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12 Amazing Tips to Build a Positive Attitude in Your Personality

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Are you feeling unhappy? Do you think that you can’t achieve big things in life? You feel that your hopes got shattered, now there is no turning point for you, right? You think that “being positive” is nothing more than a phrase, right? Yes, we guessed it right, not bad to say that you think “life has ended for you, now there is no hope left” Please human, just relax. You are not so far from a positive change. Get control of the situation by having a positive attitude.


Positive thinking shares a direct relationship with sound physical health. Your overall well-being is necessary to achieve the goals you want to. Understand one thing here, being happy is not a choice, it’s the only option for you.

Can Positive Attitude Do Any Good to You?

Yes, a positive attitude can change your perception about different situations. It turns your approach towards things; you become a problem-solver. Your personal and professional life, both improve with it.

Having trouble with how you can build a positive attitude? Breathe! We are here to rescue you. Don’t miss a single point in this blog if you are determined to build a positive attitude.

1. Tone Your Morning Routine

Don’t be a lazy sloth; positive changes demand some efforts from your side. Change your morning routine, start your day with something that makes you happy. Wake up early and go for a walk, get close to the mother-nature, feel the breeze that touches your skin, trust me, you will feel revitalized. This habit will bring positive changes to your mood.

2. Find Happiness in Little Things

You come across so many people who are not satisfied with their lives. You see that they keep complaining. Being ungrateful is a deadly thing that pollutes your aura. Be thankful for everyday you get to live. Find out reasons to be happy, celebrate each day. Do something new everyday and be happy about it.

Don’t wait for other’s to make you happy. Be happy with yourself first. Remember that you are the center of the universe. You deserve to be happy, no matter how many situations try to break you, just don’t lose yourself.

3. Celebrate Tiny Victories

“Yes, I learned to make a new dish,” exactly! I want you to build up this kind of attitude. Don’t wait for big things to happen in your life, learn the art of celebrating small thing. Tiny victories of life are essential for you to have a positive mindset.

Watch the sunset, go and eat ice cream with your loved ones, feel the real happiness, connect to nature. Fill your mind with positive thoughts eventually you will start seeing positive changes in your life.

4. Five Letters Solution S.M.I.L.E.

Looking for an instant solution to all your problems? Yes, there is a perfect solution for you, even you know it. Guess, what is it? Push your cells and think what it is? Bravo! Still, you didn’t guess, well it is….. “SMILE.” Now don’t think that it was just a splash in the pond. Smiling does solve many problems, it can solve yours too.

Think of the achievements, recall the last thing that made you laugh at anything. Instantly, you will witness a smile on your face. Trust me SMILE works like a magic wand. Try using it and get spellbound in a positive you.

5. Feed Your Brain with the Capsules of Positivity

One capsule of positivity can do wonders! Yes, eat it everyday. Oh, mortal now please don’t rush to the medical store to get it. Find it in your brain’s pharmacy! Was it too intricate for you? Breathe, breathe! No long tales now. Instead of taking situations negatively, start seeing the positive aspects of different situations. Automatically, you will get more tuned to positivity.

6. Learn to Take Responsibilities

Most of us don’t take the responsibilities of their actions. Now is the time to start taking responsibilities. Please don’t consider yourself a victim; it will do no good to you. Shift your mind from victim mode to the creator mode. Learn to take the responsibilities for your actions. Remember, you are the creator of your life, you are in the complete charge of your destiny. Take responsibilities and shift your mode from victim to the creator.

7. Create Your Own Path

Remember what Chris Gardner said in the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”? “You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves; they wanna tell you-you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”
You have to create your path since it is your dream. Don’t let others’ tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams. Break all the cords and construct your path. Life will offer you many challenges but don’t lose the ground. Keep running at the same pace, no matter how many difficult situations you come across.

8. Be a Proactive Person

The irony is that a reactive mortal lets other decide, how he has to feel at the particular moment. Open your brain box; there is so much inside. Don’t let other people control your emotions. Be a proactive person, train your mind to find the positive point in the difficult situation. Once you have a control in your hands, you can ace the game.

9. Alter Your Thoughts for Good

Thinking positive is an art which people don’t master easily. Having negative thoughts in your mind? Hit the stop button in your brain right now. You can alter your thoughts if you want to. It just depends on your, how much you are determined to bring positive changes in your life.

10. Define Your Purpose of Life

Focus on the equator! By it we mean, focus on the purpose of your life. You have to focus on the equator so that you successfully go through the challenges that come in your life.

11. Concentrate More on the Good

Focusing more on the bad things will not give you anything. Don’t think of the bad things in life, concentrate on the good things that have happened to you. Think of the positive events that have happened in your life. Moreover, think of the good things in your life. Even when you meet someone, try to find the good in other people.

12. Stop This Self-Pity Game

“I am such an unfortunate person; I can’t do anything in life,” Human, please don’t do this self-pity game as nobody is interested in playing it with you. Stop going into the worst isolation mode! Come on! Rise with the spirit of a warrior. Some things are not so easy; we do understand that. But, crying for those things will not do anything. You are brave; you have more potential than what you think you have, deal with life with the full-spirit. When life throws bricks on your way, start building your path rather than thinking of them as hurdles.

Bottom Line

Giving up like that is not your thing! You are a brave person; you can’t lose the ground. Build a positive attitude; there is nothing you can’t do in this word. Impossible is nothing in the positive thinking. Always look for the positivity in different situations. You are born to do great things so don’t lose yourself.

Tips which we have told you have worked for many, surely will work for you too. Try them and witness the new “YOU.”

Author: Cassandra Worthy

Cassandra Worthy is a female motivational speaker, business trainer, and a passionate blogger.

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