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Best 50 Sites to Download Free Creative Commons Music

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The internet is a resource of a wealth of online content, which is readily available for free download. From royalty free images to bizarre movies, everything can be found on the internet if you only look hard enough. However, not everything you download is legal or ethical. Therefore, global communities, like Creative Commons, are pushing for making content freely available for all. You can legally use music that are rights protected through a creative commons copyright license. With this, you will be legally using the music to produce videos, remixes, or any other material that makes use of the music. We present a list of the best 50 websites to download free commons music.


So let’s get right to it!

1. Jamendo


All the tracks available on Jamendo are CC licensed. Hence, you can download, share, and use this music legally. Even artists can sign up on Jamendo and upload their music as per their preferred license.

2. CCTrax

A whole lot of music available on CCTrax is featured under the royalty-free section. You can easily download these files or albums without having to sign up or log in!

3. Free Music Archive


This website contains all the legal audio files that were directed by the radio station WFMU. So through this website one can legally download free tracks that have been curated by a radio station.

4. Audio Archive

Audio Archive is a community of music lovers who have come together to put up a diverse collection. They contain music of diverse kinds and in various formats.

5. offers high quality audio music without any charge. You could listen to music online or you may download it into your device. What’s even more convenient is that you don’t necessarily have to create an account.

6. Freeplay Music


If you wish to create YouTube videos and are looking for some refreshing music, then Freeplay Music is the way to go. The music available here is licensed under the YouTube Personal Use License.

7. Incompetech

Incompetech offers a high quality audio in the MP3 format, which is freely downloadable. Irrespective of what genre of music you are looking for, you will find it on Incompetech.


Musopen is a non-profit resource that allows a variety of users to upload music in the public domain. Thus, much like the listeners present on Musopen, the music is also diverse.

9. ccMixter


If you are looking for remixed versions of your favorite song, then ccMixter will cater to your needs. You can listen to the remixed versions contributed by over 45,000 musicians. These tracks can be downloaded and used even in commercial projects.

10. TeknoAXE

The TechnoAXE library contains over 1300 tracks and the library is updated on a weekly basis. Therefore, it is your one-stop resource for the latest music.

11. TrackTour Production Music

TrackTour Production Music offers a sneak-peek into the music files before you put them to download. The high-quality audio can be downloaded multiple times.

12. AudionautiX

Apart from the usual genre-wise scan, you can search new music on AudionautiX based on your mood.

13. SampleSwap

While it is unclear if the music on SampleSwap is royalty-free, the website does host a variety of CC-licensed originally produced sound tracks.

14. Opsound


The website opsound encourages musicians to publish their creations under the CC license. You can freely download, share, and remix the songs available on opsounds. Unfortunately, the website lacks a search engine so you need to browse through the page to find a song of your liking.

15. Mobygratis

Mobygratis hosts a range of royalty-free music, which has been produced by various artists and filmmakers. It has nearly 150 original records, which can be a great addition to your personal project.

16. Bensound


With Bensound, you can listen to music online or download it for free without having to register.

17. BeatGain

If you are looking for top-quality professional soundtracks, you can refer to BeatGain. This website contains over 100 original, royalty-free music files.

18. Silverman Sound

On Silverman Sound, you can find some unique CC-licensed audio files that you will not find elsewhere.

19. Bandcamp

Whether you are looking for a website where you can listen to music for free or you wish to download your favorite tracks, Bandcamp has it all.

20. Canton Becker

If you are searching for professional quality music files to use in your films or video games, you can use audio over Canton Becker to play it on loop.

21. Scott Buckley

Scott Buckley is an independent library for media artists and filmmakers offering music under the CC license. You can even look for music based on instrumentation.

22. UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive

From Classical songs to regional ethnic music to comic monologues, if your taste in music lies on a global level then you should give UCSB a try.

23. The Mutopia Project

When you have nothing specific in mind and are yet stuck on a particular genre, visit The Mutopia Project to find them categorized into the various genres and collections.

24. Audeeyah


You can download music over Audeeyah without the inclusion of the watermark. Certain music tracks are exclusive to Audeeyah.

