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15 Best Tools to Create Your Own Animated Videos

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Videos are the best way to engage an audience and explain to them a concept, give a product demo, make impact advertisement, etc. More and more people prefer seeing a video rather than going through a large amount of text explaining the same concept. While, there are hundred’s of advantage that are associated with having a video, there are few problems too. The major two problem faced are making a video that catches everyone attention and the second is having the required skills to make such video.


Making a video that catches everyone’s attention depends on the script, creating the video can be made easier by using tools for animated video. There are several tools using which even a person with zero design knowledge can easily create an animated video. Let’s take a look at few of the available tools.

1. Make Web Video – An online tool to create high quality animated video in just 15 minutes. The pricing is around $29 for a video of 1920 x 1080. The design process takes very less time as there are pre-made video template where one just needs to add text to make a video for them.
Make web video is an entirely web based tool so the user need not to download any software and can access the video on a browser itself.


2. GoAnimate – Whether you are a student, teacher or professional, GoAnimate can come handy in creating an engaging animation video. Few of the amazing feature of GoAnimate is that you can create your own character, have automatic lip-sync feature, add various images, videos, etc. Not only this, but GoAnimate also has many pre-designed templates that are classified as per the industry.


3. PowToon – You need not be a pro to use PowToon which makes it a perfect solution for those who want to create something on their own without designer help. The drag and drop template feature allows you to create video easily and add royalty free music in it. With PowToon boasting of clients such as Coca Cola, Pfizer, eBay and Starbucks it can be easily tested for one’s video need. Once you have made the video you can easily use it on YouTube, your website or download it for offline use.


4. CrazyTalk – Crazytalk mostly focuses on facial animation and can therefore be termed as animated software for entertainment. One of the best feature is that one can create 3D avatars as well as full body animation. Not only this you can import your own picture and CrazyTalk would make 2D or 3D avatar using 3D fitting technology and would also give voice to it. The facial expression of the avatar are changed according to the voice tone along with providing lip-syncing to it.


5. iClone – An animation software that has been used by the likes of FBI, Microsoft, Ford is something you would not want to miss. With features such as 3D- Characterisation, environment creation and advance lightning & shadowing effect, this is one software that can help you make amazing animated video.  The software is available for windows operating system only and the pricing starts at $199.


6. ToonBoom Harmony – ‘Bring Your Stories to Life’ is the tagline of ToonBoom Harmony and rightly so you can bring your thoughts to life through their ‘Harmony’ and ‘Storyboard Pro’ platform. While harmony helps you to create professional quality animation video, storyboard pro is used to create storyboard of your advertising campaign, film scripts, episodes, etc. One of the best feature of ToonBoom Harmony is the various kind of tutorial that are present like self-paced tutorial, instructor led professional training, etc.


7. After Effects – A product of Adobe, ‘After Effects’ is one of the most sophisticated and dependable animation video software. With animation made easy tool, creative cloud libraries and millions of stock images & video, after effect definitely provides an edge to it’s user. The pricing starts from $19.99 for individual app and thereafter increases if you purchase subscription for team.


8. VideoScribe – In Videoscribe, one can create videos on whiteboard surface. The features includes adding images and videos, setting up animation options, adding voiceovers or soundtracks, etc. They also have a huge library of images and audio clips. The final video can be set in any resolution and then can be downloaded in various formats. You can avail the software at a monthly price of $4.08 when paid annually.


9. Animaker – On Animaker one can create 120 different types of animated video. Animaker has a drag and drop feature where you can select and add images, sound in your video. You can also add graph, infographics, maps, etc. in your video with an option to download the video in Full HD, HD, SD. While basic features are free, you have to pay between $19-$39 to avail premium features.


10. Biteable – Biteable boldly claims on their website that they are ‘the world’s simplest video maker’. You can customise your video by adding images, text, video, etc. by using the drag and drop feature. One also has the option to use ready-made template, animate your logo, add photo in various style, etc. They have two pricing plan- one is free and the premium plan is for $99/year.


11. Wideo – On wideo, one can create animated video by dragging and dropping visual elements. They have huge resource of free readymade template which can be used to create animated video within minutes. Several customisation options such as editing logo, adding color and text, etc. are available. You can create a video of any length, add soundtrack to it, include background from graphic library, etc. Their pricing plan ranges from $19-$79 per month when one purchases an annual plan.


12. Animatron – One can say their story, in the form of animated video by using Animatron video maker tool. With the helps of animated characters, props, background one can easily create engaging video. You also have the option to import images, audio clips, videos, etc. and also there is an option to create your own graphics. They also have a huge library of royalty free audio and video clips, photos, animated objects, and characters. There pricing plan ranges from $0 – $30 per month billed annually.


13. RawShorts – Rawshorts is mainly used by businesses to create demo, explainer and marketing video. One has the option to use from thousand of available graphics, characters, etc. or else they have the option to upload their own image, video, etc. You can directly share the video on YouTube, Facebook or download it in MP4 format. Their pricing plan ranges from $0 -$49 per month.


14. Moovly Studio – Moovly studio is one of the few video maker that is supportable on all browsers. With their powerful drag and drop feature, moovly studio is best suited for making explainer videos. They have a huge library of pre-designed and pre-animated graphic contents one can use. Also, they do not have any limit on the length of the video and all the videos can be downloaded in HD. One can purchase Moovly unlimited plan for $5 per month while Moovly business is available at $300 per year.


15. Mysimpleshow – Mysimpleshow is one of the best tool to create explainer videos. All one has to do is select a storyline template, write the script and their explainer engine automatically generates an explainer video. You can then add a voiceover to it which the tool will automatically synchronise. Their pricing ranges from free to $499 per month.
These are some of the most used and popular tools to make animated videos. Have you used any of the above tools? Do share with us your experience in the comment section.


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