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How / Where to Buy Google Glass: The Most Advanced Wearable Computer

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Google Glass is one of the most anticipated technology products people have been intensively talking for quite some time. The minimalist headset comes with a lens-less frame and a USB connector-size augmented reality display. Just like your smartphone or tablet computer, the specs has built-in voice recognition, photo and video capture, social sharing, voice search, built-in navigation, voice translation and other “on-the-spot-action” features.


The good news is that the Glass may finally be finishing the “project” phase. Few days ago, the Internet giant launched a new Glass website introducing an application contest to let people from all works of life try out the futuristic headset. To participate in the contest is easy. You have to write 50 words or less describing to Google what you’ll do with the Glass starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass on either Google+ or Twitter. Winners will get the chance to pre-order a Glass Explorer Edition for $1500 plus tax.

Watch below 2 videos demonstrating the possible uses of the Glass.

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Google Glass’s Beautiful Design

Experience the exciting world through Glass.

minimalist design
Minimalist design.

Light and durable.

Glass showcased in 5 different colors: Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton and Sky.

How Glass Works?

Speak to send a message.

Voice searching.

Get the answer without asking.

Speak to take a photo.

Video-record what you see.

Share your special moment.

Translate your voice.

Get the direction.

Google Glass Patent
The elements 70, 72 and 76 are described as touch-based inputs while element 80 contains battery, and 82 is a charging port.

As shown in the diagram above, one of the arms contains all the electronics.

To make the display aligned with the eye, wearer can adjust the horizontal position of the prism, between P1 and P2 positions.

More Photos

Google co-founder Sergey Brin wearing the futuristic specs.



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