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Top 25 Photography Tutorials YouTube Channels

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It seems that anybody can take photos nowadays. With foolproof features standard for even the most basic digital camera, it is hard to mess it up. However, some people still manage to cut off heads, take a wide angle shot for a group of three people, or just generally take a fuzzy picture.


It doesn’t really matter much if you’re just taking pictures to document an event or moment, but if you need it for your website or blog, you really ought to take the trouble to make sure they are as good as you can manage. Adding compelling images to your content will help catch the attention of your readers and increase the traffic of your blog.

The 25 YouTube Channels below will give you practical tips and tutorials to help anyone take amazing photos to complement equally amazing content. With their awesome tricks, you don’t even have to try very hard. Smile for the camera!

1. SLR Lounge
Created for the amateur using just basic DSLR cameras, this channel teaches newbie users fundamental photography skills, lighting essentials, and even image editing advice. Browse the channel to learn how to make professional-looking photos. Have you ever wondered how to use vinyl reflectors? Here’s where you will find out. Start with their Photography 101 workshop videos and work your way through the other videos.

2. PhotographersOnUTube
What is aperture? If you have ever wondered about the more technical side of photography, this is a great resource for you. You can also learn how to clean your equipment, and how to transport them on your shoots properly.

There are photos and there are photos. If you want to take pictures geared for your male audience, then you REALLY need to subscribe to this channel. It’s free, so don’t worry.

4. CamCrunch
If you are a fan of set and forget, then this channel can help you work with the limitations of your gear and ability to fiddle with your camera features. In one video, the author discusses how to use one focal length for different types of photography scenarios, and yes, he used a wide angle lens. Are you interested in using a flash? Check out this video on off-camera flash photography. Good speaker, simple instructions, great advice for beginners.

If you are looking for practical advice and cool photography tricks, you should check out this channel. There are only a few tutorials, but what they have are spot on. Be prepared to amaze your friends with the awesome photos you can shoot and do it like a pro, too.

6. Adorama
This is a collection of tutorials, interviews, and videos geared for all types of photographers. It has hundreds of videos for beginners, so this should be a good browse.

7. Photographer Overnight
You can be, if you want to be. This channel focuses on what to do to avoid bad shots, and how to deal with problematic situations such as children and harsh sunlight. It also has tutorials on how to use popular software to edit images and create photobooks.

8. Craig Beckta Photography and Photoshop Tutorials
This channel focuses mainly on how to use light effectively, and how to fix images after using image-editing software. If you plan to put up your own studio or photography service, this channel is a must-visit.

9. B&H
Known mostly for their affordable collection of gear and spot on reviews, B&H actually has a collection of great tutorials if you know where to look. If you are new to photography, head straight for the FocusEd videos in the Photography playlist on their YouTube channel and you will find what you need.

10. The Art of Photography
Photographer Ted Forbes can give you practical advice from buying the right gear to setting up your onsite portfolio. You can always browse through the tutorials to find what you need, and you can also check out videos on the history of photography and the like.

11. Matt Granger
Learn how to remove spots from your image, about camera features, studio basics, behind the scenes photo shoots, strobist photography, and about the use of the different lenses and lights. Matt Granger can take you through it step by stem using his Nikon.

12. Professional Photography Tips
As the name implies, this is all about how to make the most of what you have to come out with awesome images. You will also learn to use the Lightroom software like a pro.

13. PhotoRec Toby
Have you ever struggled to take photos using window light? Struggle no more. This channel tackles common problems beginners encounter when they first start using their Christmas DSLR. For best results, go to Start Here For Better Photos.

14. The Photo/Video Show
If you also want to use the video feature of your camera, this is a good place to be. You can have fun, go wild, and be creative in your video production. Are you thinking about getting a drone? Find out what works best.

15. Academy of Photography
Commercial photography may seem like a far-off dream, but you have to start somewhere. Practice your even photography skills at your sister’s wedding using the tutorials in this channel, and try out studio tips for the pre-wedding photos. Pretty soon, you will be ready to start charging for your services!

16. The Slanted Lens
Here you will find some tricks and tips on unusual takes to the usual photo shoots. High-speed photography, for example, is a fun skill to acquire. How about learning how to take fantasy portraits? Great content here for any type of photographer.

India-based photographer Gorky M created a blow-by-blow account geared for beginners in his Photography course playlist. If you want it in Hindi, head over to this playlist instead.

18. PhotoVideoEDU Program
Created by the photography equipment retailers MAC Group, this channel is dedicated to all levels of photography enthusiasts, from the student to the pros. A resource-rich site, it includes videos on essential principles of all types of photography, video making, and editing.

19. Snapfactory
This site is chockfull of instructional videos. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can post a comment to, and photographer and photography instructor Mark Wallace will answer them, hopefully with a video tutorial. However, a direct answer would be fine, too!

20. Tony Northrup
It is actually Chelsea and Tony, and if you want you can catch them live every Thursday at 5 pm EST. You can also check out their recorded tutorials on everything from gear reviews to tips for wildlife photography.

21. DigitalRev TV
One video in this channel is “How to do Levitation Photography” which is immediately interesting. This channel is hosted by a quirky, nerdy Kai Wong who lets his curiosity carry him where it may. Definitely a must-visit.

22. Framed Show
Professional photographers and filmmakers from all over have gotten together to provide viewers with a collection of tips, trick, and advice to enhance your skills. Many of the videos are fascinating even if you are not into photography.

23. Jared Polin
Raw and practical, Jared makes no bones about telling you why you won’t make a good photographer. A bit abrasive for some, but if you want to know the real deal, then you want to give this channel a try.

24. Phlearn Photoshop and Photography Tutorials
It’s easy to take a photo, harder to fix it after. Even if you are a purist, you probably still need to crop your work, so here’s a good resource to find your way around image editing software. If you aspire to do commercial shoots, you will definitely need this in your bookmarks.

25. MichaelTheMentor
Of course, before you can do anything, you need to get at least a working camera. This channel can help you make choices because it has in-depth unbiased reviews and comparisons. It also has some pretty good tutorials you can check out.

Going into photography is much easier nowadays. The equipment is more affordable and accessible, and you don’t need to wait for a roll of film to be developed before you see the end- product. However, only the equipment and costs have changed. The principles behind great photography remain the same. Knowing what they are spells the difference between a good photo, and an awesome one.

Guest Author: Paige Donahue

Paige Donahue is a blogger and editor at BestEssays. As a self-confessed wanderlust, she loves traveling the world and taking photos of the wonderful places she visited.

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