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20 Most Wanted Facebook Messenger Tips & Tricks

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What if I told you that Facebook Messenger has at least twenty uses or cool tricks that you can do with it and regular messaging and video messaging are not included in those twenty things.


If you are anything like me you use Facebook Messenger on a regular basis. I mean who wouldn’t, it is a great way to chat daily with my friends and I absolutely love being able to video chat with my family that I don’t get to see frequently (ok and I will admit I have been known to use video chat with my best friend in the middle of a wardrobe crisis every now and then). This is what is great about Messenger right? Well, yes and no.

Here I thought I was using Messenger to its fullest potential and come to find out I was barely using it at all. I don’t want this to happen to you so I’m going to give you the run down on the best of the best.

1. Group Chats


I know that we all use Messenger to chat but did you know that you can video chat with up to six people at a time and carry on regular chats with up to fifty people at once. This really got me excited even though I don’t know fifty people I want to chat with. I still think it is a super cool feature.

2. Chat Bots
For all of you that have businesses out there this one is definitely for you. Install a Chat Bot on your business page and it allows you to have an automated conversation with people who click on your Facebook Messenger. It is an awesome way for people to get directions, make appointments or ask simple questions.

3. Send or Receive Money
Okay this blew me away and at the end you will understand why. If both parties have a debit card you are able to transfer money back and forth. This can be done for as many people as you want and before you ask it is secure and also PIN protected. Now for the best part it’s FREE. Now you understand why I was blown away. I love free and it is hard to find anything free anymore.

4. Play Games


I am not a big fan of chess but for those of you that are Messenger allows you to play a chess game with your friends while messaging. If chess isn’t your game you can pick from the all-time greats like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Words with Friends.

5. Share Location
This is a great feature for those people who are directionally challenged. You can send a map of your exact location inside a conversation. So essentially you can talk them through the directions while they are looking at the map. Messenger will also let you send a location map of where you want to meet without you actually being in that location.

6. Boarding Pass
Messenger now becomes your boarding pass. It also allows you to check your flight status and upgrade your seats. At this time it is only available on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines but I am sure it won’t be long before it is used by other major airlines.

7. Daily Cuteness
Want to cheer up a friend or just let someone know you’re thinking of them send @dailycute to anyone on your messenger account and they will be sent a cute animal photo. They pick them out randomly so you don’t know what the animal will be.

8. Uber Rides


No need for the Uber App if you have Messenger. All you have to do is tap on the three dot icon then choose transportation and your Uber driver will be on the way. This convenience is only available in the U.S. (lucky us).

9. Facebook Messenger with NO Facebook
I know it seems strange that someone would want Messenger that did not have Facebook. Ok, not having Facebook is strange but for that one percent out there that don’t have a Facebook you can set up Messenger just using your phone number.

10. Send Music
Have you ever been listening to a song and it reminds you of someone and you just have to share it with them? Well now Spotify allows you to send it directly to them through Messenger. You can literally share a whole album in the middle of a conversation.

11. Transfer Files
This is a huge benefit for all of us who use Dropbox. Messenger now has Dropbox integrated into it. For those of us who still have to work this allows you to transfer files with anyone who is on your Messenger.

12. Animated GIF’s
I have friends who are obsessed with GIF’s and don’t go a day without sending at least one. Now Messenger allows you to send animated GIF’s throughGiphy and if you don’t want to use Giphy, Messenger has some different ones that you can choose from.

13. Add Nicknames
Let’s face it most of us have nicknames. With that being said our nicknames are not normally what we use on our Messenger account. Now Messenger allows you to go in and change your friend’s names to their nicknames so when you are getting a message from them you know automatically who it is. It is also good for those of us who have nicknames for people that they know nothing about.

14. Have Secret Conversations
I love this feature. I personally have never used it and probably never will I just think it is an awesome thing for Messenger to have thought of. This feature allows you send a message that is encrypted and only you and the other person can see this message and as an added bonus you can set a timer and poof that message disappears from the conversation forever.

15. Draw on your pictures
This is so cool. Move over snapchat. Now you can draw and add text to your pictures. You have a paint brush that has different stroke sizes and you have a huge choice of colors to use.

16. Poll your friends
Great feature when trying to get a large group together and make decisions on where to eat or what dates people are free to make it to a party etc. All you have to do is put a few options down and send it out to your friends on Messenger and wait for the results. No more back and forth phone calls trying to get everyone’s opinion.

17. Save Data
Messenger now allows you to put data saver mode on. This will prevent Messenger from automatically downloading anything you receive. Without the data saver mode Messenger downloads any photo or video that is sent to you regardless of the size of the content. Be aware you can only use this mode when you are using data it will not work while you are using Wi-Fi.

18. Mute Conversations


Have you ever been in a group text and you don’t want to be there. I have literally felt trapped by a group text before and had to mute my phone before because even when I put my phone away the stupid alert kept going off. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to turn the volume down on my phone because there is always the possibility of an emergency. Now you can mute the thread for a certain amount of time or indefinitely. Someone got smart at Messenger.

19. Messenger on Desktop
I had no clue that Messenger had a desktop version you can’t imagine how excited I am that I don’t have to have my phone glued to me while I’m sitting at my computer. Desktop version here I come.

20. “M” Messengers Virtual Assistant
This is Siri on steroids. “M” will make you dinner reservations, transfer money for you it even will buy things for you. Before you get your hopes up this is only in the beginning stages and is only available in the San Francisco Bay area for right now. I am definitely looking forward to this feature.

As you can see Messenger is so much more than I ever thought it was and I am just loving using all of my newly found Facebook Messenger tools. I think we are coming to a day when you won’t need much more than Facebook Messenger! It will all be within one App. Who would have thought?

Guest Author: Christopher Schwarz

Christopher Schwarz is the Owner of WebDesign499, a national Web Design & SEO agency based out of Wellington, FL. They have built over 500 professional business websites for their clients and continue to dominate Google traffic with eye-catching designs.

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