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30 Uber Secrets and Facts – So You Think You Know Uber?

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Everyone thinks that Uber is that idilical place where the sun is always shining and where each and every customer is happy. Did you ever wonder what hides behind each driver’s crooked smile or what’s the secret to their successful business?


To keep up with the times, we have compiled a list of 30 secrets about the company. Note that while part of them is general knowledge, some of them have been passed down from veteran Uber drivers or clients.

1. Most Uber drivers work for Lyft
There’s nothing like a little friendly competition, but, as it happens, some drivers from Uber decided to work both sides of the road. Indeed, some of the drivers currently employed with either Uber or Lyft have admitted working for the other company as well.


They usually tend to do this to reap the advantages from both companies.

2. They can pick up rowdy clients
From all the material presented on the Internet, you would think that Uber drivers pick only the finest and the most refined clients. The facts say otherwise. Most Uber drivers declared that at least one or twice per day, they have to go through that “ride”.

Yes, you guessed it. As an Uber driver, you might pick up some pretty unusual characters ranging from hammered teens, who can’t stand on their feet, to prostitutes.

3. Tips are not included in cab fare
Unfortunately, the tip for the drivers is not included in the cab fare. This is one of the reasons why many Uber drivers choose to work both sides of the fence. To tip your driver, you must select the “tip” section in your application, and select how much you want to tip your driver.

4. The evaluation process is overrated
Although Uber states that all drivers are subjected to a strict background check before they are employed, in reality, the so-called check takes about 15 minutes, and it’s more about studies and a minimal criminal record check.

5. Uber has vomit cops
As baffling as it might seem, Uber employs the help of the so-called vomit inspectors, who check out your car after one or more passengers vomited in it.

After the vomit squad checks out your car, they can reimburse the damage produced by hammered passengers. The reimbursement for a damaged backseat can range anywhere from 50 dollars to 250 dollars, depending on how extensive the damage is.

6. Uber drivers are not that social


Don’t go out thinking that every Uber driver you encounter is your best buddy. While some of them are friendly and will often engage in social conversation on just about any subject, most of them keep to themselves and would appreciate it very much if you would stop discussing things you’ve done during your trip abroad.

7. Some drivers hit it off with their passengers
After the ride is over, some Uber drivers will accept the passenger’s invitation of blowing off some steam over a beer or two at the local pub. This, of course, happens during their off hours.

8. Drivers can also rate passengers
It’s not only passengers that can rate their drivers, but drivers can also do the same thing. The system is basically the same: according to how the passenger behaved during the trip, the driver will rate him or her using a 1 to 5 scale.

If a passenger receives only bad scores, Uber reserves the privilege of banning him from using the service. Customer service and satisfaction are widely considered Uber’s strongest point.

9. Stuck at the airport? Bad luck
Unfortunately, if you’re at the airport and want to hitch a ride back home, you’ll have to settle for the public transportation services or regular cabs.

10. No discounts for Uber drivers
Becoming an Uber driver does have its perks, but ride discounts is not one of them. If you are an Uber driver, you’ll still have to pay the full price if you’re riding in another Uber ride.

11. A Uber driver can rent both car and phone


While most Uber drivers have their personal car and phone, there are those who either don’t have a smartphone or a car. Uber has a service that can let employees rent a smartphone for ten bucks per week and will even help them get a car loan.

12. Ratings can sometimes be irrelevant
Unfortunately, the rating drivers receive from passengers can be irrelevant because they won’t change a thing in the driver’s behavior.

13. Match the music to the passenger’s taste
One of the greatest services offered by Uber is that the passenger has the right to ask the driver to play a certain genre or a radio station.

14. Not all Uber drivers know your exact address
Most Uber drivers know their towns like the back of their hands and can take you to the solicited address without the need to consult a GPS. However, some of them may be new to driving and will have a hard time recognizing the streets.

15. FBI is not involved in Uber’s search process
Uber’s screening consists only of a rudimentary background check, meaning that the FBI is not involved.

16. No drug test or alcohol screening


Although Uber says on its official website that all drivers must pass through a rigorous drug and alcohol screening, most of them aren’t.

17. Uber doesn’t know is their drivers are sober or not
Unfortunately for passengers, Uber doesn’t have an all-seeing eye. So, the company doesn’t know whether their drivers are drunk or stoned.

18. Some countries in Europe, Asia and a couple of US states have outlawed Uber for its “unloyalcompetition.”
Several countries across Europe and Asia, and apparently a couple of US states, including Portland, have outlawed Uber because their low-price policy conflicted with the local competition.

19. An Uber driver was accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a female passenger
Back in August 2015, Patrick Aiello, a 39-year-old registered Uber driver, faced charges of battery and sexual assault, after a 23-yeard old passenger pressed charges. Aiello denied the battery and sexual assault accusations, saying that the sexual activities were consensual.

20. One driver was caught stealing jewelry from an old couple
In April 2015, another Uber driver was arrested and charged with theft, after he managed to make off with 5,000 dollarsworth of jewelry. Juan Morales, the driver, caught stealing, pleaded guilty of stealing from an old couple.

21. As an Uber driver, you won’t be swimming in cash
Even though the company states on the page that a driver can earn as much as 100,000 dollars per year, in reality, the drivers have to settle for much less. To be able to earn that much per year, a driver must take hundreds of orders per week.

And with Uber’s latest pay cuts, hitting the big 10k per year seem nearly impossible.

22. As an Uber driver, you will listen to all kinds of musical genres
Unfortunately, not all the songs requested by the clients will be to your taste, meaning that sometimes you just got to bite the bullet and move on.

23. Passengers are anything but objective when rating the drivers
If you’re an Uber driver, then expect to receive some pretty bad rating from your passenger. It doesn’t matter how good or courteous you are; they will always find reasons to complain.

24. You might be asked to drive around couples who want to have sex
As far-fetched as it might seem, some couple will pay you an extra something so that you take them on a sex-drive. More specifically, you’ll be asked to drive aimlessly around the neighborhood while they “chill” a little on your backseat.

25. In some cities, Uber tends to bend the law in its favor
Uber has gained notoriety after refusing to pay its legal dues. In some cities, Uber has even declared itself a so-called black cab service, which basically means that it plays by other rules.

26. You can use Uber to order a pet
On some special occasions, like National Pet Day, Uber drivers can be commissioned to bring cats and dogs to a specified location.

27. Presently, there are more Uber cabs than taxis
According to a recent count, in New York City alone there are over 14,000 registered Uber drivers and only 13,587 registered taxi drivers.

28. Uber covers over 58 cities
Presently, Uber has expanded to 58 cities all over the globe.

29. Travis Kalanick dropped out of college
You may not know this, but Travis Kalanick, one of Uber’s CEOs has dropped out of college tofulfill his dreams.

30. Uber offers free rides
Sometimes, Uber offers free rides, on a certain occasion, so, you’d better keep an eye out for that.

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