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Why iOS is Favorite Choice of Developer Over Android

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There are a lot of genuinely substantial reasons why iOS is a far better choice than Android. A number of these things will be highlighted here so that people can clearly establish why iOS is the favorite choice of a developer over Android. The battle royal that does exist between iOS and Android is profoundly apparent. Therefore, it all depends on which side of the fence a person does find themselves, and which of these two contenders they do happen to like the most as opposed to the other one.


One of the big reasons that iOS is a favorite choice of developer over Android is that Apple does continue to come up with the kind of phone that most end users do request and want the most. This is something that is extremely beneficial as the end users are the ones who provide them the majority of their business in addition. Giving the people what they want the most is why iOS is the chosen favorite over Android any day of the week.

There are several reasons why developers do obviously prefer iOS over Android and some of these reasons are tied to ease of development and the opportunity for much more revenue growth.

Developers do seem to look to Apple iOS platform first, despite the fact of success for Android, and this is because following the money is always the best way to go for any developer. The users of Apple iOS are more than happy to go with the iOS platform.

A lot of this is due in part to telephone users desiring to pay for any new applications to download where those who do use Android have not shown a willingness to act as of yet. Android users would rather use all of applications for free and not pay for them. This is something that has not changed as of recently either.


Since Apple first opened up its App Store back in 2008, developers have been able to get about 4 billion dollars, with close to more than $700 million being paid out alone in the last quarter of the 2011 year. The iOS platform is prioritized because it is the dominant platform on which people are willing to pay for the value of their personal applications.

One of the biggest advantages Apple does show its customers is by giving them remarkably easy ways to pay for applications. Paying for Apps with the iOS platform is not complicated at all and also extremely advantageous. Once a person opens up a Tunes account, all they have to apply to gain access is the use of your password. Google is trying to follow this by encouraging customers to use a credit card when they set up their phone for the exact first time.

Why iOS are the favorite choice of developer over Android has been clearly explored, and the reasons given do state this position in full. In addition, the user experience overall is something that is clearly provided by the combined ecosystem that the iOS does possess. One cannot disagree with what the iOS platform is and represents from a terrifically eminent approach. It is also a platform that people clearly cherish and desire to put their money into to get the best from it.

iOS does stand out hands down on both ends of the debate that is going on between Android devices and those that are made by the iOS Apple platform. Nonetheless, the reason why iOS is clearly preferred is this; both developers and users want it at the same time. It is evident that it is the most popular of all developer platforms and that does present itself strongly in the war that rages on between Apple and Android. iOS as a platform is much more geared towards developers in a number of ways over Android. It is also a highly successful platform that is very customer friendly and the regular customers know it in essence. As iOS grows and expands as a platform. It also grows and changes to suit the overall needs of its vast customer base. This is one reason why it is enduring. They advance to suit not just themselves as a platform. Their customers are also included into this equation in a big way.


A recent mobile developer survey came back with whopping 53% results which stated that a lot of developers wanted to clearly do development for the iPad. This in itself does speak volumes as far as what the developers indeed prefer to do on their end. This number is going up steadily and this is because developers know which two of the platforms they believe is the leading one and are openly choosing to stick with no matter what. Clearly, it is iOS, as opposed to Android.

What makes the iOS platform a very easy choice for both developers and users is obvious. Apple comes up with not just smart cell phones but also touch-pad computers. This platform is not just about one product. They have numerous products on their platform that is very appealing and the main reason is because there are different devices that only have to share one entire platform.

Secondly, iOS has the power that one would demand from a highly successful platform as a whole. It is an operating system platform that offers different products which do run off of that one existing platform. A person does not have to make a total switch to another platform in order to utilize the capabilities of their mobile phone or tablet PC. What is even more inviting is the fact that this platform can be made to run off of an existing laptop or net-book in addition as well. iOS is versatile and can adapt in its own way.

There are a lot of reasons that one can touch upon when comparing the iOS platform to Android. Nonetheless, iOS would still come out ahead the winner for a number of reasons, and not just for the reasons being highlighted here in detail.

iOS is a platform that is enduring and that is because people want it. It is a platform that has proven itself to the entire world and continues to improve itself too. No one can dare touch a platform that has not only made a name for itself in the world of technology. But one that proves it can hold its own and has held its own against some tremendous competition. iOS is the choice platform as it is a platform of choice openly. It also clearly has the best App store and overall market commerce capability and has proven it hands down repeatedly.


The iOs platform is a chosen platform over Android for the numbers and if nothing else does speak louder. Do count the number of developers that Apple’s App Store does have and this number totals roughly about 43,000 developers who are active and on the list. Android can say that they only have about 10,000 that is growing in number. The Apple App Store also sells to a total of more than 60 counties while Google’s Android Market Place only sells to 46 countries.

If nothing else, the numbers do speak out loudly. Apple iOS is far more popular a platform than Android is. People want the Apps that come from this particular platform and the numbers are not wrong. They do literally speak for themselves as to which platform has control of the overall market.

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