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15 Best Tools to Check Duplicate Content Copied from Your Website

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As a website owner and blogger, we don’t want to see our hard-worked online content being copied and published on some other websites. Imagine if you’ve spent several days and conducted intensive research to publish your article online, and you find out it is copy-pasted elsewhere by some shameless scrappers and autobloggers without getting your consent. Doesn’t it hurt your heart? To fight for this serious issue of plagiarism, today we’ve gathered 15 useful duplicate content checkers that you can use to find out if your content is published elsewhere and to detect duplicate content on your own website.


If you are accepting guest posts or hiring paid writers for your blog, these tools will help you check if the content they provide is copied from elsewhere. All in all, it’s important to find out any duplicate content copied from your website as it will not only ruin the reputation of your website but also affect your search engine ranking.

Copyscape is an online plagiarism detection service that checks whether similar text content appears elsewhere on the web. The free plagiarism checker is used by content owners to detect cases of “content theft”, in which content is copied without permission from one site to another. It is also used by content publishers to detect cases of content fraud, in which old content is repackaged and sold as new original content.

Similar Page Checker
This tool allows you to determine the percentage of similarity between two pages. Simply enter both URLs and you’ll be well on your way to eliminating overlap and getting the best possible search ranking.

Plagiarisma.Net is a free online plagiarism checker and duplicate content finder. Check your txt,html,rtf,doc,odt,docx,pdf files.

Plagium is another free multilingual plagiarism checker that lets you find out whether your website’s content has been copied and used anywhere else. It can accept much larger blocks of text for searching online.

Dupli Checker
Dupli Checker is an anti plagiarism detection tool for detecting plagiarism online. You will have options to choose with quotes and without quotes as well as types of search engines.

Article Checker
Article Checker is a free web plagiarism checker, article checker, and duplicate content checker tool. It also scans your web page for others who may have copied it.

Virante Duplicate Content
Virante Duplicate Content diagnoses common causes and effects of duplicate content penalties. It tries to diagnose the common www vs non-www duplicate content issue by checking the headers returned by both versions of the URL, the current cache in Google, and possible PR dispersion. The tool also checks for the common default page error, incorrect 404 pages as well as supplemental pages in the Google index.

DuplicateContent helps you to avoid duplicate content filter to be applied from search engines to your website.

Plagiarism Checker
This is another tool you can use to check plagiarism on the Internet for free. No file uploads required.

DupeFree Pro
DupeFree Pro is a program for comparing two texts. This tool is especially useful when you need to perform re-writes, allowing you to check if the similarity percentage meets your requirements. The program’s interface will let you load both the original and the modified document – you will see the original document on the left, and the modified on the right.

This is a free service designed to monitor your RSS feed and find where your content has been republished in the blogosphere. It automatically notifies you when a new post of yours is copied to another feed. It also builds an overview page you can view to see how/when/where your content is being duplicated, quoted or plagiarized.

DupeCop allows you to compare an original PLR article or other text to your modified/re-written version and find out how unique it is. It also helps your sites to avoid the dreaded duplicate content penalty.

PercentDupe is dedicated to protecting your valuable content online. The plagiarism detection tool checks the originality of your new content, prevent duplicate content, and search for copies of existing content online.

CopyrightSpot allows you to discover all the spots where your licensed and unlicensed original writing lives on the web.

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