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30 Best Sites & Apps to Download Free Mobile Ringtones

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Tired of hearing the same “ding ding” on every iPhone around? The same could be said about other smartphones as well. These days, many people choose to go with default ringtones, which is kinda boring because everyone’s phone makes the same sound.


One does not have to do much to stand out in the crowd, though. There are many websites and apps that have lots of free unique ringtones out there, and we have gathered a list with some of the best.

Although custom ringtones are not as popular as they used to be, their market is surprisingly vibrant. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Websites to Download Free Mobile Ringtones

1. MobilesRingtones


One of the most popular ringtones, MobilesRingtones is known for a rich collection and easy search. Indeed, it has a lot of ringtones for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, and other phones. They are divided into a number of categories to make the search easier. The users of the website can also create and upload their own items of different genres to an ever-expanding collection.

2. Zedge


A vast collection of ringtones (8.8 million items!) is waiting for visitors of this site. If you are looking for some particular ringtone, you will find it there! Just select your phone model in a special device selector and Zedge will find optimal content for it. Most of the ringtones have been uploaded by verified users, so you can make your contribution as well.

3. Free Ringtones

Another good option for those looking for ringtones. boasts a collection of more than 5,000 of items of different genres. They include dance, pop, misc, football chants, Christmas, urban, and many more others. The site has a simple and intuitive interface that leads the user to the needed ringtone easily.

4. Tonetweet


Are you looking for some jazz ringtones? Or maybe some funny jokes? Halloween style? You’ll find everything on this site. It has more than 20 categories of different ringtones that can be downloaded for iOS and Android phones for free. ToneTweet has been popular since its creation in 2010 thanks to a diverse collection and upload option for users.


Mobiles24 is a rich resource of free ringtones, games, apps, wallpapers, and other content for smartphones. One of the most amazing features of this site is ringtones for phones that existed before Android and iOS devices! Well, there are millions of free ringtones along with a free ringtone maker and uploader for those who create their own sounds.

6. Audio4Fun


Human sounds, funny voice, holidays, funny, rap, weird, music, relaxing, and many other ringtones can be found on this incredible resource. Anyone with a smartphone that supports mp3 format can find some interesting content for personalization. Upload function is also available along with a ringtone maker. Audio4fun’s Facebook Page has more than 54,000 subscribers, so the service is legitimate.


Absolutely free downloading of millions of ringtones and wallpapers, sharing them with friends, and creating new ones using a free tool are the features of this website. Pet sounds, comedy, Christian, blues, jazz, latin, metal, reggae, pop, dance, news, and many other ringtones are available, making Tones7 one of the richest online collection of sounds.

8. Ringophone


This site is a go-to resource for those who are bored with their current ringtone. It provides sounds for any smartphone with mp3 support and allows to send them to a device within seconds. In addition to ringtones, the site has a large collection of games, wallpapers, and lyrics. All content is easily available for search thanks to a user-friendly menu.

9. Prokerala

According to this website, there are 29,000 ringtones under various categories there. Message tones, ringtones, and alert tones – all can be found on Also, the visitors can use the opportunity to download some wallpapers for their smartphones as well.

10. Cellmind


The next on our list is CellMind, a website that boasts a huge collection of ringtones. If you’re a fan of blues, jazz, pop, rock, or just funny sounds – you’ll find all that there. The website has a very simple interface that allows finding the needed ringtone very easily. Also, themes and wallpapers for smartphones are available for downloading.

11. Notification Sounds

Just name the ringtone, Notification Sounds site has it! The site provides a vast collection of ringtones under various categories to satisfy the needs of every visitor. Mini ringtone sounds, wake-up tones, standard ringtones, sound effects, message tones, alert tones, Christmas ringtones, funny sounds, animal sounds – all these popular items are available.

