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15 Tips to Avoid WhatsApp Scams, Viruses, and Hoaxes

December 5th, 2016 - Filed under Mobile

WhatsApp has become a great way to stay connected with personal contacts as well as official contacts. Even though it is not yet accepted as a formal way to contact officially, WhatsApp really saves a lot of time (and money too) when connecting to overseas clients or colleagues or when looking for an immediate response.


WhatsApp is simple to use and you also get to know if the recipient has actually read your message or not which is quite helpful. But as with all sorts of technology, there are people who misuse WhatsApp to send scams, viruses and hoax messages. They tend to get so viral that many people unknowingly fall prey to these and compromise on their mobile safety! But with a little caution you can easily make out these hoax messages and scams and save your mobile from getting infected with virus. Read more…

10 Most Helpful WeChat App Tips and Tricks

June 11th, 2016 - Filed under Mobile

This has completely been taken over by social media, and the traditional modes of communication are fading with every passing day. Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram and thousands of such apps are reshaping the means of fast communications not only letting users send text messages but audio files, videos, photos and other documents as well.


WeChat is a very popular social media app for interaction and instant messaging. Read more…

10 Most Wanted LINE App Tips and Tricks

May 22nd, 2016 - Filed under Mobile

There were times when the only means of communication with loved ones was handwritten letters. Yes! People would wait for ages before they received messages from their relatives and family living oceans apart. Man however made splendid use of technology and brought into existence things that our ancestors only dreamt of.


After the advent of telephone the chain of discoveries was endless. From smart phones to tablets, every new version was more exciting than the previous one. This is what 21st century is all about; gadgets, devices, technological advancements and smart machinery. But there is one more thing that has completely transformed the regimes of connectivity. There are applications that allow instant communication not only via text messages but audio and video conferences. LINE is one such mega concept that was a result of 15 brilliant brains who were members of the NHN. Read more…

15 Most Wanted WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

April 19th, 2016 - Filed under Mobile

WhatsApp tips and tricks? Come on. Even a kid must be aware of how to use WhatsApp. You must be holding the exact expression. But I bet you the tricks that you are going to see here, you must have never used those. From its foundation in 2009 till today WhatsApp popularity has reached significant heights with recently reached milestone of nearly 1 billion users around the world. Isn’t that huge? Yes it is.


The app has evolved from being just a messaging app to a massively popular boon of technology. Read more…

8 Secret Chat Apps You Should Know

March 29th, 2016 - Filed under Mobile

A lot of things have changed since in the last few decades where app (smartphone application) industry is one of them. From email to instant messaging have played an important role to bring people under an umbrella of communication. That’s pretty impressive forwarding in communication nowadays.


From 1996, starting from ICQ to now there are lot of messaging services have already been launched and now at 2015 there is lot of trends in messaging has arrived which totally concentrates on mobile applications. Read more…

Top 20 Facebook Messenger Tips You Must Know

May 12th, 2015 - Filed under Mobile

A large number of people use Facebook Messenger only to chat with their friends who are already on FB but many of them don’t know about some great features recently added to messenger app by Facebook. There are many other users who are quite annoyed because they don’t want to open another tab for chatting. However, if they know about the added features, it will not be difficult for them to understand how it can improve their messaging experience.


Here in this article, you can read top 20 useful tips to make FB messaging much easier and more interesting. Read more…

Top 12 Best iPad Instant Messaging Apps You Must Install

May 24th, 2012 - Filed under Mobile

Which is the best instant messaging app for iPad? iPad is one of the greatest inventions by Apple. It fits a niche between smartphone and laptop. With more than 500 thousands apps available at App Store, you can install whatever apps you like for web browsing, business, gaming and other purposes, making your life easier and more fun.


If online chatting plays an important part in your daily life, then make sure you have instant messenger app installed on your iPad. Below we’ve listed 12 most downloaded instant messenger apps for your consideration. Read more…

Best Instant Messaging Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

April 2nd, 2011 - Filed under Mobile

Most of us want to stay connected with our family and friends when on go. Although your iphone, ipod Touch or iPad doesn’t come with a proper built-in instant messaging client, there are many instant messaging applications available for free download. With these apps, you can keep connected to Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, GTalk, AIM and other IM networks. Here are some of the very best instant messaging apps available at the iTunes App Store.


Read more…