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14 Reasons Make Pokémon GO More Popular than Facebook

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Facebook has been dominating the social media platform until the release of Pokémon Go in the mobile market. Currently, countless mobile users are spending more of their time playing Pokémon Go than on any other mobile application.


Pokémon Go has risen to become a giant in the mobile applications world. Below are some of the reasons why Pokémon Go will be more widespread than Facebook.


1. Realistic


The Pokémon game tends to be realistic for the people playing it. This is because it not only engages them on their devices but their surroundings too. You will find groups of people hovering around their neighborhood with their mobile phones with the intention of getting the Pokémon. This to some extent makes people feel that the game is more realistic, which makes it likeable and fun.

2. Interesting


It is impossible to capture the minds of online gamers with a game that is not fascinating. Most people download games with the intention of finding fascinating adventures they can indulge in. Facebook only offers a platform for people to interact with their friends. However, Pokémon is more interesting as it offer challenges to the users while playing the game. This makes it better than any other social media site.

3. Engaging

The players are totally engaged in the game and this takes up their concentration in their adventures of finding Pokémon. This engagement makes it cumbersome for the people to stop using the game after they have started. Once the minds of the players have been filled by the frenzy of finding Pokémon, they immediately become faithful players of Pokémon. It is impossible to ditch Pokémon.

4. Informative

Apart from giving the player an opportunity to enjoy themselves, Pokémon gives them a chance to learn more about their surroundings. Many people have known more about certain creatures and other things within their environment through this game. This can be a great opportunity for people who love seeking knowledge to know more about nature and creatures.

5. Connects the digital and the physical world


Most of the mobile applications only engage people on the digital platform. However, Pokémon connects both the digital and the natural world. The people can get more information from the digital platform but they will be required to look for Pokémon in their neighborhoods. This connection is unique and it has made more people attracted to download and use this game.

6. All age groups


Another interesting fact is that Pokémon does not have an age limit. These games are interesting for people falling under all the existing age groups. Both children and adults from both sexes are fascinated with finding Pokémon. This has enabled the developers of Pokémon to have countless users of their game. This large client base has made the game even more popular.

7. Great graphics

The graphics of this game makes it attractive to the people who are playing it. When reading the reviews of the mobile application games, you will discover that people shun games with poor graphics. The clarity of the pictures enhances the fascination of the application. Pokémon has the best graphics that have made it appealing to. That makes people to love it.

8. Great marketing background

In the year 1995, there was a TV program for Pokémon. There were card games for Pokémon. The introduction of this game in the digital market was not a new idea for the clients. People already had an idea of the presence of Pokémon before. Hence, the great marketing background of Pokémon made it easier for people to acquire it. This is one of the reasons behind the millions of downloads.

9. Highly interactive


This game is also better since it gives the people an opportunity to interact with others in their quest to find Pokémon. Up to now, nobody has been lucky to find out the whereabouts of Pokémon. This enables the players to form a team with others to share information with the intention of getting Pokémon. This interaction makes this application exciting for numerous people.

10. 20 years existence with grown up fans

The idea of Pokémon has been in existence for over 20 years. That means there are people who had searched for Pokémon for many years before. Its introduction in the digital world enabled its grown up fans to continue with their task of finding Pokémon. The already grownup fans gave the developers of Pokémon assurance that their application would be downloaded.

11. Addictive


Another advantage that Pokémon has over other mobile applications is the ability of making the layers to become addictive to it. The level of addiction that people have for this game arouses the curiosity of others who end up downloading it and playing it. This process is continuous as it enrolls more addicts into the game. The Pokémon gamers are also effective in marketing it to others.

12. Fantasy

Most people are terming this game as a fantasy. Human beings are attracted to things that make them to fantasize. The fantasy in this case is finding Pokémon. People have done crazy things that have even resulted to death and jail terms. Pokémon is truly a fantasy because since it was introduced twenty years ago nobody has been successful in finding and the search continues.

13. Great database host

The Pokémon developers are also successful in acquiring and maintaining their customers by having the best database host. The host has managed to meet the demands of the rising number of Pokémon players. The success of any application is tied to the effectiveness of the server used in hosting it. The amazing hosts have played a major role in ensuring additional users can be retained.

14. Mysterious

Some of the experts offering SEO services online traders need believe the accomplishment of Pokémon is due to its mysterious nature. People will be bored with any game after they have begun to understand it. For Pokémon, no one has been able to understand it. This is what keeps people busy with the adventures. The mysterious nature of Pokémon is a plus.

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