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5 NFL Handicapping Apps that Rock

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NFL attracts millions of viewers each season in the USA alone, so you can imagine how many of those viewers like to bet on the NFL games. There are several reasons why betting on the NFL is popular. First of all, each team plays a limited number of games per season, which leaves a large amount of time between games, and that vast amount of time is used to study statistical data which can help bettors in handicapping.


Finding the right betting tools for any pro or amateur bettor is a big deal. It doesn’t matter if you are the occasional bettor that likes to lay down a bet from time to time, or a diehard fan that spends $50 a week on NFL bets, you got to have the right tools. If you are a casino player, naturally you’ll want to have a list of HTML 5 online casinos, for example, filled with SA online casinos. Thanks to the widespread of mobile devices, a multitude of handicapping apps have appeared on the market, so here are some of the most useful NFL apps that can be used for handicapping.


This app is probably the best rated by NFL handicappers. You can use it to make bets using your iPhone, iPad or Android and is especially great for in-play NFL bets. On top of that Bet365 lets you watch live games from a variety of sports including the NFL. This is great if you are unable to watch the games on your TV, but you want to stay updated so that you can do live analysis.

BetOnline’s app is great because you don’t need to download it in order to use it. Another great thing is that BetOnline focuses most of its promotions on the NFL, which can boost your NFL handicapping bankroll. BetOnline’s primary focus is on sports popular in the USA, which makes it great if you want to bet on the NFL.

Bovada Sportsbetting App
If you want an app that you can use to actually make the handicap bets and still stay informed with statistics and useful data, then you should consider Bovada’s betting app. It’s compatible with Android, Blackberry, Windows and iOS devices. One of the best things with this app is that it puts focus on the NFL with a variety of bets and useful NFL info.

Paddy Power
Paddy Power is the king of money back specials which is great if you want some of your money back on your unsuccessful NFL handicaps. The app’s performance is very smooth and you can use it to watch live NFL games. Even though Paddy Power is mostly focusing its energy on European sports like soccer, it still rocks if you want to use for NFL handicapping.

Betway’s app offers one of the best concessions to NFL bettors. If you like to place bets on the outcome of individual games, then Betway is perfect for you. Games where your team loses by up to 3 points, you will get your bet back. Plus, Betway gives the best prices.

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