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30 Tips to Make Big Money on Facebook

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I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin bad. Buy all of the things I’ve never had.” (Bruno Mars’ Billionaire.) Well, who doesn’t want to? Everybody wants to die for a good amount of money, so if you can use anything and even Facebook at that, then you have the green lights on.


FB stands for Facebook and business for some. Yes, the trade industry comprises one of the biggest users of Facebook until now. The only reason that can explain such is because Facebook has become the best avenue to market the different kinds of products and services. So, if Facebook is taking too much of your time, then make the most out of it.

Facebook today does not only become a venue for socialization but a place for business as well. It is the only entity ever introduced that allows a harmonious relationship and co-existence between business and pleasure. You can earn millions of bucks and still enjoys the company of your friends and family online. However, even if Facebook is very user-friendly, a lot of businessmen and aspirants fall into variety of business and marketing mistakes. In order, to lessen such incidents and allow a fair chance of success to all traders, here are some of the simple Facebook tips to know in formulating excellent Facebook advertise moves that guarantee nothing but success.

1. Start with the Profile


Retouch. Re-do. Reborn. The profile picture is the first item that will be checked by possible clients. Make sure to create an appealing at the same time, a professional profile. Always leave that pleasant and attractive first impression.

2. Post Strategically


Do not just post for the sake of posting and keeping visible and active in Facebook but post strategically instead. Your post must be informative, entertaining, and persuasive all at the same time at the right time. There is always a perfect timing for everything and so with Facebook posting.

3. Extend Your Friends’ List
Your Facebook friends are your main advertisers, through them you can avail for a free Facebook marketing. The more, the merrier still holds true with this Facebook marketing tip.

4. Check Your Settings
Before you start complaining about the slow income growth of your business, then you should try checking your Facebook settings. Make sure you are being seen by everybody. Set it on a public mode, dude.

5. Initiate Conversation


Keep up with the latest trends by installing your Facebook messenger and start a conversation right away but keep it light and casual. Make sure not to sound very demanding and aggressive to others. Take your prospects with a sunny hi.

6. Create a Catchy Product Announcement
If you can’t get your potential client’s attention then let the products and services do the talking for you. Every time you update for new products and services, make it a point to create the best product announcement ever made in the history of Facebook marketing.

7. PR Your PR
Double up your press release efforts by organizing online contests or any activities that will surely pull your business’s name in greater heights. Make sure to land in the frontline every time you participate in such activities.

8. Be a Model of Change
In Facebook, the more visually dynamic your account is the better. Be sure to change your Facebook cover, profile pictures, and even the presentation of your products and services. Always be a breather to all potential clients out there.

9. Avoid the Extremes
In Facebook marketing, all extreme measures is a number one killer of your Facebook page. Not too long. Not too short. Not too casual. Not too overly professional. Not too not. Always radiate that positive aura to the viewers.

10. Refrain Chain Posts
One of the most important Facebook tips to be learned is that, you should know what to post and what not to. Do not be tricked with viral chain posts thingy because you are not only diverting from the purpose of your page but you may be offending others too.

11. Highlight Deals


This is simple but is one of the most effective Facebook marketing tips ever invented. Make sure to place a substantial amount of emphasis of products and services special deals because promos and special deals are very effective attention grabber.

12. Increase Manpower
It is not easy to manage a Facebook page especially if it is an earning Facebook page. Make sure to increase your workforce in order to have a better output in showcasing your Facebook advertise techniques.

13. Get Visual
Pump up your images since most are easily attracted to images. Make sure to create fresh, entertaining, and visually alluring kinds of images to hook your viewers into your products and services.

14. Establish a Target
If you have a good and realistic goal then you are halfway towards success. It is very important that you are 100% sure of what you are trying to achieve through this Facebook advertise thingy on the net.

15. Keep in Touch
Update statuses and posts every now and then but be sure to screen your posts. Let the people know that your business exists. Provide contact information such as e-mail addresses and business numbers.

16. Keep it Moving
Still pictures sometimes become boring so, in order to hit it big through Facebook, then, go crazy with videos. The real thing and movement is still preferable compared to still photos.

17. Get the Memes
Nowadays, creating memes is one of the best ways to capture attention so ride with the meme bandwagon. Make an absolutely hilarious meme that will surely lead your viewers to double-tap your post.

18. Keep Your Posts Understandable
Refrain from posting and describing your products and services using advance English terms. Keep it down and keep it simple for the benefit of the general public. It is one of the best ways to sell merchandise.

19. #Hashtag that


Keeping up with the trend, hashtag that. If it means connecting to a bigger group of people then, there is no reason not to try. So, let’s hashtag that.

20. Share Stories
Testimonies are living proofs and sometimes free though it is very traditional. However, if giving testimonies is going to make a change then let’s start with once upon a time.

21. Inquire
It’s a human thing. Everybody wants to be heard so encourage your viewers to talk and ask questions even if it’s going to be silly questions at first because surely by then you are already creating a relationship.

22. Be Socially Aware
Even though the purpose of the page is to do business, never forget to be sensitive about the society especially about monthly themes like mother’s day, father’s day, seafarer’s day, and others. Make them feel that even if you have not met, you still care.

23. Organize Little Games
Be a child again by organizing interactive posts like sharing fill in the blank posts of different categories such as song lyrics, celebrity names, television shows, and the likes.

24. Caption that
Posting of images is a great idea but excellent caption is going to make your image even greater, so do not forget that double-tap type of caption for your products and services.

25. Create Call-to-Action Links
It is very easy to get potential customers into your post if you make your call-to-action links a part of your every post. For example, when you are creating an event, do not forget the registration link in order for the customers to linger at the page a few minutes more.

26. Make Use of Facebook Insights


You have been doing all that you can and following any Facebook tips to market your page properly. In order to know if your Facebook advertise moves are paying off, you can use the Facebook insights to know the over-all performance of your page.

27. Try Everything and Everywhere
Make your Facebook page like a science laboratory, never stop experimenting. Only in experiments that you will know what works, what did not and what’s not going to work.

28. Keep It Short
No one has the time and patience to read an essay about a product or a service; therefore, make sure that your posts are concise and precise to attract more readers.

29. Try Website Custom Audience
In order to save time, try using this website custom audience. In this manner, you can only directly focus on the persons who had visited your Facebook page to send updates as well as announcements.

30. Choose Relevant Keywords
In order to maximize your Facebook advertise efforts; make sure to choose the right and relevant keywords for your product and services to attract even more audience.

Do you want to earn big money through Facebook? Then make sure to consider these easy Facebook tips in order to effectively market your products and services.

Guest Author: Sheena Mathieson

Sheena Mathieson, understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business especially when it comes online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.

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