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20 Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Online Tools

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AI is slowly becoming more and more powerful, and the uses it carries are plenty. From self-driving cars to smartphones, artificial intelligence is what the future looks like. Technical service can become expensive if you don’t use things properly, but AI helps eliminate human error, thus, lowering the need for check-ups and repairs.


Here are the 20 best AI web tools that you must have!

1. Conversica


This is an automated sales assistant that helps people manage their sales easier. It connects with all your sales leads, for as long as you need it to. It can also do it multiple times as well.

2. Introspection

A deep learning algorithm that acts as an early warning system as a means of preventing litigation. It’s quite handy, and it helps you figure out exactly what’s happening and how to prepare properly.

3. Caffe

Caffe is an amazing deep learning algorithm that can scour through 50 million images in one single day. It comes as no surprise that it’s so popular with people. Students use it for research and projects, but it’s also used for vision and speech.

4. Intelligent Personal Assistants


Cortana, Siri, and many other intelligent personal assistants have become very useful in today’s fast-paced life. They can be used easily and help with various needs on your mobile phone.

5. CrystalKnows


This web tool functions as a platform that finds and analyzes public information. It then helps you talk with people by providing you with the personality profiles of those people.

6. Textio

Textio helps companies speed up their hiring process by making it more efficient and useful. It uses predictive technology to achieve its goals.

7. DigitalGenius


If you’ve ever felt lonely and wanted to talk to someone but not engage in real conversation, then DigitalGenius could be what you’re looking for. Its basis is NLP and AI, both of which carry out conversations with people through SMS messages and calls.

8. CNTK (Computational Network Toolkit)

As mentioned on GitHub’s official website, “…is a unified deep-learning toolkit that describes neural networks as a series of computational steps via a directed graph.” It makes your life easier!

9. Deeplearning4j

For those that use Java, this is another deep-learning toolkit that creates a programming library. It’s pretty helpful in various situations, and you can get it for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

10. Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit

The DMTK helps make learning tasks that machine have to do more efficient and scalable. The good thing about DMTK is that it is constantly updated and improved, which is highly important to keep up with the times.

11. Grammarly


Grammarly is every writer’s dream; a tool that helps you write flawlessly and with correct grammar. It is fast and efficient and should be a part of every writer’s life. You can get it for Microsoft Word, but it also works as a plugin for Google Chrome (which helps keep your grammar impeccable while writing on the web).

12. Nudge

Nudge is a smart sales tool that uses AI. Its purpose is to provide sales units insights that are regarded to their customers. After all, your target demographic needs to be happy and interested in what you’re offering. Nudge also gives source data and updates on social media effects on your target customers.

13. Amy


Amy is a chatbot and, as such, needs to use artificial intelligence. However, it’s no ordinary chatbot. Amy is oriented towards helping entrepreneurs that are too busy to manage certain things. Amy is great at organizing meeting requests and communicating with your investors, clients, etc.

14. Pi


This tool handles social media and provides valuable insight when it comes to planning a social media strategy. All you have to do is link your social media profile to Pi, and it will provide you with analysis and info on all the posts and comments of your followers.

15. Legal Robot


Legal agreements and the law can be a tough subject to master, especially if you’re a busy person. However, with the help of Legal Robot, all of your legal worries will be dealt with! Legal Robot is conceptualized as a neuro-linguistic program, which searches for various cases that can be applied to you.

16. Tetra


Some jobs require you to keep track of all conversations and calls on your mobile phone, but it isn’t easy remembering them. Tetra uses speech recognition with which it can send you the records and conversation. Oh, it also provides a full synopsis of the conversation.

17. HubSpot Content Strategy Tool

Content ideas are a must for marketers which is why if they run out, things won’t look good. But, don’t despair if you’ve been having issues thinking of something! HubSpot’s strategy tool helps content marketers find new ideas. It’s also a very practical tool that doesn’t require too much knowledge. One last thing: This tool provides you with competitor analysis; a truly necessary bunch of information.

18. Curata

Distributing outsourced content can be tough if you aren’t sure what you’re doing and how you should go about this task, but with the help of Curata, you won’t have to worry about a thing. This tool will discover content which fits your descriptions and preferences. Finally, Curata will compile a list of all of the content it found which eases sharing.

19. Troops

Sales teams often require assistance to do their jobs more efficiently, which is exactly what Troops provide. Troops connect various departments in your company (such as content, marketing, sales, etc.) and provide a unique platform where you can check out all of the reports related to each department. It’s meant to keep you posted on everything that’s happening in your company. The more info each department has about a particular project, the better it will be for everyone!

20. TensorFlow

This tool is Google’s open-source platform that helps create a library of information through the use of flow graphs (which it uses for computation). If you aren’t quite sure how to use it, there’s a tutorial on the developer website.

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