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10 Online Tools for Home Designing

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Designing your home or other empty spaces you have may be simply planned with a paper and pen. But this method wouldn’t give you a good vision of your ideas especially if you’re not a good artist. You may even end up failing in designing your rooms.


Through the innovation of technology and availability of online tools, preparing and building your home design has become much easier to consume you lesser time and cost. Learn about the following applications and enjoy playing with your home ideas and designs.

Roomstyler 3D Room Planner


This online tool is a free application where you may add designs and objects to create your virtual room. It provides CAD conversion services that allow you to see room designs more accurately. Very easy to use, it is perfect for you if you want to make a floor plan yourself from scratch or upload your own by defining exact measurements. But there are also existing floor plans you may use that the program provides or view other people’s creations for more ideas.

The furniture that can be added to the workspace are also actual items being sold online. A link to the online store selling them is indicated if you wish to buy their product. There are undo and redo buttons as well to help you fix mistakes. What’s even great about this is that it has a camera view where different angles of the room can be viewed in 3D and pictures can be taken after.

Live Interior 3D


If you’re searching for an application where a realistic view of your room design can be seen, try this Live Interior 3D. Although this doesn’t come free with its standard and pro versions, the service it offers is a top-notch by providing accurate 3D effects. The 3D objects can even be edited and customized from the smallest detail that can be found such as the lighting. To feel your design better, a virtual tour or a walk-through on your created room is also possible with this program.

Sweet Home 3D

Similar to Roomstyler and other online home designing tools, Sweet Home 3D is another free program that offers 2D and 3D views of your designs. But this is actually a better option to try if you want to apply more customization to the decor space. The size of the furniture is displayed as well to help you decide in laying them out. With a simple drag-and-drop function, accessories and furniture can be added easily.

Ikea Home Planner


Almost everyone loves items from Ikea, and if you do, Ikea offers a free program now where you can decorate your house and plan your furniture according to their existing products. With its planning tool, your floor plan can be configured and you may select furniture and other design materials from the IKEA gallery. There is also a calculator to know how much your creation costs. You may then print your created virtual house interior and bring it to an IKEA store to know if the items you’ve chosen are available.


Smartdraw may be known for helping you create diagrams and other presentation materials. But in its flowchart application, floor and room plans may be selected for designing as well. Although it doesn’t provide a realistic look of rooms and house components, this program is still very worthy to use to plan any space type; office rooms, apartments, building elevations and other room types can be planned with added specifications and content.


If you wish to play with your creativity, SeeMyDesign allows you to create your room from scratch and organize furniture. You may start by choosing colors and textures to paint on the walls and calculate how many paint cans are needed. While room and workspace may be planned, creations may be sent to others as well for editing and approval.

Autodesk Homestyler


Autodesk Homestyler has been a recognized platform to design 3D models, and this includes building and designing room spaces. By using drag-and-drop commands, you may create, specify dimensions and make angle walls in your floor plan. It also has a wide selection of furniture and decorating components to choose from. Your creation may then be printed after with a generated shopping list to help you buy the materials you’ve added in your virtual room.

Design a Room


Design a Room is a useful tool to help you decide the color combinations you would apply in your house. This includes the color for your flooring, walls and ceilings. Different textures and woods are also provided as options for the different elements in your house and see how they would look. This free 3D online tool can aid you in knowing more about products as well and receive recommendations based on your room type.



Most people have a hard time in choosing a color in paint stores because all of them seem to be so attractive. But the color paint bought are also often realized to be wrong when it has already been painted on the walls in actual. To help you with this trouble, Colorjive allows you to upload photos of your room and try out different paint colors. With thousands of colors to choose from, test different colors first through this application and know which one is right for you.

Garden Planner


Home designing tools can be found anywhere but if you’re searching for a program to help you design a garden, Garden Planner is already available for use. This tool is capable of letting you pick your own landscape and design a layout. Walls, fences, other furniture and plants can also be added to complete your garden plan. To serve you completely, the dimensions and colors can even be modified for further personalization of the objects and calculate the cost of all the elements in your virtual garden.


Having to design may be perceived as a hassle or something fun depending on the interest of a person. But with these handy programs that are very easy and helpful to use, designing has become open and free for everyone to try and even know design mistakes. Because of this, you now don’t have to spend a lot in hiring an interior designer or buying wrong choices of products, but become a designer yourself from these amazing online tools.

Author: Dana Ayson

Dana Ayson is a Design and Fine Arts student. She has a strong sense of adventure and wanderlust. Particularly addicted to DIYs and constantly redesigning her bedroom. Follow her on Google+.

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