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20 Classic Retro Games to Play on Smartphones

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There are tens and thousands of games that people download from the Play Store weekly. Once downloaded, we find that some were a waste of our bandwidth while to others, we stick to due to their engaging content. What if I were to tell you that the arcade gaming experience you had back when you were a kid can still be re-lived on your smartphone, would you believe me? You have to because they are available on Android.


Oh, and we are not talking about gaming emulators here, instead these are the officially released versions of the games on Android, which mainly burst on the world scene some 15 years back. They date back to the days of Atari, 90s arcade/console and other PC games. Their re-mastered versions have now become available on Android.

1. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

FF is one of the oldest and falls among the top most strategy games of all-time. And the best part is that it can now be accessed in Play Store. On a mobile device, the traditional gameplay will be missed by longtime fans, but the Tactics are the same as were back then. The title War of the Lions is an extension of the PSP version of the same game, but at the core, it is your favorite PlayStation game.

2. SoulCalibur

A beloved title still held in high steam by players all around the world, but it is a paid title on Android. Though, the asking price is a mere $14 which is nothing compared to the chance to get your hands on the old classic. You can also grab a downloadable version for the console in the same price. So enjoy countless hours of weapon based brawls. It offers seamless 3D combat, swift controls and a variety of characters.

3. Grim Fandango Remastered

The finest from the days of point-and-click adventure games at the time, Grim Fandango packs the touch-oriented re-mastered version of the LucasArts vintage. As Manny Calavera, you embark on a mission to upsell trips as a travel agent, but are caught in some form of conspiracy.


You will see that the game has never looked better than it did in ’98. There has been a graphical upgrade which has brought the Grim Fandango world to life! New controls, widescreen support, and enhanced textures add to the overall experience on compatible handsets (mind you).

4. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

SEGA’s continued improvisation of one of their famous games, Sonic has managed to stay atop with its mapping of our hedgehog into modern platforms, racers, and in the shape of never-ending games which would pretty much make up any person’s interest. But if you are on the lookout for that original thing, you have SEGA to thank again, it is because the original is also available on Android. Although, I feel part 2 reigns supreme due to its enriching gameplay and level design.

5. Ms. Pac-Man

A diverse “portfolio” of Pac-Man games are available on Android to reliving the pleasures of your childhood. We recommend, trying the Championship Edition DX and Pac-Man 256 for loads of fun but for a dose of nostalgia, try downloading the original Ms. Pac-Man as it is still in its classic form. Thanks to Bandai Namco for not messing it up for loyal fans of the original.

6. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

A very famous PC role-playing game which brings BioWare’s classic to smartphone devices. With upgrades such as rich gaming experience, storyline, and lots of customization options.

7. Tetris


The legendary puzzler is back on Android. And boy, is it good?! Although laden with ads, you can enjoy this free and awesome game offering one-touch plus endless marathon modes.

8. Crazy Taxi Classic

Another all-time hit from SEGA. It is one of the greatest arcade games where get behind the wheel and pick up while driving crazily around the city. The actual with minor tweaks can now be enjoyed on your Android smartphone.

9. Metal Slug 3


SNK’s Metal Slug is no small name. The entire series is rated well on Play Store but out of all the installments, Metal Slug 3 is a standout! Why? Because it just so happens that the essence of the original has been captured by MS3 and none compares to this arcade shooter.

While retaining the basic gameplay, the Android version has more depth to it. You get to play with an extra set of characters and command numbers of vehicles.

10. The 7th Guest: Remastered

For all you 90s kids out there, you must remember the captioned title, no? It was a quest to explore a toymaker’s haunted mansion. Well, if you don’t remember them, it’s okay, but those of you who do recall, it was a masterful combination of scares and puzzles.

At the time one of the most revered games has now finally arrived on your Android devices. The re-mastered edition offers some great improvements in terms of fluid animations and refined interface for touch screens.

11. DuckTales Remastered

DuckTales released back in 1989 maintains its crisp 2D feel. Though the controls aren’t very responsive, nevertheless it is available for you to play (if you are a fan, of course). It was released for the NES back in the day and isn’t considered a popular choice for a revival.

12. Final Fantasy VI


Another Final Fantasy game makes the list. A pure stunner which was released back in 1994 on Nintendo, is back with all its RPG glory on Android.

13. The King of Fighters ’98

The best fighting game of 1998 was easily The King of Fighters and my personal favorite from the bygone era. On your smartphones, it delivers with that same finesses the hand-to-hand combat, packing the amazing soundtrack as well as offering a multitude of fighters in the great graphics display.

You have a number of touch control options at your disposal with Bluetooth support and can engage in a wireless multiplayer game online. FYI, The King of Fighters ’97 is also available on Android.

14. R-Type

The horizontal shooter and one of the extremely challenging games,is available on Android.

15. Double Dragon Trilogy

Double Dragon Trilogy is back on Android and offers patented beat-‘em-ups for revenge; fists, feet or a weapon of your choice.

16. Tomb Raider


The iconic game of 1996 that portrayed a female as the protagonist of the story which later resulted in its several 3D renditions. The game is here, though, the experience sadly lacks with its rigid controls and wooden navigation.

17. Samurai Shodown II

Another one of SNK’s winners from the year 1994, this classic arcade game on Android is wooing hearts everywhere!

18. Dragon’s Lair

One of the most impressive games from as far back as ’83. 30+ years and still the flavor is not all lost. It offers attractive, trial-and-error gameplay, which fans of the original must remember or would have had it memorized.

Back in the arcades, it was expensive to play, here it is relatively cheaper (not taking into account inflation) with our handheld devices.

19. Atari’s Greatest Hits ReMastered

100 classic games by Atari with the likes of Centipede, Super Breakout, Lunar Lander, Battlezone etc. can now be enjoyed in their re-mastered format on handheld devices.

Guest Author: Joe Pirest

Joe Pirest is a game designer and playing games is his favorite past time activity. He also writes for You can follow him on his social media channels for more updates.

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