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Beautify Your Selfie with 20 Amazing Camera & Photo Apps

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The word “selfie” was cut in by the Oxford Dictionary in 2013. There is nothing to get much surprised as taking self-portraits has been into trend since the day when smartphones come with a camera on it. Besides, the social media platform has also played a significant role in spreading the awareness of this term as it encourages people to share their pictures and enjoy the no. of likes and comments they get on it.


The advent of smartphones has bring high-resolution front-facing cameras, giving the trend a new push. It shows how the selfie game is going strong and majority of people are posting their photos on social networks.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some useful camera and photo apps for Android, and iPhone users to beautify their selfies. First, let’s have a look at some camera apps.

Camera Apps

1. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Camera


YouCam perfect is the best camera app that comprises of multiple camera features such as; video selfies and snapshots. This amazing smartphone app also contains some actual time beautifying features with the help of which you can see the difference in your looks before and after taking the picture.

If you want to edit your photo, then Editing photo option in this app allows you to fix red eye reduction, skin roughness, prominent wrinkles, and other common problems within few taps.

2. Selfie Camera – Facial Beauty

Another great camera app to glamorize your picture is a Selfie Camera App. Alike YouCam – it also contains various features, as well as over 20 different filters to make your selfies look cute.

This app allows users to set skin and complexion tones, and they can also use a whitening enhancer to add glow among other effects.

3. Camera360: selfie filter camera,photo video editor (For iPhone only)

A selfie a day keeps insecurities away! Yes, the Camera360 App is the best complimentary gift any iphone user can ever have. This is one of the best, yet free camera app available on the Appstore.

It possesses multiple features including beauty selfie tool, 100+ stickers, set of photo editing options, and more than 100 photo filters.

4. BrightCam – selfie camera and photo editor


Being a selfie lover, if you’re looking for an ultimate camera app that offers all that you want; then a Bright camera is the best choice for you. It also contains an anti-shake camera mode in order to add digital image stabilization for better photos.

What makes it interesting is, you can also take it as a Facebook photo feed and a photo gallery for your Android phone.

5. Otaku Camera

Are you artistic person, and love to do something creative with your selfies? If yes, then you must install Otaku Camera app on your smartphone now. This amazing app is distinguished with its rich selection of manga-inspired frames, stickers, and image effects.

With Otaku camera app, you can play with your selfies turning them into a sketch, or even add your face to one of the many downloadable drawings.

6. Candy Camera – Selfie Photo

Just like Candy Crush Saga has become a huge addiction for many people today, similarly, Candy Camera app is also something that keeps users hooked on it. It seems as if the -candy prefix – has some magic in it. Anyhow, Candy Camera is the best choice for every selfie lover!

It comprises of above 30 camera filters, which you can preview in real time as you’re getting ready to take the shot. The strong point of this app is you can apply make-up, remove blemishes, and enhance your images with variety of frames.

7. PIP Camera – Selfie Cam & Pic Collage & Photo Editor (free)


If you love to do fun with photos, and you take selfies to kill the spare time; then why not to tell you a great funny camera app that can further make your activity a fun? Get PIP Camera app installed in your cell phone now.

The PIP camera is a free app, and it includes several templates to help you crop your latest selfie. The various frames utilize the pic-in-pic format, allowing you to embellish your face inside a variety of objects, including a bubble, a Polaroid, and a glass bottle. You can also take your selfie to the next level by going full Droste Effect and mess with your friends’ minds.

8. CamMe (For iPhone & iPad)

Let’s take a selfie with CamMe Today! The CamMe is a very useful camera photo taking app especially designed for iPhone and iPad users. This app helps in taking beautiful selfies easily.

To get the best result, get a right angle, and take photos from 2 to 16 feet (0.5 to 5 meters) distance from your device.

9. Cymera: Photo & Beauty Editor

If you’re looking for 2 in 1 camera app that also works as a photo editor, then Cymera is the best app to help you. The Cymera app has around 200 million users worldwide, it is a powerful editor and an all-in-one beauty camera. With the help of this Cymera app, you can apply hundreds of amazing selfie filters & effects.

