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Ultimate Guide: How to Switch from iOS to Android

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iOS and Android are totally two different platforms. The Apple devices are found to use the iOS platforms. There is more freedom on the Android platform. Much larger variety of mobile devices use the Android technology.


If you have decided to shift from iOS to Android, the same can be done seamlessly. It may seem that the switch is difficult, but in reality, it is not so. There are ways to get over all the obstacles to make the transition smooth. Here are a few tips on carrying out this changeover. Follow them to sail into the world of Android all forget all complications of use.

Transferring of contacts

It is very important to transfer the contacts before the iPhone is sold off. If the contacts are lost, you could be at sea completely. The best way to transfer the Contacts is through the iCloud which is available on the iPhone itself. This can be done by logging into the iCloud website.


The transfer activity is also possible with the app called as “My Contact Backup”. You need to install this app on the iPhone first. After installation is over, open it to run it. Use the backup option to back up the contacts. This file can be sent to your Android phone with the help of emailing. The file that is generated is a VCF file. It can be easily downloaded on to the Android app. You can also carry out the process by selecting the contacts one by one if you want to edit them.

Synchronization of the Calendar


Calendar synchronization is essential as you would be using the new device. This job will become easier if you have already set up the Google Account with Gmail. This is a necessity in the Android phone usage. The Gmail account has to be added into your iPhone by going into the Settings of the iPhone. The option of the calendar syncing has to be turned on. In case you want to retain your iPad but do away with the iPhone for using the Android device, try to use the Gmail app. This is the best option to be used. Even multiple Google Calendar syncing can be done with the help of this app. There are some apps that can be bought which will help in the syncing of the calendar. You have to enter the settings option and select iCloud option. These apps are not very expensive and can be easily bought to carry out the syncing process.

Change over from the Apple to the Google Services

The Apple framework has the services which are like watertight compartments. When you change over to the Android Technology, you will have to use more of Google services. The Google account will be the gateway to an array of services. The Android devices are very much dependent on the Google account. A huge range of the services basically work through the Google account. You will not require the help of apps such as iCloud or Safari. Almost everything can be done with the help of the Google services. When you are logged into your Google account, you will be able to access all the other features such as the contacts, appointments and any other required files that are stored on any device.


The following Google services are used

  • Google Contacts: Used for back up and contact sharing
  • Google Calendar: This is used for the scheduling purpose
  • Chrome browser: It is used for synching bookmarks & open tabs for transfer between PC and the phone
  • Google Drive: It is used for the backup creation of files
  • Google Docs: It is used for the purpose of editing of documents and sharing of the same
  • Google Play Music: You can stream music directly from cloud and store it
  • Google Photos: Use this for sharing photos along with videos and backing them up
  • Hangouts: This is used for chatting purposes and file sharing
  • Google Keep: It is used for maintaining lists and keeping notes

Apart from these, there are other apps and sites such as YouTube and Google Maps. There is the Google Wallet. Many of these apps are accessible on iPhone but the feel is better as it has been optimized on the Android devices.

Moving of Images and Videos

For the transfer of images and videos from an iPhone to an Android device, you have to take the help of a computer. Transfer all the files that are present on your iPhone to the computer through the USB. When all the files are imported into the computer, attach the Android phone with the computer. Copy the ones you want into the Android device. You can also use the drag and drop facility. Apart from this, you can also use Mac for the transfer process. Doing the transfer process in a wireless manner may take longer.

Transfer of Music Files

There are a few ways to move the music files into the Android device from the iPhones. The simplest method that can be followed is to log into Google Play Music from a computer. The computer should have the iTunes installed also. The Music Manager has to be downloaded and the iTunes option has to be chosen. This will allow you to upload all the music files as desired. Individual files can be selected. Even if you purchase new music, the same can be synched.

Moving of text messages

There are many text messages, which you would like to retrain even when you change your mobile phone. The best method that can be implemented is using the ‘iSMS2droid app’. It has a chance of not being compatible with all devices. There is the Samsung Kies which can be used to transfer messages to a Samsung device. There are numerous other software which are available over the web for transfer of messages.

The above given tips would come in handy for a smooth shift to the Android devices.

Guest Author: Alex Jone

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