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Top 40 Coolest WordPress Tips, Tricks, Tutorials and Plugins

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As blogger, you should’ve come across some cool features in other’s blog and you may wonder how you can apply them in your own blog as well. Well, don’t feel bad about it as most of the bloggers have experienced this feeling. Another common situation is that you want to add new functionality or change some design on your blog, but you don’t know the keywords to search for the right tips, tutorials or plugin helping you to get the job done.


In today’s article, we’ve gathered some of the most wanted WordPress tips, tricks, tutorials and plugins that are absolutely useful for your blog. Make sure you go through the list as you might find the solution you want here.

How to Add Facebook Like Button in WordPress Blog
Facebook “Like” button is a very important social tool to promote your blog or website. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add the Facebook’s Like buttons into your hosted WordPress blog or website.

Best Social Bookmarking Plugins for WordPress Blog
Choosing a right social bookmarking plugin for your WordPress blog is important as it will help you get more out of social networks as well as attracting more traffic and eyeballs.

SEO Guide for All WordPress Bloggers
One of the most important parts of setting up a blog is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this SEO guide, you will learn some proven tips and tricks to bring your blog to the next level.

Display WordPress Categories in a Horizontal Dropdown Menu
If you don’t want to display your WordPress categories in the sidebar, consider put them up in the navigation menu with the dropdown functionality for sub-categories.

Add Gravatar for the Post Author in WordPress
To show your appreciation for guest authors, you can actually add their Gravatars to the post title.

Display Thumbnail for Each Post on WordPress Home Page
This tutorial guides you to create and display thumbnail for recent posts on your home page. You can also add both title and excerpt.

4 Simple Ways to Speed up WordPress
This article gives you some easy tips and tricks to make your WordPress load time faster.

8 Web Tools to Create Mobile Version of WordPress Blog
This article recommends 8 easy-to-use web tools to convert your WordPress blog into mobile version or create it from scratch.

Open All Links in New Window (By Default)
This WordPress hack makes all links on your blog open in new window.

Add Breadcrumbs to Your WordPress Blog
Use Breadcrumb NavXT plugin to generate breadcrumb trails for your WordPress blog. These represent the hierarchy leading up to the current page rather than the actual path taken to arrive at the current page.

Best WordPress Pagination Plugins
Pagination (Page Navigation) is a very important tool to enhance the readability of your WordPress blog. It enables your visitors to navigate through your older entries easily and increase the SEO of your site by providing more links to your content.

How to Display Related Posts in WordPress without a Plugin
Increase your blog readers stay time by providing them helpful related posts list without using any extra plugin.

Customized WordPress Login Page
Customize your WordPress login page to fit your own website branding. This is even more significant for multi-author blogs, or sites you have set up for clients.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Title
This tutorial covers a quick adjustment that you can make to your title tag to show a more optimal title.

How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress
Depending on the web hosting company you choose and the package you select, each of you will see maximum file upload limit on your Media Uploader page in WordPress. However with this tutorial you can increase the maximum file upload size.

Highlight WordPress Category When on a Single Post
As the title implies, this tutorial guides you to get your categories highlighted when on a single post.

Display an Author List with Avatars in WordPress Contributors Page
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a contributors page which will display a list of authors with avatars or userphoto and any other information that you like. It is an intermediate level tutorial.

How to Detect Mobile Visitors on Your WordPress Blog
As mobile devices like iPhone and Android based phones are becoming more and more popular, bloggers may want to detect those visitors and redirect them to a mobile version of their blog. Here is a recipe to detect mobile visitors.

How to Display Twitter Avatars in WordPress Comments
As you know that WordPress has an option to display gravatars in the comment for your users. Well sometimes users don’t have a gravatar account, but they have a twitter account. In this article, you’ll learn a way to combine gravatar and twitter avatars to display in your comment area.

How to List All Posts of an Archive, a Category or a Search Result
Archive pages are usually paged according to your settings in options/reading. Sometimes you may want to offer a page with all posts for an archive (time, category, search result).

25 Useful Tricks for the WordPress Functions File
In your WordPress theme folder, there lays the most powerful theme file known as functions.php. As the name suggests, this file adds unique functions to your WordPress installation. In this article, you can find some of the most incredible and most wanted tricks for the WordPress functions.php file.

How to Make a WordPress Events List
Follow this tutorial to create your own events list that will let you add events simply by writing posts and assigning them to an “Events” category.

Easy Way to Make WordPress Ajax Pagination Using jQuery
Making your paginated content in WordPress load using AJAX is easy using a bit of jQuery.

Best WordPress Custom Login Page Designs
This article shows you how to create a custom login page design in WordPress as well as showcases some of the best WordPress login page designs.

Custom WordPress Homepage with Customizable Widgets
In this Tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a custom homepage for your WordPress theme using Page templates: complete with a featured content slider, and customizable widgets.

How to Add a Dynamic Copyright Date in WordPress Footer
Often you will see a website that has an outdated copyright date which is pretty annoying. In this tutorial, you will learn a function that will automatically generate a copyright date based on the published date of your oldest and newest post.

How to Automatically Remove the “Nofollow” from Your Posts
By default, WordPress automatically converts all links from the post content to nofollow. If you prefer your links to be dofollow, just read and use the following recipe.

Guide to WordPress Post Tags
If you have an interest in post tags, have utilized them on your WordPress blog to an extent, but don’t really know if you are going about things in the right way, check out this guide!

5 Tips for Using AJAX in WordPress
AJAX is used in many WordPress themes and plugins. However, not all of those themes and plugins implement AJAX properly. This article reveals 5 best practices in developing AJAX for WordPress.

How to Install and Setup W3 Total Cache Plugin for Your WordPress Blog
Learn how to install and set up W3 Total Cache for beginners.

Highlight Author Comments in WordPress
Highlighting author comments is an easy way to distinguish your own input and make it easier for people to find in a rambling comments discussion.

Creating the Archive Index Template and Page
Learn how to set up a separate archive index, and create it as a Page.

Install Paginated Comments Plugin
This plugin gives you the ability to break your comments into a number of search engine optimized pages.

How to Add an Author Info Box in WordPress Posts
Many blogs have an author information box at the end of their posts. This is becoming one of the biggest trends in WordPress blogs. In this tutorial, you can learn how to add an author information box at the end of your single posts without a plugin.
how_to_add_an_author_info_box_in_wordpress posts

Optimize WordPress Performance with wp-config.php File
In this post, you’ll explore some tricks to improve your site’s performance with WordPress’ wp-config.php file.

How to Display Related Posts in Your Sidebar Only
Why not just display related posts after your content? Displaying links to related posts in your sidebar means you can keep the links above the fold. Some bloggers think that this is better for SEO and will attract more click thru’s than simply displaying the links below the content.

How to Set up FeedBurner Email Subscription for WordPress Blog
If you have set up a FeedBurner feed for your website or blog, your readers can subscribe to your RSS feed using a feed reader. However, to fully utilize this free website service, you should also set up an email subscription to drive more traffic to your blog.

Create an Ajax-Based Auto-Completing Search Field
Why not helping your visitors to find what they’re looking for on your blog, by using a cool auto-completion on your search field?

How to Add a Shortcode in WordPress
Have you ever had a time where you wanted to add some specialized content to your WordPress post or page, but weren’t sure how? In this tutorial, you will go through the process of building, installing, and using a shortcode in your WordPress installation.

How to Show First Image from Post without Plugin
Automatically display thumbnail without using custom fields, with this simple function it will automatically retrieve first image of your post.

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