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20 eBay-like Auction Sites for Online Sellers and Buyers

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ‘online auction’? Obviously, one of the first things will be eBay. This large-scale online marketplace has already helped millions of people around the world to sell or buy products or services. This online selling platform provides plenty of advantages such as a great variety of listing options as well as other handy selling features.


Nonetheless, despite the 160 millions of users and $16 billion revenue, eBay is gradually losing its supporters. More and more enthusiasts are launching powerful alternatives to eBay. In this article, you will familiarize with the 20 fresh and reliable alternatives to the worldwide auction leader.

New Online Auctions

New online auctions try to meet the needs of those clients, who aren’t satisfied with eBay terms and conditions. Most of the alternatives reduce different kinds of fees. It’s widely known that large online auction platforms charge high seller fees to maintain the activity of the auction. The more clients use the service, the more items they offer. However, the customers also have to pay the higher fees.


Not every customer can afford sky-high fees for substantial products. Furthermore, most of the alternatives try to improve the shortcomings of eBay. These services try to become better variant for selling or purchasing products.

Still, when choosing an online auction, it’s important to find the reliable platform, which would not only offer the profitable conditions but also protect you from any kind of fraud.

Here are 20 eBay-like auction sites for businessmen, entrepreneurs, and simple users.

1. Bonanza


Some people consider Bonanza to be the best alternative to eBay. Probably, such opinion is based on one of the lowest fees among online auctions. Clients can find items of the mixed assortment. Right now the website is full of Xmas décor and gifts. The major drawback of the website, though, is a non-auction-style buying and selling system.

2. Ebid

Unlike Bonanza, Ebid offers three kinds of auction programs – auctions, fixed-price transactions, and storefronts. It also has an option of bulk uploading of items known as a Ninja listing tool. The service also charges fees for using it but every client can familiarize with a stable fee-structure. It’s especially handy when you are fed up with hidden fees.

3. Amazon Marketplace has created a concomitant platform for selling new, used, collectible, and refurbished products. One main feature is a division of professional (business) and individual profiles both with its own terms.

You won’t find here anti-fees programs but if you create a business profile, a compulsory monthly fee is lower than an individual one. Still, individual fees are usually charged after a user sells a certain item.

4. Listia


Listia is a free online marketplace where you can give away things you don’t need anymore and exchange with stuff you want in return with no money involved. The marketplace has a system called Listia credits to facilitate the trades. The platform uses an auction system where users bid on each other’s items until the auction ends and the highest bidder wins.


uBID is one of the most successful eBay-like auctions online. With about 6 million users and 5 million products, it uses reliable third-party merchants to help sell or purchase the items. As well as other auctions, uBID allows to sell brand new, used and refurbished products.

If you get used to eBay, uBID is one of the best alternatives.

6. Ruby Lane


Ruby Lane is good for users, who can afford a decent fee-system of the auction. Furthermore, it doesn’t suit those, who are looking for fusion and ultramodern products.

This online auction specializes in selling antiques, collectibles, and vintage merchandise.

7. Artfire

The other online auction that mostly offers vintage items, handmade and craft products and items of the fine art is Artfire. The major advantage of this platform is an absence of compulsory fees unless a customer doesn’t need Pro Account. Pro Account is an option function but it offers statistics and analytical tools, which help to increase sales.

According to the feedback, clients face the friendly and well-developed customer service.

8. Cqout

Cqout is the UK-based auction, which is available in 80 countries worldwide. The major attractive feature is that clients don’t pay fees unless they don’t sell the products. Still, the service requires a registration fee.

9. Newegg

Newegg used to specialize in computer hardware. A while ago it turned into the large online platform for selling different kinds of goods. If you have no idea about Newegg service, imagine Amazon with lower fees. That’s a simplified description of Newegg.

10. Overstock


Overstock is a powerful platform for selling its own goods (retailed special for this company) and the products of clients. One of the major drawbacks for simple users is that every listing has to be approved by the service. While there can be dozens of the requests daily, achieving the opportunity to sell a product is hard unless you are a single seller.

Still, if you represent the interests of the certain company or entrepreneurship or you are a large seller, Overstock can be a good eBay alternative.

11. Shopify

Shopify is a simple platform, which allows creating your own online store. With a help of the special templates, you can create an outstanding store to attract clients. Shopify lets you manage your own shop with special coupons and discounts, analytical and tracking tools.

12. 3dcart

The other way to create an online store is to apply to 3dcart. It’s good for small sellers as the price of the subscription depends on the number of items that a client is going to sell. Unlike lots of other online shopping tools, 3dcart doesn’t require transaction fees and the fees system is, upon the whole, reasonable.

13. Tophatter

On the eve of the Xmas holidays, Tophatter offers the solution for all men, who hadn’t bought the gifts for their women. This online auction specializes in flash auctions in the jewelry and beauty categories. Both single sellers and business organizations can be Tophatter users and sell or purchase items.

A good thing about Tophatters is that it shows products from your or chosen location. The fee from the selling products makes up 10% or 20%.

14. DHGate


This service is known as a Chinese version of Amazon. DHGate is a powerful platform that allows purchasing and selling factories outlets all over the world. Some clients purchase products in bulks for their eBay stores. All kinds of goods are available there.

15. Quirky

Quirky is far from the usual auction. It doesn’t sell products – it sells ideas. Clients can rate for the ideas – the best ones get produced. The main advantage of the service for buyers is the opportunity to buy outstanding products for gifts.

16. Storenvy

The other beneficial alternative to eBay, which offers over 350,000 different items, is Storenvy. Fortunately for both buyers and users, it’s absolutely free.

17. Swap

Swap is eBay alternative that specializes in products for kids – clothes, toys, educational tutorials, games, and movies. People can sell and buy over 10,000 products for children. If you are a user of Swap, you can also exchange your goods with other users.

18. Tradesy

Those, who are looking for new or pre-owned clothes can visit Tradesy. This is an online auction, which specializes in selling clothes. The commission makes up 9% and money is transferred to PayPal. The terms are beneficial for buyers and sellers.


Government buyers can find anything – all kinds of federal, state, and local goods from government and police auctions. One feature limits available buyers. Unfortunately, this service is the USA and Canada oriented.

20. Aliexpress

Who doesn’t know anything about Aliexpress? This shopping platform allows shopping and selling in about 40 categories. The main advantage of the service is extremely low prices. Obviously, the quality of the goods and delivery can suffer. Still, it doesn’t stop millions of clients from using Aliexpress.

Bonus: ShopGoodWill, a non-profit organization that operates retail stores for raising fund for disabled people. The online auction site offers a wide variety of things, from cameras to tools to sports equipments.

Online shopping platforms, as well as financial operations on the Internet, can be dangerous. That’s why it’s important to choose reliable services. There are more marketing platforms but it is nearly impossible to consider them in one article.

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