevity of an item as they purchase it from a store.

Guest Author: Norris Lasay

Norris Lasay is a writer at Broadband Expert for topics such as technology and the business world. During his free time, Norris researches on topics such as the high speed Internet.

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