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15 Weirdest Trends that Took Social Media by Storm

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It usually starts by accident and then grows into an avalanche – it’s the so-called viral entertainment that none of us can resist. The Internet revolves around having the most views and thumbs up. Sometimes it feels as if life has stopped and we all just deal with what is currently on the World Wide Web.


People seem to have given priority to virtual life instead of just looking around and hanging out with people in the real world.

15. Ears and a Whole Lot More Creepy Snapchat Filters

The most innocent of all viral phenomena that has enchanted both young and old: sticking out tongues, bunny ears, and eyes of unusual dimensions that will give you the goose bumps… Glasses of various shapes and sizes, flowers you can put on your head, animal noses, mustaches, cowboy hats and pistols, rosy cheeks…


It’s all so childish, even sweet—especially when compared to what follows.

14. 100 Layers (Coats) of Everything

Do we all have to look like freaks just to be the center of attention? Is this the Internet we all signed up for? One hundred layers of all you can and can’t imagine: mascara, nail polish, hair spray, lipstick, false eyelashes, candle wax, even underwear! Can you imagine that? I know I can’t! And it all started thanks to Jenna Marbles, one of the most popular YouTube beauty vloggers out there.

13. The One Finger Selfie Challenge

It’s just another challenge: you take a photo of yourself standing in front of a mirror while covering your body parts with one finger. It’s the new NSFW trend gaining the most momentum in Japan, due to the fact that the inventor of this challenge was inspired by animated manga comics. His nickname is Sky-freedom. The challenge was accepted by the captivating Amy Davidson (known for playing in the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules) causing an avalanche. Soon after that, Twitter and Instagram were flooded with photos with hashtag #OneFingerSelfie.

12. The Salted Ice Challenge

We all know how teenagers like to spend their free time in various ways. They often turn into real-life champs in challenges that are quite stupid. Here’s how an insane trend appeared on the social network where youngsters place salt and ice on their bodies. It can cause second to third degree skin burns.

A lot of kids were horrifically injured, and some of them ended up with permanent nerve damage.

11. The Yeti Craze

This trend is especially popular in American college sororities. All you have to do is sit on top of the refrigerator and let your mate take a picture from your back. There is a special page on Instagram dedicated to this challenge, and it seems like people enjoy it quite a lot.

10. The Duct Tape Challenge

This craze might seem harmless at first but some participants figured out just how dumb it was only when things went totally wrong. Here you are wrapped up in duct tape and you have three minutes to escape. But things didn’t go as planned for a boy with the nickname Skylar fish. This challenge made headlines across the world when the teenager ended up with severe head injuries, a brain aneurysm and crushed eye socket while trying to free himself. Despite his injuries, it continues to be one of the most popular viral challenges out there.

9. Planking

Planking, also known as “the lying down game”, is still going strong. Participants would lie down flat in an unusual location ranging from the ledges of tall buildings to car hoods. This challenge seems innocent enough but many participants end up planking to their death.


8. Vodka Eyeballing

One of the biggest examples of teenage foolishness is Vodka eyeballing—the practice of pouring vodka into your eye socket. Some people say teens take on it to get drunk faster, but others say this game is the result of too much drinking. In any case, this pointless “challenge” used to be quite popular back in the day, but also very dangerous. Vodka has an alcohol content of around 50% by volume, and when it comes in contact with the cornea, it can cause serious damage. It could even lead to blindness if the cornea is too damaged.

7. The Condom Challenge

Although the idea behind this bizarre trend that took over social networks in 2013 is serious—raising awareness about the importance of safe sex—it seems that kids take this challenge just for fun.

So, in order to participate, you need to fill a condom with water, sit on the floor or in the bathtub, and then ask someone to drop it so it wraps around your head without losing any water.

6. The Fire Fairy

This dangerous game that has flooded social networks was designed to seem harmless at first. It was inspired by the popular cartoon “Winx Club: The School for Witches”, but a few children were seriously injured after they were involved in this sinister trick.

You get detailed, step by step “instructions” on how to become a fairy. It all starts innocently: get up from your bed at midnight when everybody is asleep, go around your room three times and say the magic words. But then things get dangerous—the game tells little girls to go to the kitchen and switch on the gas stove, all four burners.

Finally, the girls go to sleep. The “magic gas” will come to them, they will breathe it while sleeping and in the morning they become real fire fairies. Many girls were seriously injured.

5. The Short Pants Challenge

The controversial short pants challenge encourages people to post photos of their short pants shown on the inside. It all started when Brittany Hunter from Atlanta shared an image of her short pants on Facebook, boasting about how there were no stains on it.

There were tons of comments about this bizarre trend, suggesting people should not be ashamed of something that is completely normal.

4. The A4 Waist Challenge

There is a new dangerous trend where women compare the size of their waists to the width of a standard A4 sheet of paper. It ignores the fact that what might be healthy and normal for one person, is not healthy and normal for another. Require the same result by all participants.


Girls on the Chinese social network Weibo post their photos on which they measure the width of their waist using a standard A4 paper, and the goal is to have a waist smaller than the 8.3 inch paper width. With these photos, they also post some advice for weight loss.

3. The Body Part Challenge

Although social media challenges are sometimes absurd, some of them are here to stay despite public criticism. The body part challenge does not subside. In fact, this is not a new invention, but it is so hot and will always have followers, though predominantly masculine.

2. Pokémon Go

Pokémon has been around since 1996 and proved to be a very successful franchise right from the very start. But nothing has caused such a frenzy like its Pokémon Go version.


Originally, a bunch of players wandered by the Japanese Kanto region in search of 150 different characters (the point of the game is to capture as many Pokémons as you can by walking through the city, and the application indicates if there is one nearby). There is a record of 21 million players only in the U.S.

Pokémon Go is definitely something more than just a game, this is the first insight into the way we are going to use technology in the future. Why not enjoy it and play as if the whole world is our playground?

1. The Blue Whale

The Blue Whale is a scary game on the Internet notorious for the hundreds of children who committed suicide after playing. When you start playing, you can never go back, because after each task you need to send a photo. The message you receive when you accept to participate is:


“You carry out each task diligently, and no one must know about it. When you finish a task, you send me a photo. And at the end of the game, you die. If you die, you win. If you don’t, we will help you. Are you ready?”

The game consists of 50 “tasks” spread over 50 days. But while the Internet is flooded with profiles of young people who play or want to play the game and confirm this with the shocking images of self-mutilation marked with #bluewhalehashtags, not one single death has ever been connected to the Blue Whale in Russia or Central Asia. The creator of the game has been arrested but his followers keep the game alive.

Virtual games and challenges are fine as long as they are fun to all participants. But what about those games that endanger one’s health, and even lead to death? Who should draw the line and stop the challenge before a tragedy occurs? Participants themselves or someone else?

Guest Author: Billie Jean Bateson

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