25. Tribe of Noise

For a modern music collection put together by young listeners and upcoming artists, Tribe of Noise acts like a waterhole. All you need to do is sign up to welcome a superb musical journey.

26. Netlabels

Certain projects may require musical styles and genres of a specific era. Thus, Netlabels makes royalty-free music available, which is classified by the year.

27. Free Stock Music


Free Stock Music takes their music seriously. They update their libraries on a daily basis to offer the best and updated music of all kinds.

28. La Music

For fine quality music files for projects like podcasts, video games, film production, and video making, download tracks from La Musice.

29. SoundCloud


This is the most well-known platform for streaming and sharing music.SoundCloud also has a royalty-free section, which is an unexplored mine capable of producing diamonds.

30. YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library contains over 150 ready to use audio tracks.

31. CASH Music

CASH Music is a non-profit platform for musicians to host and share their music.

32. Sonics Squirrel

Sonics Squirrel is a website trying to promote free music for all. On an average, nearly 15,000 tracks are downloaded daily from this website.

33. SoundShiva

Powered by community donation, Sound Shiva promotes new music and makes it available for the public.

34. Epitonic

Once shut down due to lack of funds, Epitonic is a vast online library where you can download music for personal or educational purposes.

35. Community Audio


Community Audio houses almost every possible genre of music under its roof.

36. Freesound


Apart from the regular CC-licensed music, Freesound contains other elements of music such as synthesized isolated sounds which are produced by objects and instruments. It can come handy even while making music.

37. BeatPick

BeatPick carries a music player interface wherein you can listen to any of the songs present on the website. It is a rich resource for instrumental music with little to no vocals. However, you may have to register to the website to commence downloading.

38. iBeat

If you fancy music with heavy or prominent beats, then iBeat is just the thing for you. It contains an array of loops and beats that you can freely and legally use in your personal projects. These audio clips vary from genre to genre including acoustic beats, hip hop beats, rap beats, electronic beats and much more.

39. Midnight Cassette System


Made possible through the portable music player, MadPlayer, Midnight Cassette System was produced by Edward Nora, who made the 55 hour worth audio clips available for free download.

40. Derek R. Audette

This website is a slice of heaven for all those looking for personalized or customized music that can be used as the background score for movies and videos. If you have an idea, Derek R Audette has the perfect audio for you, all you need to do to obtain that is through proper credits to the producer.

41. Jimmyg

Jimmy Gelhaar can play the piano, guitar, and percussion instruments. He is a creative music writer having the capacity to create a range of music genres. You can download his music for free on his website. However, this music is limited for personal projects.

42. Restorm

Indie artists who wish to reach out to a larger fan base make use of Restorm to gain fame and popularity. In fact, if you are a musician commencing your musical journey, you can make use of Restorm too!

43. Josh Woodward


The talented musician has created over 180 music clips that are freely available for download. You can download, share, and use his music after giving him his due credits.

44. Purple Planet

Two musical geniuses, Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn, have come together to prop up Purple Planet. Those producing content revolving around horror and mystery are in for a special treat. You can use their audio clips in your projects as long as you offer a link to their website crediting them for their work.

45. Newgrounds


It started off in 1999 as a website hosting flash and animation games. Later it brought multiple musicians under their roof that lead to the website’s growth. A little searching would open up the vaults for all kinds of music available here.

46. Phlow-Magazine

This is a multi-portal website that sources its music from other pages hosting free commons music. They are currently running a #366DaysOfMusic campaign, under which they release one song every day for free download.

47. Shrecords

Shrecords hosts multiple creative commons licensed music and these songs are available for non-commercial use. For commercial uses, you need to make a small payment to obtain the song license.

48. Machinimasound

Machinimasound produces original music and sounds for YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, Indie Game Developers, etc.

49. DL Sounds

Those wishing to stay updated on the latest and fresh audio tunes, samples, and loops should head over to DL Sounds.

50. PacDV

PacDV contains a library of audio clips that are sorted and organized based on the moods and feelings evoked by the music. Match your moods, whether sad, lonely, happy, or romantic, to the perfect track available.

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