12. Cellsea

This is an online community where users and partners upload their sounds, games, and wallpapers. The home page of the site invites the user to select a phone to provide personalized results. After the selection has been provided, the user is presented with thousands of ringtones of popular artists. There are also sounds of animals and other funny stuff to personalize the phone. No installs, no registration, just free downloads.

13. Jelly Cell

Ringtone lovers can upload, create, and download ringtones in either mp3 or m4r format on this site. JellyCell is constantly updated with the latest music to stay relevant, so people can find the freshest tunes there. A sign up is required to use ringtone creation tool.

14. RareEarthTones

This collection of high quality ringtones is certainly the most unique out there. Where else can you download the sound of underwater warble of the beluga whale or the cry of the Mexican gray wolf? Indeed, Rare Earth Sounds presents a different kind of ringtones that contrasts from popular songs.

15. Mobiletoones


In addition to ringtones, this site offers videos, themes, games, software, reviews, wallpapers, and other downloads, so it’s a vast resource for anyone who has a smartphone. The visitors are invited to upload ringtones to share with other members of the community for free.

Apps to Download Free Mobile Ringtones

16. MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers


The first in the list of apps is a popular personalization option that offers an impressive selection of popular ringtones and other content for mobile phones. It is available for Android devices and features the following:

  • Free listening and downloading from the app’s ringtone base
  • Setting alarms, notifications, and ringtones from the app
  • Easy search

17. Zedge

Another option for Android users developed by the creators of Zedge. It features millions of custom ringtones to easily customize a mobile device. Being a registered user of Zedge provides certain advantages such as an opportunity to add ringtones to favorites without downloading and create a custom collection.

18. Ringtone Maker

One of the most popular Android ringtone app that allows to create unique ringtones, record and edit audio, customize the phone, and even browse the Internet.

19. TUUNES™ Ringtones

The next item on our list is one of the most popular options for iOS users. It features easy interface and allows to set a ringtone to customize your iPhone, easily.

20. Free Ringtones by ToneCrusher

This app covers all popular music genres as well as some unique sounds, so you definitely find something interesting. Easy preview and saving to file explorer.

21. Ringdroid

This app has a 4.4 rating on Google Play and boasts a great collection of ringtones for everyone interested. After it was developed in 2008, Ringdroid has become one of the best options for creating personal ringtones and notification sounds for Android users.

22. Best Classical Music Ringtones

If you like the idea of classical music as your ringtone, you need to get this app. This is a rare solution for fans of Bach, Vivaldi, and Beethoven that offers a great collection.

23. Ringtone Designer

Select a song on your iPhone, decide which section you want to make as a ringtone, and cut it. The newly created ringtone can be exported to the phone’s memory and used as a ringer.

24. 101 Free Alerts

Simply preview the ringtone and set it as a message tone, calendar reminder tone, email notification tone, or ringer. 101 Free Alerts is the easiest app for ringtones.

25. Best Ringtones Free

Enjoy melodies from Best Ringtones Free on your Android phone. A wide range of music styles is available to meet the needs of the most demanding user.

26. Funny Sayings Ringtones

With this app for Android, you will have a never-ending supply of funny ringtones for every day. The choice of sound effects is impressive, and some of them are really hilarious.

27. Gun and Explosion Ringtones

If you’re a fan of guns and use iPhone, you should definitely get this to customize your device. It features a vast collection of guns and explosion sounds that can be saved and used as ringtones.

28. Text tones

The next app on our list has more than 500 special sounds for text messages and email notifications. They include sounds of animals, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Futurama, classic computer sounds, and more.

29. Free Text Tones

If you want to have a unique tone for messages on your iPhone, feel free to try Free Text Tones. Unlimited downloads and sharing with friends.

30. Top Funny Ringtones

The last item on our list is an iPhone app that will make your day with a great collection of funny ringtones. No in-app purchases and other unexpected things, just 100 percent free funny sounds.

That’s it!

Enjoy this list of apps and sites and personalize your device for free!

Guest Author: Tom Jager

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