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Want to Sell Your Designs Online? Try These 12 E-Marketplaces

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E-marketplaces provide emerging designers a platform to sell their design work with the world. These marketplaces are basically virtual places that allow selling artwork of any type, including graphics, templates, images, music and many other digital products in the most efficient manner possible.


When selling designs online one of the biggest hurdles most of the designers have to face is getting the desired exposure. You may have launched your e-store for selling your artwork, but it becomes quite challenging to compete with hundreds of thousands of storefronts selling similar designs as yours.

Remember that, whenever users search for a product their entire focus is about looking out for the product, rather than the one who created it. For instance, a person interested in buying a website template usually search for the templates instead of the designers known for creating related templates. In fact, people visit the most popular online marketplaces to search for things they want to purchase.

In a nutshell, online marketplaces provide you the opportunity to showcase your designs to a wider audience base. Through this post, I’ll cover top 12 online marketplaces that designers can trust for selling their work.

Envato Market
Envato market is an ecosystem that consists of a number of popular sites such as ThemeForest, Graphicriver, codecanyon, 3docean and many others. Each one of these sites helps in selling typical website and e-commerce templates, photos and a lot more. Envato is home to a huge community of designers, developers and other creatives, and the best place that gives you the ability to sell almost any sort of digital product.



Trusted by over 50,000 designers, musicians, writers, etc., Sellfy is another great option for selling digital products online. You don’t need to create a website to share your artwork with people across the world, rather you can choose to upload your digital products (like ebooks, videos, web designs, etc.) via the product page provided by Sellfy. The best part about selling your designs on Sellfy is that you get your payment instantly – at the same time you make a sale. This is an ideal marketplace for selling web designs.

Next on our list is MojoThemes, the perfect place for WordPress designers and developers, who want to sell their themes. You can sell simple PSD templates, complex WordPress themes and plugins, Joomla themes, Magento themes, Tumblr themes and much more from MojoThemes. However, you’ll need to create an account first with MojoThemes before getting started with the process of selling your items. But, the site take 50 percent cut from your sales.



Are you a photographer or a designer involved with creating images, media and other design elements? If that’s the case, then you can choose to sell your work from Istockphoto. It is a leading website well-known for offering royalty-free stock images and design elements to users. Incepted in the year 2000, for a long time Istockphoto used to sell photos only. However, now the site even gives creatives the wherewithal to offer vector illustrations, music, videos, and much more to users.

Luvly Marketplace
Would you like to turn your passion of creating graphic designs into a business? Well, then Luvly marketplace is the right platform for you. The site runs marketing initiatives to help you drive more sales, such as it organizes contests and offer giveaways to your artwork fans and a lot more. The site helps in selling designs in the form of printable, patterns, template design, social media icons and a lot more.



It is the best social marketplace for selling stock images, illustrations and videos. You can offer illustrations for print or web designs. As designers, you will be provided with a commission for each sold item. In addition, you can also earn revenue by advertising your designs on the site’s free section.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could put your existing artwork to use and make money from it? That’s exactly what helps you in achieving. This graphic design software allows uploading your existing layout designs and images. You’ll get to earn a commission every time your graphic designs are being sold.

This site suits the needs of template designers who want to sell items, including PSD designs, WordPress templates, Magento templates and XHTML/CSS templates. You just need to pay 10 percent cut for each sale, except for the case when an item is being sold to the customers referred by an affiliate. In such a case, 40 percent commission goes to the affiliate and 10 percent to the Templamatic site.



This online marketplace allows selling web design templates, graphics, web elements, photos, and sound effects. But, most importantly, it allows selling scripts and 3D files as well. You’ll receive 50% from each sold item. You can even make more money around 10% for each sale – that your referred seller makes in 12 months.

Identity Crowd
This e-marketplace let you set your own price (a minimum of $100) for selling your artwork. Ideally, you’ll receive 65 percent cur from each sale. Using this site, you can sell your logo designs, or any other print ready designs.

Big Cartel
This is a popular platform for creatives who want to sell their design work on the web. Unlike the other e-marketplaces we’ve discussed in this post, Big Cartel will also help in building your store to sell your artwork. In addition, it even provides all the tools that enable to perform market research regarding your work. So, if you want complete freedom over the ways that help in selling and promoting your design work, then Big Cartel is the right choice for you.

Brand Crowd
Are you a logo designer? Well, then chances are that you might have a few logo mock-ups that have been rejected by your clients. Chances are that those logos may seem appealing to other users. Thanks to the site Brand Crowd, you can sell your logos and earn 60% revenue from the sales.

Wrapping Up!
Irrespective of whether you’re a web designer, a graphic designer or any creative, willing to sell your design work online, then you can refer to any one of the aforementioned e-marketplaces that befits your needs.

Guest Author: Tyler Holt

Tyler Holt is a professional psd to magento expert working with Magentax Ltd. She has delivered interesting write-ups on Magento development tips and tricks for novice and professional Magento developers.

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