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20 Best Free Newsletter Marketing Tools

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Newsletters offer a simple and affordable way to communicate with your network and strengthen your brand. One of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers and keep them up-to-date on all of your specials and company news is by sending out a newsletter. You can send this newsletter out monthly or weekly, or whatever frequency you deem right. However, the important part is to be consistent. Not only do you need to be consistent with your newsletter, but you need to give your customers a reason to wait for receiving your newsletters.


There are a lot of experts proclaiming that this way of promoting is dead or is dying. When you look at the numbers, you will find that it is actually growing in acceptance as more and more accounts are being created.

One of the easiest ways to motivate your customers want to receive your newsletter is by including discount codes or coupons. It also encourages them to purchase more of your products or services. Email marketing is a great form of advertisement and a great way to keep in contact with your subscribers. However, it can be time-consuming and tricky to set up if you aren’t quite sure how to do it. Not to mention how time-consuming it can be to frequently create content for your newsletter.

Thankfully, there is a large number of email marketing tools out there that have been created to help you. Best of all, many of them are free. Take a look at the following list of the top marketing tools and resources.

1. BriteVerify
BriteVerify is a tool for validating email addresses before you send to them. Messages to fake address don’t get opened and certainly don’t get read. But they do cause your messages to be marked as spam.


2. Hemingway App
This app makes your writing bold and clear. It provides a lot of help to overwhelmed writers. This easy to use app highlight lengthy, complex sentences and common errors; if you see a yellow sentence, shorten or split it. If you see a red highlight, your sentence is too complicated for your readers.

3. Litmus
Litmus makes your text better! It’s the easiest way for teams to create great message for every subscriber, everywhere. It also provides free email marketing tools that you will wonder how you ever lived without.

4. Mailjet
The creators of Mailjet believe that message is what we live and breath. It gives you the tools to build, send and optimize your messages the way you like.

5. Email marketing ROI calculator
This free email marketing tool takes away the pain of planning out your next campaign. Understanding your cost per conversion is essential – this tool makes all that much easier.

6. Campayn
Start from scratch or choose a free newsletter template. Campayn’s theme design options make it simple to match your web page with professional-looking messages. It also offers a free email sending service and it can help with analytics.

7. SendBlaster
It is a mail client that helps to manage your mailing lists and set up your marketing campaign in few easy steps. It is full of amazing features, like free email sender, templates, data analysis.


8. GlockApps
Check your subject lines and content through the GlockApp’s Spam Tester to make sure that your messages will get to the inbox of your customers. Their email marketing solutions and reports can help you determine potential deliverability problems that you should address to get emails delivered to the INBOX.

9. PutsMail
See how flies your HTML emails before sending them! It is a very basic testing application, but you can get some good information while using it.

10. SparkPost
Start using SparkPost’s free email sending service today. It will take care of your newsletters to be delivered on time. Send hundreds, or better thousands of messages whilst using this app. Manage your email sending efforts and access real-time performance data.

11. MailChimp
This service is a good choice for small companies with low budgets. You can create newsletters using predesigned templates and resize or edit images right in the platform.

12. Cakemail
Just focus on your text and leave all other design stuff to the Cakemail. Choose some fonts and colors, and they will do the rest. It also offers lots of things like spam assassin, split A/B testing, and analysis tools.


13. FreshMail
FreshMail is everything you need to build an effective marketing campaign. It has dozens of free, industry-specific newsletters designed specially for you. This resource can suggest many useful functions, which will optimize your communication.

14. SendinBlue
SendinBlue’s design tools are easy to use and allow you to create emails that will advance your sales performance. You can select and customize templates that are really easy to create.

15. Pictaculous
Ever wonder what colors to use with an image in your newsletter? Upload your image and get a full-color palette!

16. Sendloop
It’s a simple and the most effective marketing software in the area. With Sendloop, it is quick and easy to design beautiful, high-converting emails – even if you have zero programming background.

Build and manage your own marketing campaign. Grow the number of your customers and test, deliver and analyze your campaign. This resource also offers advice, help and support.

18. TinyLetter
TinyLetter offers a clean writing for people who aren’t looking for advanced reporting or features for businesses. You can use their editor or send directly from your own email client.

19. Social Media Share Link Generator
A great resource will generate URLs that you can share on social media or put in your marketing email.

20. MadMimi
It has a free plan that includes 100 subscribers. The free software program includes lots of useful features including image hosting, reporting and tracking analytics. It is ideal for home business owners who are just starting out.


Now that you have lots of free email marketing services, it’s time to stop bothering your subscribers with boring messages. Don’t stress out. You can create different accounts on some of these services and send out some test emails. Then choose the one you like the most for your marketing campaign.

And don’t forget that staying consistent is a great way to keep people very happy on your email list, which is exactly what you want because when they are on this list they are probably thinking how they might be able to do business with you in the future. If not, at least stay tuned to the value until they are able to make this decision.

Author: Alyssa Johnson
Alyssa Johnson previously worked in marketing for different companies. She now has a successful career as a freelancer. A writer of essays and articles at by day and a reader by night, she always aware of all new marketing tips and trends. She is obsessed with social media, books and fitness.

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