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Choosing a Secure Web Hosting to Keep Enterprise’s Data Safe

June 21st, 2015 - Filed under Info & News

Every day, a huge amount of data is being created and shared by companies online. With this growing amount of data comes the need for storage space and a platform that can handle big data analysis. Web hosting companies are at the forefront of providing data storage solutions. The most innovative of these hosting companies have also addressed the need for big data processing and analytics.


Due to growing big data needs that companies experience today, the web hosting industry has evolved to become more robust. Partnerships with software vendors, for instance, provide customers with additional benefits when using a host service. Read more…

Content Management Systems Vs. Website Builders

October 20th, 2014 - Filed under Web Development

For anyone new to building and running websites, one of the most challenging aspects will be getting used to all of the new terminology and deciphering what each word or phrase means with regards to what you are trying to do. Two such phrases that you’ll likely hear thrown around a lot are “content management systems” and “site builders”. While there aren’t too many “definition” tutorials out there about the differences between content management systems and site builders, advice articles about building your own website will still use the words and expect you to know what they mean.


To help you with this, we’ve put together everything that you need to know about site builders vs. content management systems, all here in one place. Let’s get started! Read more…

Pros and Cons of Free Blogging Services

September 18th, 2012 - Filed under Blogging

Weblogs could be used for recreational purposes or for serious minded business publicity and advertisement. They are basically online journals where users post stuff that relates to things that interest them. They can be owned or created by anyone who wants to create or have one. The delicacy of the matter lies in coming up with something interesting and different every time for your blog on a regular basis.


If you are not into the complicated procedures of designing a website for your regular posts and blogs you need not look too far. There are easy to use free blogging websites available on the web which has made creating a blog an easy task. All the challenging tasks including the HTML and web publishing is performed by the website that is providing you with the blogging facility. Read more…

15 Best Online Forum Platforms / Software (Free and Paid)

September 11th, 2012 - Filed under Web Tools

Interested in running your own online forum, but having a difficult time to decide which forum platform suits your needs? Well, look no further, let us introduce you top 15 most widely used web forum platforms available on the web, both free and premium. You can simply pick one of these forum software solutions to set up your own online discussion board right away. Before that, ask yourself what kind of forum you exactly want. If all you need is a lightweight and easy-to-use online forum, then you can consider free and open source platform like phpBB. If you are Internet entrepreneur and thinking of some big forum sites like Digital Forum or 4Chan, you’ll need a feature-rich and powerful solution like vBulletin.


Read more…

15 Free, Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels to Manage Servers

August 29th, 2012 - Filed under Web Tools

If you happen to be a web developer running multiple websites on a dedicated or VPS servers, then you should consider using a dedicated control panel for better web server management. This also applies to bloggers that run several blogs and online portfolios simultaneously. A customizable, flexible and dedicated control panel helps to fulfil bloggers’ various needs, allowing them to manage multiple servers from one control panel, easily and effectively.


Here we’ve gathered 15 powerful and reliable web hosting control panels that are specifically designed for Internet service providers and IT professionals. Do let us know in the comments box below if we’ve missed any worth-sharing hosting control panels. Read more…

How to Fix GoDaddy Web Hosting 500 Internal Server Error

August 1st, 2012 - Filed under WordPress

If you’re running a WordPress blog hosted on, then you should pay attention to this article. Due to the growth of traffic, you might upgrade your web hosting plan from Economy or Delux to Windows 4GH Unlimited, with the intention of getting larger space, bandwidth and expecting for better performance. However many users have encountered 500 Internal Server Error after the upgrade. If this is the reason that leads you to this post, here are 3 solutions you can try to address the issue.


Read more…

37 Best Free Website Building Tools to Create Your Site Easily

June 21st, 2012 - Filed under Web Development

For those who are looking for some great web tools to create websites for free, pay attention on this post! Well, not everyone is willing to pay premium to set up a website. May be you just want to own a simple website for a temporary purpose, or you have to produce a website on a budget.


Fortunately, there are many useful web applications available which allows you to put up a website without spending a dime. Below we’ve rounded up 37 best free website builders to fulfil your needs of both web design and development. We hope these top notch free website building tools can help you to create a professional-looking website with ease. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below. Read more…

20 Best Tools to Create and Build Your Online Portfolio

April 19th, 2012 - Filed under Web Tools

In today’s Internet world, online portfolio is an important tool you can use to promote yourself and establish your personal employment brand. It is a platform where you can display things like your resume, cover letter, certificates as well as examples of your work. Additionally you can include your contact information like phone number, email and, why not, your social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Just gather all these information about yourself and put them in one place online, so that your potential customers, employers and other online visitors can know you better.


Here we’ve found 20 most popular platforms that can host your online portfolio! Read more…

34 Best Free Web Services to Monitor Website or Blog’s Uptime and Downtime

March 5th, 2012 - Filed under Web Development

Whether you are running a website, a blog or web application, making sure your site is accessible all the time is the least you should do. Visitors who regularly encounter problems of accessing your site will get frustrated and will not likely come back. If your website has poor uptimes, it will not only give a bad impression to visitors, but also cause significant losses in your advertising revenue. Fortunately there are many web tools and services out there helping you to check your site from time to time. In the event of your site goes down, these tools will notify you immediately via instant email or SMS alert, so that you can take prompt action to fix things up.


In today’s post, you can find 34 free and useful monitoring tools to report the uptime, downtime and performance of your site. So just forget about monitoring site yourself, and let these web services to do their jobs! Read more…

15 Best Free FTP Clients for Web Designer and Blogger

January 18th, 2012 - Filed under Software

We all know that most of the web hosting providers allow us to use their web-based solution for uploading files. Although they work well for basic purposes, but they tend to be slow and the features are limited. That’s where third-party and free FTP clients come in place. What’s FTP client? It’s basically a program that lets you connect to the web server in order to upload and download files. If you’ve ever transferred a huge directory of files, you will know how important FTP client is.


Here are some of the best free FTP clients available on the web. They are all for free and very easy to use. If you know of any other free FTP clients, please let us know in the comment section below. Read more…

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