10. LINE Camera – Photo editor


The LINE CAMERA is a topmost camera app that brings all the features you need for great selfies. It has an auto timer, flash, and mirror which enable grids for better perspective judgment.

This app contains live filters and beauty options allowing you to touch up your selfies, make live adjustments and tweak lighting etc. Moreover, this app has around 20,000 stamps to edit and create collages before uploading your selfies to your favorite networks.

Besides, you can add a twist in your selfies by adding scribbles, text and use brushes to draw on them.

Photo Apps

11. Retrica – Selfie, Sticker, GIF

When it comes to looking for the best photo editor app to beautify selfie, one always look for a masterpiece. The Retirca photo app is among one of it. This app helps to create vintage style photos. It contains around 80 different filters, making it one of the best selfie apps for Android.

This app also comes with a free version that contains over 50 filters, while the remaining can be unlocked upon upgrade. What else? It enables you to make collages and use the timer feature to take photos at small intervals as you pose with your friends.

12. B612 – Selfiegenic Camera


B612 is a phenomenal photo app that offers various features to embellish your selfies and other photos. The idea behind B612 is to make selfies look more efficient than usual. It has more than 40 filters designed for use with faces. You can also make video clips with this app, and that videos will be three or six seconds long.

13. Photo Wonder

Take a selfie, and make it wonder with the help of photo wonder app. This photo app is best for all those girls who’re makeup cholic. Using this app, they can play with cosmetic tweaks.

This amazing photo app has some very explained and clearly stated particular tools for changing the tone of your skin, makeup, or hiding marks. Photo Wonder also packs in an Instagram-style social network. There’s also a “thingify” option and a recently added “beauty leg” feature that makes your legs longer. Furthermore, it offers skin whitening. The Photo Wonder is made by a major Chinese company.

14. BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor

Every girl wishes to be born with a magic wand, just one round and it changes your entire looks. The beautyplus app can do it for you! If you want to adorn your taken photos, you must try this app on your iPhone. This app is a photo beautifying selfie app that lets you make your face more beautiful.

This phenomenal photo app contains multiple features, some of those are; eye beautification option, skin editing tool, skin retouching option, professional photo editing option, selfie timer and so forth.

15. Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover (free)

The Perfect365 is the best photo app that stands out for its native ability to adjust the intensity of each effect using a slider that keeps you from looking overly airbrushed.

This app contains a variety of celebrity-inspired templates and 20 different tools aimed at beautifying your Selfie, though if you’re set on trying a new pair of lashes or changing to make your skin tone better.

16. Sketch Guru


Become fed up of editing normal selfies daily, and looking for something different? Why don’t you give your photo a professional sketch look? There is a great photo app Sketch Guru, it comes with a whole bunch of filters that can make your photos look as if they have been drawn by hand.

It allows you to adjust the strength of effects being applied in order to achieve that perfect look.

17. Selfie Photo Editor

Selfie Photo Editor is a another best, yet comprehensive photo editing app. It provides multiple valuable tips on how to take a perfect selfie, and then offers a wide selection of editing tools for making it even better. After getting your photo edit, it offer you sharing options via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, and SMS.

After capturing your perfect shot, you can airbrush your skin and add the most appropriate filter. Share your selfie with your friends, or simply save it to your phone.

18. FaceTune

Now you can tuneup your selfies with FaceTune photo app.Make changes with a swipe of your finger and erase blemishes to get a perfect picture ready to be shared. This convenient app can be said an affordable replacement of Photoshop, as it enables you to fix acne, remove a stray or gray hair for generating that perfect looking selfie, you always wanted to have.

19. Pixtr – auto makeover, face retouch and makeup app

Everybody wants a smart, free, or a cheap photo editing app offering an intuitive interface along with a multitude of useful tools for producing high-quality effects. Pixtr is a great app for iPhone users to help them in looking more beautiful. Due to its facial recognition software, it can scan your selfie to change and enhance your facial features such as your nose or jawline.With the help of this great app, you can fix your features like hair color and removes any age effects for a younger and smarter picture of yours. Moreover, It can trim your eyebrows, correct any camera distortion, and slim your face cut for a smarter you.

Guest Author: Ashley Albert

This post is written by Ashley Albert who works as content writer at Shine Essay, and blogging expert in marketing department.

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