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Top 15 Websites to Answer All Your Programming Questions

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Are you in need of some websites to answer all your programming questions? Being a programmer is not always easy. Programming is a wide field and a person must spend so much efforts, time and skills to master it. Luckily, as the help of the Internet is now popularized on a global scale, you know we are not alone in this world. Many people share their experience online and offer help to those in need, which is really beneficial to beginners and those who didn’t spend much time to acquire professional skills (someone like me).


Being someone who needs to know the answer to these programming questions myself, I have decided to make a collection of helpful websites in programming. Hope you can make full use of my list! Now, let’s go!

1. CodeSchool
You must have known what it specializes in from the name it carries. Yes you’re right, this is a website that offers online lessons on coding. Besides video lessons, you also get exercises to apply what you have studied into. The exercises might be a little more difficult and demanding, but it’s also more engaging and appears to have a more attractive appearance. It requires $29/mo. fee, but I promise it is totally worth it!

In particular, it offers courses based on technology, including: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, iOS, Git and Database. Those lecturers that accompany you through out your courses are all experienced and highly regarded people in the industries.

To sum up, this website is really worth a try for those who has just embarked on the journey to mastering programming.

2. Udacity


Similar to Code School, this is a payment-requiring website. It was once a free web, but since it has upgraded itself by adding a lot more useful courses and become a rich source of programming, charging has come to take the position of giving free lessons. One of the new courses it has just added is Nanodegrees, certificate-oriented courses that focus on skills relevant to developers and companies, like Front-End Developer and Data Analyst.

Don’t think much about the fact that you have to pay! As I’ve said before, money goes with quality. In addition to providing interesting facts, it also covers a larger rage of topics for advanced programmers. Seriously, who wouldn’t love this website!?

3. Code HS
As a website for lecturers, Code HS prides themselves on Step-by-Step curriculum that helps students develop their problem-solving and logical-thinking skills; Professional Development with the ability to connect with many other teachers though out the world; Advanced Teacher Tools and Support with such things as rosters, progress tracking, syllabus, exercises, problem guides, lesson plans, and much more.

What is greater about this website is that it has a good deal of good content that lasts for approximately forty hours of really good content and, most importantly, it provides you friendly, one-on-one helpwith around three hours turnaround.

Their featured courses include: Introduction to Computer Science, Teaching Intro Computer Science (PD Course), Introduction to SQL, etc.

4. Treehouse
Now this is a fun website to know about! Unlike other websites of the same kind which is usually language-oriented, Treehouse is project-oriented, which makes it an ideal website for amateur programmers who already have something planned in their mind (building a website, creating an application, etc.). There are more than 1000 videos and 2 distinct plans for you to choose from. While the basic plan requires $25/mo., the pro plan’s cost is almost double, with $49/mo.

Before deciding, let’s look through some awesome things you might want to study with Treehouse, such as: Build a Website, Learn to Code, Build an Application, or even Start a Business. Trusted by over 173,000 students and companies worldwide, this website is totally worth your time!

5. Codecademy


Believed by many people to be the most famous website that teaches coding in an interactive way, Codecademy is no doubt a well-structured and useful source of programming. Another important thing that you will probably love about this website is that it’s totally free of charge! Codecademy offers a wide variety of courses, ranging from Web Fundamentals, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, to Ruby and APIs.

Personally speaking, I believe one more plus for this website is the fact that it does not simply teach you how to do something, it also teach you how to avoid something by the warning section in each teaching panel. Check it out now!

6. Thinkful
Thinkful, highly regarded by many people for it’s self-paced features, is a website that offers a great deal of programming courses. More importantly, it has a one-one-one mentorship program, in which you’ll work with a mentor online 3x a week, 1-on-1, and they will tech you every step to mastering necessary skills. You’ll also be entitled to unlimited access to expert-led Workshops and Q&A Sessions.

Basing on which course you choose, the prices varies widely. For example, the Frontend Web Development course for beginners with Part-time 1-on-1 costs $300/mo., while the Web Development Career Path for beginners with Full-time 1-on-1 costs $1400/mo.

7. Khan Academy
One great thing about Khan Academy is that its content is designed to suit both amateur and professional programmers. Khan Academy is particularly for those who take interest in drawing, animation and user interaction with code. There are more than 1000 interactive exercises to practice what you have learned.

With fewer than 100 employees, Khan Academy manages to reach more than 15 million people every month with over 100,000 videos and exercises. Khan Academy doesn’t charge, but it encourages visitors to donate in order to keep the site up and running. 

8. Learn Python The Hard Way
If you’re looking for answers to your problems in programming, this website might be exactly what you need! It doesn’t teach programming in an interactive way like most websites, it simply offers you eBook that might help. However, don’t underestimate this source of information!

The content of these eBooks is really demanding. Moreover, author Zed Shaw is also a talented teacher who simply understands what people need to study and then put it into easily comprehensible eBooks!

9. Dash


Dash is another website that teaches HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through free online tutorial. Rather than offering visitors plain and serious courses, Dash aims at teaching its customers through fun projects people could do with their browser.

You can watch its online Intro video for a closer look!

10. Coursera
Unlike the rest of its peers I’ve listed, Coursera’s courses are more than just programming. They cover a wide range of topics, from social sciences, economics, to medicine. Though the Coursera website isn’t as well-designed as some of its rivals, but I’m pretty sure you will find something that suits your need on Coursera. In that case, appearance isn’t an issue anymore right?

Some of my friends recommended me to take “An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python”, I did and found it to be rather well done and informative. You should try some yourself!

11. Codechef
With Codechef, you can practice your programming skills, compete with other people in the field and more importantly, you can also discuss with others about your problems and questions regarding programming. There are many levels of practice for you to opt for.

The fun part here is that you can also host a contest of your own to find out the best solution to your problem!

12. Topcoder
Topcoder is a group of experts in design, development and data science whose passion is to work on interesting and challenging problems. According to their claim, the website’s members would be granted opportunities to demonstrate their expertise, improve their skills, and even win cash, by helping real organizations solve real problems.

The website’s homepage are divided into three parts: Compete, Learn and Community. To be specific, you can compete with other members or embark on lessons about Data Science, Design, Competitive programming, etc.

13. Hackerearth


With more than 11,000,000 code submissions from developers, approximately 2500 practice problems to solve and over 200 tutorial for strong programming foundation, Hackertearth is bound to fit your needs.

The list of companies who work with this website is also very impressive. Therefore, giving it a try wouldn’t be a waste of time!

14. Geeklist
Geeklist is a community of experts in web development. They claim to host over 2,321 active tech communities where people can share relevant links, subscribe to updates, communicate with peers who have same thoughts to each other, in a live feed, find events and share job listings.

Have questions? Feel free to ask! I’m sure these kind-hearted talents will help you out!

15. Stack Overflow
Okay, so above are all the websites that assist you in common questions and issues. But what happens if a super strange problem arise and its solution is nowhere to be found among those mentioned above? Well, the answer is that you can type down your questions manually and directly onto Stack Follow. Chances are that someone who knows the answer to your question will offer you a hand by answering it.

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