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How to Create a Custom Facebook Reveal Tab, Welcome Tab or Landing Page

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A reveal tab (also known as welcome tab) on Facebook is used to encourage new visitors to “Like” your page before presenting additional content such as something to download, a discount code, or a link to the exclusive content. Since Facebook made the switch from FBML to iFrames for custom Facebook page tabs, many have been left wondering how to quickly convert new visitors to fans within the new system. Fortunately, it’s not as complex as you’d think. Today we are going to show you how to create a custom tab on your Facebook page using an application called Static HTML: iframe tabs. It’s a simple tutorial that you should be able to finish within minutes.

how_to_create_custom_facebook_reveal tab_welcome_tab_or_landing_page

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1. Click here to install Static HTML: iframe tabs.

2. Log in to your Facebook. Scroll down the app about page and click on “Add to My Page” as shown in the screenshot below.

3. Select your page from the list which pops up, then click on “Add to Page” button.

4. Now you should be able to see “Welcome” tab located at the left side of your page. Click it.

5. Enter the HTML for the content which you want all visitors to your page to see. This should be teaser content which convinces the user to click “Like” on your page. In the second box, you’ll want to enter the HTML which will display fans-only content. After that, click the “Save and view tab…” button.

Tip: You can create an image 520px wide and host it on your website or any sites that provide free image hosting services such as or, and then insert the image URL to the HTML code.

Below is the sample HTML code to use to embed the image into the application:
<img src=“”>


6. After the contents are saved, you can either back to editor, view your tab as a non-fan or view your tab as a fan.

7. Next, You’ll want to make sure that your new welcome tab is the first thing that visitors see when they have not yet liked your Facebook page. To do this, go to your edit page and click on the “Manage Permissions”. From the “Default Landing Tab”’s drop down list, select “Welcome”and then save the changes.

8. That’s it! You may log out your Facebook page and re-visit it as a non-fan to check if it’s working.
Below is our Quertime’s custom welcome tab on Facebook.

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  • Stacy Gilliland Flores

    I am still having the same problem. It does not matter which application I choose to use. Same thing happens. I am surprised that there are not more posts on this topic. It seems that most are not even aware that it is happening. I was hoping facebook would have fixed it by now. I don’t like them ending up on my wall after clicking like. If the reveal tab is not an option anymore, I would prefer to go back and put all the content there, so they can see it.

  • Anonymous

    Hi James,
    Yes, you are right. there is something wrong with the app, but i think it will be fixed shortly.

  • James

    Hi Stacy

    I am getting the exact same problem. Once liked they get the wall and not the replacement content which is a bit pants.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Stacy,
    Are you using Static HTML: iframe tabs or other apps? If you follow our step by step guidance, it should not be any problems. Kindly ensure that you didn’t check the box of “Enable FMBL” as can be seen in the screenshot of step 5.

    You may reinstall the app and test it again. If you still can’t solve the problem, why don’t you give other apps a try by referring to our Top 12 of Best Facebook Apps to Create Custom Tabs and Pages at

  • Stacy Gilliland Flores

    Hi, I have used this feature in the past and as of yesterday it is no longer working on any of my pages. I checked them all and did some tests on additional pages that do not belong to me. It appears to work when I am testing it as the admin, but when I test it from other accounts and when visitors reach my page, it does not work. Once a visitor likes the page, instead of staying on the page to see the new content, it defaults them to the wall. This is happening on every page I view. Any suggestions?

  • Mista Mensa

    Really cool idea! I’m certainly going to try this out and share it with a couple friends!
    Thanks for the great post!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Avi Kaye,
    Thanks for your comment and sharing. It is depend on the nature of websites or businesses to decide whether a landing tab would be enough or entire website which is deemed to be more appropriate.

  • Avi Kaye

    A landing tab is an excellent idea, but if you want to REALLY get the most out of your Facebook page, why not import your entire site?

    Try out MyWebees – – it’s dead simple, and imports your ENTIRE site as a tab to your Facebook page!