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Top 15 Map based Apps to Enhance Your Travelling Experience

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In today’s world none of us can possibly live without apps, as they are not frivolous but go a long way in making our lives easier and systematic. Obviously it is not advisable to use your smartphone while driving; however you may need some help while driving around a new location or even help planning your travel or vacations.


We have narrowed down the top 15 Android and iOS apps that can be a huge help for people looking for directions, maintaining travel stats, coordinating travel plans, locating their car, checking out their driving skills or planning their travel.

Waze | iOS app | Android app


50 million users and still counting says a lot about this app. Know all about the traffic conditions, live routing, maps, voice assisted navigation and above all get a Facebook alert if a friend is headed the same way.

Airbnb | iOS app | Android app
This app let’s you explore the best places to stay in worldwide. It is a must for both travellers and travel agents. You can connect with your guests or plan your entire travel itinerary with ease and choose from 34,000 cities to stay in. It is very helpful for last-minute reservations too.

iWrecked | Android app
This is a very good app to help avoid accidents and keep all the relevant details of the same if you get embroiled in one. It helps maintain a preview of the accident, forward accident reports and helps search for nearby towing services.

Find My Car | iOS app


Extremely simple to use but very useful as it helps you locate where your car is using GPS and Internet.

Maverick Pro | Android app
This is the ideal Android app for adventurous users. It provides offline GPS tracking, compass along with saving the routes you take. It is the apt app to have while hiking in unknown areas to prevent getting lost.

XE Currency
This is the ideal financial companion travellers travelling across the globe. Get live currency data along with a currency calculator to know exactly how much you are spending and whether you are being overcharged or not. The data can also be saved for offline usage.

Taxmileage | iOS app | Android app
This app is a huge help for people wishing to track their taxi mileage for reimbursement purposes. It offers many features including generation of travel reports, real time tracking using GPS, creating backups and can support more than more one user.

Honk | iOS app | Android app
This app lets you track your parking meter before it expires. It also helps you locate your car and warns in advance before the parking meter runs out.

IOnRoad | iOS app | Android app


This is an amazing app that helps you track the surrounding vehicles while driving and alerts you on any possible hazards well in time to avoid accidents. IT comes with speeding alert, collision warning, tailgating alerts etc.

This app is a must for keeping tabs on the fuel efficiency of your car along with getting handy tips on how to improve its fuel efficiency. The best part is that to use it you do not need the internet.

Triposo | iOS app | Android app
This app is a wonderful tool for travellers and provides you access to travel information for approx 8,000 destinations and is undoubtedly accurate. You do not need internet to use it. It comes with a currency calculator, travel suggestions, weather forecast, phrase book etc.

TripIt | iOS app | Android app
This app lets you track your journey and plan out the finer details by saving your itineraries. All you need to do is mail in your flight, car and hotel etc details and leave the rest to the app. NO need to carry loads of paper documents; this app holds all your information for you and is readily available.

Urbanspoon | iOS app | Android app
This app scans your location then helps all the bars, restaurants, eateries etc closeby. There are various search options like price, rating, cuisine etc.

MyMapRide GPS Cycling Riding | iOS app | Android app


This app is a must for cyclists as it helps chart your route and navigate well via GPS. It maintains the cycling stats for you too that are a great help to know your speed, distance, routes etc.

Yelp | iOS app | Android app
This app has a huge database that can be easily reviewed on your smartphone. It has reviews of café’s, restaurants etc around you. Get Yelp’s enormous database of reviews on your smartphone which make your travelling all the more easier and enjoyable.

From locating the destination, finding a parking lot, locating the nearest gas station or even understanding the traffic conditions. You can get these apps at a cool discount from CouponDekho. These apps are a huge help even if you have forgotten where you had actually parked your car.

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