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15 Professional Data Recovery Tools for Windows

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Data resides at the heart of all informational systems. From governments gathering classified intelligence to corporations predicting trends with Big Data, modern data dependence pervades nearly every aspect of human life; yet, in the blink of an eye anyone can experience a massive loss of stored information. Such an experience can be devastating to say the least.


For this reason, new and sophisticated data recovery tools are constantly being introduced to the tech-driven marketplace. These tools, the saviors of the digital domain, provide users of the Windows operating system with hope that their data may not be lost forever. Any combination of the fifteen of the existing diverse data recovery tools mentioned below will serve to provide basic to advanced data loss security to anyone looking to develop a solid data recovery toolkit.


1. BitRecover Data Recovery Software
Recovering data is a snap with the BitRecover data recovery software tool. This data recovery solution can be used to recover files and folders from a wide variety of data storage devices. These include: hard disks, external hard drives, pen drives, SSD, sd cards, memory cards, and more. With over 100 file type recovery options available, covering spreadsheets, photo, video, audio, and document-based data, this makes the BitRecovery data recovery software option a versatile data recovery tool for nearly any situation.

2. Data Rescue PC
Data Rescue PC aids in the recovery of data thought to be long lost. It will even work on aged tech devices, such as floppy disk data recovery projects. Even if the Windows operating system has been corrupted, it is still possible to use Data Recovery PC in MS-DOS mode. This data recovery solution handles audio, video, image, and document files.

3. SysTools Data Recovery
When you need to recover any lost, corrupt, or permanently deleted file types from a Windows hard disk, other internal or external media device, such as audio, video, document, and additional multimedia files, Systools Data Recovery will make the task easy to perform. The Systool programs will handle formatted partition recovery for FAT and NTFS partitions. This data recovery solution supports unlimited data recovery and has been tested up to a 1.5-terabyte data recovery capacity.

4. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
The EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard will recover files that have been lost, corrupted, deleted, formatted and also files from an inaccessible raw drive. Recovery of all file types is supported, including: audio, video, documents, email, photo and more. In addition, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will fix and repair dysfunctional drives. It will undelete files that reside on drives that are otherwise unreadable, including: SSD, flash and floppy drives.

5. CnW Recovery
No matter what the file or media type, CnW Recovery software is prepared to face the data recovery challenges thrown at it. Repartitioned, corrupted, deleted and reformated files comprise data loss situations where CnW Recovery software excels. This data recovery solution will also tackle fragmented video from a user’s camera memory chip. It provides users with a RAID option, tools for situations involving HP MediaVault and includes full forensic logging. CnW also provides users with free unlimited software support and updates.

6. Kroll Ontrack Easy Recovery
The Kroll Ontrack Easy Recovery software comes in three grades: home, professional and the enterprise versions. Each version is designed for use in specific situations depending on if your needs cover personal, small business or more sophisticated large corporate network data recovery procedures. Data recovery can be performed on local and external hard drives (HDD/SSD). Optical and digital media data recovery options are also available. In addition, Kroll Ontrack Easy Recovery software is a complete, all-inclusive DIY data software suite enhanced with data protection and erasing features.

7. Stellar Phoenix
When an accident leads to data loss, Stellar Phoenix is there to make data recovery possible. This easy to use data recovery tool provides the option to search for missing files or to recover folders and directories. Looking beyond data recovery for a PC hard disk, Stellar Phoenix will also be useful in recovering data from SD cards, CD’s, DVD’s and USB drives. Stellar Phoenix recovers images, audio, video, documents, zip files and databases. A professional version is also available for business grade data recovery purposes.

8. Restoration
Since power sometimes comes in small packages, Restoration is a highly portable data recovery tool. At a whopping 406k in size and compatible with any version of Windows, it demonstrates an amazing ability to function as a basic, yet useful, data recovery application for any USB-based file recovery toolkit. File searches using parameters, such as file name and size, are easy to perform on the fly with this tiny Restoration data recovery tool.

9. Recover My Files
Recover My Files makes data recovery simple while providing users with a powerful software-based data recovery engine. With the ability to display data recovery items, this tool lets users know with certainty what data from photos, email, video, audio and document files will be possible to recover. Recover My Files works to rectify a variety of data recovery scenarios such as when data is lost from accidental formats, hard disk crashes and partitioning errors.

10. Puran File Recovery
Puran File Recovery software is a freeware data recovery solution which can scan any drive Windows acknowledges. Aside from its ease of use, it is noted for its ability to locate data files missed by many other recovery software tools.

11. Disk Drill
The Disk Drill freeware data recovery tool is noteworthy due to its simple, straight forward design. While functional with internal hard disks, external drives, iPod, USB devices and memory cards, the Disk Drill data recovery software provides users with a wide range of useful features. Features include: Quick and pausable scans, complete drive backups, previewing of image files prior to data recovery, the ability to execute a partition recovery and the functionality to filter files by date or size.

12. Recuva
Often said to be a user friendly data recovery tool, Recuva provides users with an easy approach to data recovery. The two primary operation modes are the file recovery wizard or the manual applications mode. The mode the user selects depends on whether or not they know where the file they are trying to recover exists. A convenient green, yellow and red light indicator grades the probability of file recovery to help the user to determine how likely it is that their file will be recovered.

13. Undelete Plus
Undelete Plus serves as a handy data recovery tool for all versions of the Windows operating system and works well with FAT and NTFS file systems. This application allows users to set filters on file searches by parameters like type, time and size. Similar to Recuva, this data recovery tool employs the use of a light-based system to alert users to how likely data recovery of a given file will be.

14. R-Studio
While R-Studio tends to have a more complicated UI for professionals involved in serious data recovery and forensics, the less expensive R-Studio Undelete option will tend to be useful in most novice-level DIY home data recovery applications. If, on the other hand, a user needs to do data recovery across a network, the R-Studio Agent Emergency start-up disc, which is part of the more expensive R-Studio data recovery package, is a useful tool for this type of data recovery application. For more complex RAID imaging, RAID parameter recognition and other high end RAID recovery features, the upgraded software will help the user regain control over these types of advanced RAID recovery projects.

15. TestDisk
For the GUI independent user, TestDisk is an open source data recovery solution that introduces a simple command line style of operation for quick and easy access to data recovery procedures. Basic functionality allows for undeleting files from FAT, NTFS and EXT2 file systems. Additional features include: recovering and rebuilding boot sectors, moving and restoring deleted files to external media, finding lost partitions and much more.

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