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Top 20 Best Scholarship Search Engines to Find Funding

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If you are about to start your higher studies in college or university, paying your institution fee is one of the stressful things. The reason is that an increasing trend has been observed in tuition fees of institutions over the past few years and institutions are increasing fees periodically.


In such scenario, it has become difficult for students to study in well-reputed institutions because they are unable to pay such a huge amount in each semester. But when there is a problem, there is a solution for that too; there are scholarships available that can help you in funding your tuition fees.


You can search out for the scholarship search engines that may assist you in covering half or sometimes the complete cost involved. Here I have compiled a list of few scholarship search engines that may help you in attending your school, college or university with reduced tuition fees.

1. Fastweb


Fastweb is the most used and authentic online search engine that helps in providing scholarships. It is a database that stores data of millions of scholarships and updated on a daily basis. Its system matches the scholarship with student’s career goal, interests, prior studies and activities. The visitor is required to join for free, make an account, match scholarship with their need and apply for that.

2. FinAid
Finaid is among the leading search engines that provides financial aid to the students for their studies. You can browse for free to find out prepaid plans available for tuition fee and loan facilities provided by financial institutions.

3. The College Board
The college board is another one of the oldest sources to find out funding for educational purpose ad works on not for profit model. It serves the educational community by conducting research and advocacy on behalf of students. More than $3 billion scholarships are available to facilitate students who are seeking financial help.

4. Scholarship Monkey
Scholarship monkey is another online database system that provides a platform to compare different scholarships just by registering and become as a member. Once you are registered, your information can be shared to the institutions and organizations that are offering scholarships.

5. Unigo


Unigo is like other sources that offers plenty of scholarships, jobs and other things to aid students who are seeking financial support for their college or school studies. Along with that, it helps in finding the best match for colleges or schools so that students choose the right institute for them that actually worth.

6. Cappex
Cappex is another searching resource with large database that helps to uncover millions of available scholarships. You just need to create an account by filing out the profile and once you create an account, you can apply for the Cappex special scholarships or other ones that matches with your need.

7. Chegg
Chegg introduced itself as online book store than expanded it to a well crafted education platform. it also performs jobs, internships and other services that help students to build their career and move in the right direction. It offers weekly scholarship activities that sets it apart from the others and they pick a candidate for the weekly scholarship award.

8. Zinch
Zinch is regarded as one of the easiest websites as the procedure of registration is quiet easier than the other complex processes and they award weekly scholarships. You may find this one of the most updated and recent website that helps in comparing different scholarships.

9. CollegeNet
CollegeNet actually provides connections services to institutions to improve their efficiency. But, they also provide scholarships to students by requiring students to create a personalized profile and search keywords that will give filtered results.

10. Peterson’s


Peterson’s is one of the largest resources on scholarships and have 5000 scholarship providers available for the college students. Students need to fill out a short survey form to adjust the profile as per need and match best of scholarships.

11. Sallie Mae
Previously, Sallie Mae was known as a loan provider to students and houses, but now it has become an authentic source for scholarships. Students can get easy and fast scholarships by getting themselves registered and browse for the scholarships you think is right for you.

12. The College Solution
The college solution provides assistance in finding out the best place where student wants to be and now it is offering scholarships too. It also helps in providing solutions that can save college cost of students and allow them to study courses at reduced cost.

13. College Whale
College whale provides fast and easy scholarship database options without requiring students to get registered and sign up. You just need to input your requirements, and you will get the matches as per your needs.

14. College Xpress


College Xpress is another source to compare a variety of scholarships for free and they provide other services such as personal growth, academics and professional opportunities. One can register for free and apply for scholarships and may get scholarship up to $10,000.

15. Nerd Wallet
Nerd wallet provides a guide for financial tools and options that allow student to search the best available parameter and opt for high quality scholarship program. Along with that, they also provide student loans that help students to achieve their career goals.

16. Scholarship Junkies
Scholarships junkies is an interactive guide that helps students to learn about the scholarship application process, uncover available scholarships and how to apply for the right one. It is one of the sources that works with not for profit model and aims to provide help students seeking scholarships for higher education.

17. International Scholarships
International scholarships help those students who wish to study abroad and need financial aid or scholarship. It has awarded more than 1000 scholarships to many students across the globe and expanding its resources to fill the gap.

18. First


First is a not for profit organization aids majorly students of technology and science. It provides aid to the students who contribute some awesome work in the relevant subjects of science and technology.

19. Scholarship Mentor
Scholarship mentor helps to equip students with the knowledge of scholarship, application process, how to reduce cost and etc. It also guides students that how to set a resume that makes them a strong candidate for scholarships.

20. Career Onestop
It provides assistance in career exploration, job opportunities and options available to get scholarships. It offers all the tools required to facilitate students for career, jobs, training, financial aid and scholarship finder.
These are few authentic and reliable top sources to find scholarships, you can search more which is more relevant to you. You need to go through their submission requirements before applying for any scholarship program so you would not face any resistance in the future.

Guest Author: Fiona Allen

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