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Top 15 Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking Like a Pro

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Ethical hacking is a practice that does not undermine digital rights of another party. The hacker gets access to his or her desired online source.


Ethical hacker is watchman for different websites who explores system’s weaknesses that a criminal computer expert can use in order to gain access to various online platforms. Ethical hacker does not destroy information or data. He or she reports directly to the organizational management to inform about potential vulnerability of the system. An ethical hacker also proactively works in order to resolve various security issues.

1. Eccouncil
Eccouncil provides you with different courses that one can access according to his or her educational level in the field. This site offers you very economical subscriptions to various modules that can help you develop into a professional hacker in the matter of days. You can access basic courses on the site free as well.

2. Hack a Day


Hack a Day provides you with informational feedback on regular basis. The editorial support of the site keeps an eye on recent developments in the industry and therefore, you can access great educational material on this platform without paying a penny. This online educational source tries to make the world of internet a safer place by guiding people about ways they can use to protect themselves from online attacks.

3. Hacking Tutorial
Hacking Tutorial streamlines different websites and sources that you can use to conduct your hacking operations. This website also provides you with updated list that consists of various computer programs. Hackers can take help from multiple sources from the website to conduct their hacking projects.

4. Break the Security
Break the Security is a best online platform that allows you to access latest news and articles about different issues that hackers confront worldwide. This website is available in multiple languages in order to facilitate understanding of the material across borders. Major users of the source reside in India and America respectively.

5. Hack this Site


Hack this Site provides you with implacable social environment where you should constantly learn to remain relevant in the industry of hacking. You can join different courses to polish your hacking abilities. World’s leading hackers educate and train you to become a formidable hacker and IT professional in the future.

6. Sectools
Sectools summarizes various tools that one can use to improve his or her hacking talents. This website categorically examines various programs that assist you in hacking. However, you should keep on growing as an ethical hacker to sustain your job. This source provides you the best opportunity to learn online hacking most efficiently.

7. Hack in the Box


Hack in the Box allows you to read best and most reliable news in the world of hacking. You can also receive great advice from the most senior hacking professionals in the world of business. However, you should heed suggestions of the experts at this platform to increase your yearly income as a professional hacker.

8. Code Academy
Code Academy works to educate you about binary methods of hacking. You do not get lists of famous software that assists you in hacking on this platform. You go into the coding mechanism of the target infrastructure in order to cause maximum level of destruction online. Additionally, you become very sound technically after getting help from this innovative source of information.

9. Hacking Loops
Hacking Loops provides you a dictionary of white hat hacking techniques that you use in order to retrieve maximum degree of information without breaking local and international security laws to say the least. This platform balances ethics with professional obligations of hackers that they should always respond to wholeheartedly.

10. Explore Hacking
Explore Hacking permits you to personally innovate with methods of stealing information. With the passage of time, you face growing level of professional pressures in the hacking industry and this platform allows you to manage challenges effectively.

11. Packet Storm Security


Security issues increase with time in hacking industry and therefore, you need to visit this website regularly in order to access latest information about recent methods that can improve your online security. This platform covers the topic of personal online security rather than training hackers to achieve professional excellence.

12. Metasploit
Metasploit is an online social community that invites you to share your personal and professional experience in the world of hacking. You educate others to receive enlightening information as well.

13. Backtrack Linux
Backtrack Linux is a software that can bypass the best online security system without any fuss at all. The learning center of website trains you to use the program most effectively by teaching you to keep electronic trail of the package cold to avoid detection.

14. From DEV
From DEV is a referral platform that shares links to various other sites that have better and updated guidance for you. You can regularly receive emails from central server of the facility by registering for free.

15. Nullbyte
Nullbyte teaches you methods that one can use to compromise security of android and iOS devices.

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