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Top 11 Best Recipe Search Engines and Websites

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If you’re stuck with a couple of ingredients and have no idea how to combine them in a creative and tasty way, nothing works better than a recipe search engine. Fortunately, the web is full of platforms designed to help those who like to test out new recipes in search for exciting culinary experiences.


Here are top 11 recipe search engines and websites you should check out when in need of some cooking inspiration.

1. Allrecipes

This immense recipe sharing and cataloging website boasts one of the biggest recipe databases on the web. You can search recipes without registering, but with an account you’ll be able to store your favorite recipes in your own recipe box.


What makes Allrecipes stand out is its advanced search tool that helps to specify search terms and find exact matches for your needs. If you have to prepare a meal for a diabetic who doesn’t eat eggs or beef, you can use this search engine and get recipes that fulfill all these criteria.

Plus, if you love to lose yourself in beautiful food photography, the website also features a large photo section where members show off their skills by uploading amazing photos of their meals.


Formerly Recipezaar, is a universal website that explores everything there is to know about food. Still, its emphasis is on cookbooks and recipes.


You can simply search for recipes, have a look at what other users search for, or browse popular recipe categories until you stumble upon something irresistible. offers an amazing recipe database, and you can make the most out of it with its smart Recipe Sifter tool. Select your course and sub-course, and then narrow down your search using all kinds of filters, from occasion to special dietary requirements.

3. My Fridge Food

This website is a good pick if you’ve got some ingredients at hand and no idea how to transform them into an amazing dish. The ingredient list is simply huge and once you get the results, you can narrow them down using various categories such as breakfast or dinner.


But that’s not all. My Fridge Food also shows the calorie count for each recipe, together with detailed information about fat, carbohydrate and protein content. This is just perfect if you’re trying to lose some weight or like to eat healthy meals.

4. Bing Recipe Search

Microsoft’s search engine Bing started serious work on its recipe engine in 2010 and today boasts an impressive tool which is bound to amaze every foodie.

You can search for specific ingredients, recipe names, or other food-related topics – this is when you’ll see the Recipes tab pop up along the top navigation bar.

Once you click on it, Bing will filter your search results and show a complete list of recipe results ready for you to go through. You can search them by cuisine type, occasion, main ingredients, and other categories. You’ll be amazed by the amount of recipes Bing can pull out from various platforms to help its users find exactly what they want.

5. Recipe Matcher

This smart website helps to match ingredients in your fridge to recipes pulled from its immense database. Enter your ingredients and Recipe Matcher will show you what kinds of dishes you can create with them.

Once you generate a list of results, you can narrow down the results by indicating what type of dish you’d like to prepare, what cuisine interests you, and which primary ingredients you’d like to use.

6. Cook Thing

Cook Thing is a great tool if you’ve got an ingredient you’d like to use before it spoils. For instance, by typing tomatoes and pressing enter, you’ll get a list of ingredients that usually appear with tomato recipes.


All you need to do now is check the boxes against the ingredients that you have and click ‘Find Recipes’. You’ll get a list of ready recipes that include all your ingredients. Cook Thing offers an immense volume of recipes since it pulls its results from the entire web.

7. SuperCook

Nothing is more annoying than finding a ton of interesting recipes only to learn that you’ll need to make a trip to the supermarket before you get to enjoy them. You won’t get this with SuperCook. All you need to do is plug in all ingredients you have and you’ll get a list of potential recipes that match what you’ve got.

SuperCook is a smart tool and it suggests ingredients you might have overlooked that would significantly expand your list of potential recipes and compliment the ingredients you already have.

8. Recipe Land


This vast website offers its users more than 50,000 recipes to look through in search for inspiration. You can filter ingredient search by checking the “with” or “without” parameter. Recipe Land’s search tool is really practical – especially the Advanced Search options.

9. Recipe Key

Start by searching for a specific ingredient and drag it to your virtual pantry. Once you’ve got all your ingredients in the pantry, click on ‘Find recipes’ to search for matching meals.

When the tool generates the recipe list, you can filter through its results by cuisine, meal type, cooking method or time, preparation time, and even difficulty level. Perfect for all amateur cooks who want to impress others with their skills and creativity.

10. Epicurious

Epicurious is a classic. It’s a perfect combination of an extensive recipe database and a smart search engine. You can search for recipes by choosing specific ingredients, food styles, or even special dietary needs.


Once you choose a recipe, you’ll get a complete shopping list to help you get all ingredients. You can do the same for multiple recipes, creating a master shopping list that will help you in planning your meals for a week.

Epicurious is also available as an app for iOS and Android, so you can take your recipes with you and check them on the go while shopping.

11. Big Oven

This platform allows to search for recipes by adding up to 3 ingredients. Once you get your list, you can refine the search results by choosing to exclude up to 3 ingredients you don’t have in your fridge or pantry. Pick the right food category and preparation time, and you got yourself a nice selection of recipes to try.

These 11 recipe engines will ensure that cooking never gets boring, helping you to polish your skills and astonish your friends with unforgettable dinner parties.

Guest Author: Savannah Wardle

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