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12 Best WordPress Pagination Plugins You Must Install

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Pagination (Page Navigation) is a very important tool to enhance the readability of your WordPress blog. It enables your visitors to navigate through your older entries easily and increase the SEO of your site by providing more links to your content. As you know, the default WordPress pagination only limited to “previous” and “next” links, it would be great if you can display a better looking and more user-friendly pagination.


Below are 12 excellent WordPress pagination plugins for you to consider.
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1. WP-PageNavi

WP-PageNavi is an advanced paging navigation to your WordPress site. It allows you to customize the pagination to match your blog’s theme.
Find out how to install WP-PageNavi.


2. WP-Paginate

WP-Paginate is a simple and flexible pagination plugin which provides users with better navigation on your WordPress site. In addition to increasing the user experience for your visitors, it has also been widely reported that pagination increases the SEO of your site by providing more links to your content.
Find out how to install WP-Paginate.


3. Paginator

“Paginator3000” is a pagination technique based on the idea of scrolling.
Find out how to install Paginator.


4. WP-PageNavi-LightWord

Adaptation of WP-PageNavi for LightWord WordPress theme. Adds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress site.
Find out how to install WP-PageNavi-LightWord.


5. Simple Pagination

This simple pagination plugin for WordPress blog allows users to set up an advanced pagination for blog posts and comments. The plugin has 6 stylesheets for the pagination namely CSS3, Flickr, Digg,, Green and Grey.

6. Faster Pagination

Faster Pagination is a custom pagination plugin that brings your website visitors a good looking numbered pagination system. The plugin is very easy to use, just activate the plugin and you are good to go.

7. TW Pagination

TW Pagination is another flexible pagination plugin that gives visitors a simple navigation on your WordPress site. Not only the plugin increases user experience for your visitors, it also helps to improve the SEO of your site by providing more links to your content. Additionally the plugin can also be used to paginate post comments.

8. Pagination by BestWebSoft


This pagination plugin automatically adds custom pagination to your WP blog posts, search results, archives, categories and tags. It allows you to choose pagination type, position, and appearance of your choice.

9. WP Post Break Pagination


WP Post Break Pagination offers you a stylish and impressive pagination solution for your WordPress blog. The plugin comes with 26 types of pagination styles and various customization options. In addition to pagination styles, the plugin has various styles such as arrow with numbering, icon with numbering, pagination without number and more. Each of these styles has multiple variations too.

10. Animated Infinite Scroll

Animated Infinite Scroll plugin converts default pagination into Infinite Scroll or Ajax pagination. When a visitor scrolls down to the bottom of the page, the next page of posts is automatically retrieved and appended. This means they never have to click the “Next Page” button. You may also include a “Load More” button instead of infinite scroll.

11. Pagination For Posts

This is an advanced content pagination plugin that splits your long post content into multiple pages. It has 5 excellent button layouts and lets you put text and image in pagination buttons.

12. Elegant Navigate Paginator for WordPress


With Elegant Navigate Paginator, you can easily create an elegant pagination on any WordPress themes, WooCommerce & Elegant themes, and other themes. You may also control the output of pagination through various built-in API functions.

13. Ajax Pagination and Infinite Scroll

This plugin loads paged content with Ajax throughout your WordPress blog. It works on posts, pages, custom post types and WooCommerce. There are 3 pagination types to choose from namely infinite scroll, load more button and pagination.

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