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Top 15 Online Tools to Create Magazine Cover

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Who doesn’t want to see their face on the cover of a magazine? After all, it is only A-list celebrities who get to be on magazines such as Vogue, Forbes and many others out there. Who doesn’t want that kind of prestige?


Besides, personalized magazines make great gifts for Christmas, which is why it’s a great idea to figure out how to create a magazine cover. It may sound that it requires a great deal of technical expertise or that it would be a very difficult thing to do but the reality is, there are many tools out there that can make designing your own magazine cover a piece of cake. Here are some websites that can help you with this:

Fake Magazines
Through this website, you can mimic reputable and well-known magazines. Just upload your picture and any caption you want, and you could be the next face of Time, Vogue, ESPN or any other magazine you choose.



Similar to Fake Magazines, Fakeazine allows you to star on more than 100 magazines. All you need to do is upload a photo, after which you can adjust the size, color and caption text. This website also allows you to share the magazine covers you have created on social media by offering you sharing and embedding codes.

Front Page
This website offers you the fastest possible way to get your face on the cover of a magazine. It also gives you the option of getting your cover printed and framed and delivered to your doorstep for an additional fee.

My Cover Pics


Like the rest of the websites listed here, My Cover Pics offers you a wide variety of magazines to choose from. However, the difference is that My Cover Pics is not a free website. That said, it offers you many more options compared to all the other ones listed here. Not only will they provide you with prints of your chosen cover, they will also provide you with hi-res versions in case you decide to get the printing done yourself.

My Picture On Magazine
This website allows you to create a cover with a single click.So if you are short of time, then this is the option you choose. However, donot expect anything more than this as it is a very bare-bones website that offers you little more than the basics.



It is a magazine cover creation service for those with a sense of humour. Through this service, you can add cartoons, funny faces, photo frames and other cute embellishments to any magazine covers that you create. You can even add the cover of the magazine you just created into many real-life settings to add a further element of interest.



Another simple option to add your face to any magazine of your choice isEnjoyPic. It is targeted towards those who are not technologically savvy. The website allows you to create covers simply by dragging and dropping your images on the desired cover.

Your Cover
This website is yet another paid fake magazine cover creation service but one which offers quite a lot of options. Not only can you download the images you created here but you can also get them printed and framed. You can download hi-res versions to be able to print them yourself. The website also offers you to print its images on posters, mugs, t-shirts and mouse pads.

Funny Photo
Like PhotoFunia, Funny Photo allows you to add funny effects to your magazine covers, such as photo frames, emoticons, funny faces and many others. It also includes basic photo editing tools which allow you to edit and retouch the photos you use before you finalize the magazine cover.

Big Huge Labs
Through this website, you can use images from a variety of sources including various social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. You can customize various features of the cover you create, including the publication date. The icing on the cake is that you can use this service to create a postcard too.

Fake On The Cover
This service is very similar to Fakeazine and works in exactly the same way. Simply upload a picture and your magazine cover is ready. Choose this website for a hassle free magazine creation experience ifall that you are looking for is a basic cover.

This is another interesting service with a wide variety of features. It has a huge range of photo effects you can use and you can add cute embellishments for comic effect as well. Magazine options are limited, but this website has the added advantage of allowing you to create Facebook cover images using the images you upload.

This website specializes in feminine magazines, and the best part is that you have nine languages to choose from.

Magazine Yourself
As pretty obvious from the name, Magazine Yourself lets you create magazine covers. It allows you to download hi-res versions of the cover, allowing you to print them yourself. It also offers much greater control over resizing and image placement compared to the other options which are listed here.

Own Magazine
Another very simple online magazine cover creating tool that allows you to add multiple effects to the images you upload. You can select your desired magazine from the wide range of categories provided, and the best part is that you can select from multiple languages to design your cover.

While you visit these websites, do make sure to avoid signing up, unless of course you land on a paid website. Simply use the magazine creation tool without providing your email address or any other contact information. As these websites are free but very popular, they attract many spammers who will then proceed to flood your email inbox with junk email. You are always advised to proceed with caution on any website you come across, and online magazine cover websites are no different. Keep your wits about you and use all the common sense you can possess. Stay safe!

Guest Author: Lisa Marina

Lisa Marina is a graphic designer working for Assignment Gurus to develop user-friendly academic websites making it easier for students to get professional help online. Moreover, she runs a blog where she shares designing tips and tricks for amateur designers to make designing easier.

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