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Top 20 Best Mobile App Search Engines to Find Cool Apps

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Times are changing. The world is going ‘mobile’ and the use of mobile apps is skyrocketing. With millions of apps to hand-pick from, users are bound to be in a dilemma about the one to select. To help you with that and to make sure that you install the best ones, here we are listing down the chart topping mobile app search engines, which will excavate deep into the app stack to find something that you really need!


1. App Store


App Store, conceived and maintained by Apple Inc., is a store for mobile apps on iOS from where you can download mobile apps for free or by paying. Here, you are equipped with information about each app, its ratings and corresponding reviews by the users. Apps can be downloaded from the distinct sections like popular apps, free apps, and paid apps. If you are looking for some particular app, then type the keyword in the search box and similar or exact result will be displayed.

2. Google Play


This is the Google’s portal and legal store for Android apps, games, and more. Using Google Play, user can browse applications and then, can download them. Some of these apps are free while others are paid and you can download them either directly on your Android phone or on the Google TV device through the Play Store.

3. App Shopper
App shopper has millions of apps which empowers iOS users to select from a huge catalog. Users can download apps either for free or purchase them. The results here are arranged in the form of release date, price, and popularity; which are specified under the categories like books, finance, developers’ tools, photography and productivity. This search engine is a popular one and attracts hundreds of unique visitors every month.

4. Get Jar


Providing more than 849,036 apps for Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Java M; GetJar has gradually become one of the biggest app stores available. Using a developer portal, they allow you to upload free applications for all the developers. You can either search the app by typing the keyword in the search box or from the categories like Productivity, Entertainments, Finance, Games, etc.

5. App Annie
App developers use App Annie for app analytics. Windows, iOS and Android users, all can take the liberty of this engine to search by category, price and country. To add, users can also write keyword in the search box to find the identical applications from million options.

6. Mobile 9
Mobile 9 entitles iOS, Windows, and Android mobile users to download apps from their store. Besides searching, you can download free wallpapers, games, themes, audio books and many other applications for your mobile phones. Members can also share the apps which are free for download.

7. Quixey


Quixey is a California based company. They boast themselves as “The Search Engine For Apps”. Based on “Functional Search”, a newly developed search by the company which collects information from blogs, review sites, social media and additional sources; this search engine is gradually making its way up on the charts.

8. iMore Editors’ Choice App
iMore Editors’ Choice App list the apps that are reviewed and picked up by the great editors like Allyson Kazmucha, Chris Parsons, Georgia, Peter Cohen, and more. Also, there are various categories like lifestyle, graphic & design, weather, business, developer tools, from where you can select and find the apt app.

9. Appolicious
As conveyed by Appolicious, they provide premium and free iPhone applications every day. In the search box, type in the keyword and it will display all the possible outcomes. From there on, you can also check the apps that are getting more hits every day. The most amazing thing about this application is that it allows you to promote your own apps too.

10. Apptism
Apptism is search engine that searches explicitly for iOS apps from more than 1 million options. From the heading ‘All Top’, you can scan and single out the category you are looking for. According to your personal preferences, you can also select the star ratings and price, to search the results.

11. App Crawler


App Crawler makes your quest to find apps easier by categorizing the applications such as apps to try out new places, apps to fall asleep/wake up. Available for both Android and iOS, this search engine also highlights the top Apps such as rising stars in social networks, most downloaded apps, and more. You also have the liberty to browse by Audience: travelers, families; Type: brain teaser, problem solving, fitness app; Objective: waking up, make money, relieve stress; and Features: stress buster, background music, brain food.

12. AppsZoom
You want to sort apps by expert ratings or user ratings, popularity or release date, or probably something else, you can do it all using AppsZoom. Used for discovering iOS and Android apps, here you will find apps that are free, paid and new today. Their Magazine section enables you to read best games of the week, best apps for graphic and digital designers, best apps for last two weeks, etc.

13. App Picker


This search engine features a unique ‘review block’ of mobile apps wherein the App Picker team publishes more than 10 reviews every day. Besides this, they also display App of the Day, Apps gone free in a specific month and a search box wherein you can type whatever you are looking for. In addition, the App Picker homepage displays a red header, which is subdivided into various headings like Free for sale, Promo codes, Best of lists, Hot apps, etc., that helps in narrowing down the choices and saves your time.

14. Mimvi
Mimvi is a search engine which has recommendations similar to Amazon and results similar to Google. It allows users to discover mobile content, mobile products and mobile apps on all devices, be it Android, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows or iPhone. It performs this through a single search interface.

15. Appgravity
Appgravity searches for both Android and iOS apps and displays recent reviews and star ratings for each of the apps. Moreover, for a precise search, you can enter the keyword in the box and the matching results will be put on view from millions of options. Here, not only you can download the app, but you can favorite it and share it with your friends as well.

16. Vionza
Looking for someone specific in iTunes iOS and Mac App search? Vionza is your answer. It is a user-friendly web-based tool that searches from more than a million iOS apps to provide you with the best one. The apps here have been classified under Utilities, Business, Lifestyle, Healthcare and Fitness. The latest viewed applications are also displayed on the home screen.

17. AppApp
Developed by Reason factory, a software development agency in London, AppApp is developed upon the Bootstrap framework. This search engine lets you browse the apps under various groups such as Sports, Entertainment, Books, Education, Health and Fitness. Moreover, you can search free, minimum and maximum paid applications for iOS genre.

18. AppExplorer
AppExplorer, a substitute for searching iTunes, offers complete access to users to explore apps for iPod, iPhone or iPad. Users can search apps under various sections (entertainment, lifestyle, medical, music, etc.), and different sections (new apps, most popular apps, highest star rating, price) as well. Sharing your favorite app with your friends is also possible here. Do not forget to check out their ‘search tips’ to improve upon your search.

19. Fnd


With fnd, you can do much more than just searching for apps as it enables you to search for TV series, podcasts, music, e-books, etc. This search engine also points out the paid, free and popular apps. Brain child of Jeremy Mack and creative piece by Ryann Mack, fnd lets you search for both apps Mac and iOS simultaneously and download them.

20. Fiiser App Search
Compatible with Android devices, Fiiser lets you choose your app from almost over 2 million other apps. What makes it different is that instead of downloading and installing the app, you can simply test and try them. Besides this, it also provides in-app search where beforehand, you can get to know what’s inside an app. This not only saves time, but leads to apt results too.

Hope this list helps you in finding better and worthwhile apps! Happy Finding!

Guest Author: Rohan Sharma

Acknowledged for his acumen, Rohan Sharma is a gadget wizard, an active blogger, and an eminent speaker. With more than 10 years of experience to his credit, Rohan has always been an active blogger. He is closely associated with Revo America, a well-renowned security products manufacturer and retailer.

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