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20 Amazing Things You Can Create with Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi is one type of microcontroller which is capable of doing anything that a computer can do. Based on the Python programming language, Raspberry Pi provides you with an excellent way to know about coding and hardware hacking. It is basically a series of small & low-powered computers gives an economical and easy base for electronics projects.


Since its release, Raspberry Pi has been utilized for almost everything and is recently being used in space by Tim Peake. From setting up a pirate radio station to creating a media center for your television, you can perform all with this microcontroller. In this post, you will find out all the cool things you can do with a Raspberry Pi.

So, here are some of the interesting yet amazing ways in which a Raspberry Pi can be used:

1. Xbox Zero


Small in size, the Raspberry Pi can easily fit into an Xbox controller. Using the RetroPie emulation software, it is used to create a retro games console that’s placed in the controller. It also provides enough space to connect a portable power pack. You can easily connect the device to TV via HDMI.

2. Tea-Pi

While accepting your voice commands, Tea-Pi is designed to brew delicate loose-leaf at specific temperatures. You can also schedule tea so that you can have a hot tea waiting for you before you get up in the morning.

3. Raspberry Tor Router


You can safely surf the Internet with your own portable WiFi VPN/TOR router based on Raspberry. It is easy to configure Raspberry Pi with Linux in order to connect to a VPN server. With Raspberry Tor Router, hackers can’t figure out what websites you are visiting and which computer system you are surfing from.

4. Get Whatsapp on your Raspberry Pi


WhatsApp is the most popular mobile application that has emerged as a cross-platform messenger app. With Raspberry Pi, it is easy to use WhatsApp on your PCs which ensures high-speed connectivity. This technology has even driven WhatsApp to come up with an amazing application for the web.

5. Pi Multi-Room Music Player


With Raspberry Pi, it is possible to stream music in multiple rooms, and you can even control the music from you smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices. All you need to have one wireless streamer, Raspberry Pi and receivers (depends on how many rooms).

6. Treasure Box

You can design a Treasure Box that can be initiated with facial recognition. All you need to spend your money on servos, Raspberry Pi camera, and also box. It works on the embedded platforms i.e. Raspberry Pi and open source computer vision libraries i.e. OpenCV.

7. Power Cat Feeder

You can create a Power Cat Feeder with Raspberry Pi that provides you an easy way to feed your cat and other pets. It is easy to control on how much and how often you feed. It is also possible to feed you cat remotely via email when you are not around.

8. Netbook


You can create a personal laptop with a Raspberry Pi, spare mouse, aluminum care, batteries, wireless keyboard, and USB hub.With this functional devices, you can have a portable device to read emails and surf the Internet.

9. Twitter Bot


Raspberry Pi powered Twitterbot converts your Raspberry Pi into a highly functional Twitter engine that allows you to manage your Twitter account in the easiest way. It is easy to read tweets, send messages to others, and interact with your followers.

10. Solar Weather Station


You can create a homemade weather station that would be based on Raspberry Pi and PiJuice. It also has humidity, temperature, and air quality sensors that record and accurate weather calculations via a wireless connection. Solar Weather Station consists of waterproof cables thus capable of sustaining itself off the grid.

11. Radio


You can turn your Raspberry Pi into a great FM transmitter while using PiFM software. This software improves the capability of your Pi. With a Raspberry Pi. SD card, power source, and a piece of wire, it is possible to create a Raspberry Pi.It will help you find the desired FM frequency in the best quality.

12. Microwave

You can control your microwave from a web browser or issue voice commands with the help of Raspberry Pi. By using a barcode scanner, you can even get online cooking instructions. Picrowave provides better functionality than an ordinary microwave such as voice tweets poster, control, remote access through a web interface.

13. Magic Mirror


It a Raspberry Pi powered high-tech mirror that performs several things Instead of showing your image or reflection. You can see the time, weather reports and headlines for the day while using Magic Mirror.

14. Printer


With Raspberry Pi, you can create a small thermal printer that performs various tasks based on your code. For instance, it can print the weather forecast and provide a puzzle for you to solve while riding the subway.

15. Automating Your Home Lights

With the combination of Raspberry Pi and Windows 10, an amazing home automation system can be created that is capable of operating home devices automatically. The system enables you to control the lights from anywhere. It is easy to switch on or off the lights through a web app while using your smartphone.

16. Humidity & Temperature Sensors


Humidity & Temperature sensor (powered by Raspberry Pi) lets you inform the precise levels of temperature and humidity of your home or office. It also stores the live temperature/humidity data to a Google Spreadsheet that will help you as a future reference.

17. Touchscreen Camera


Sounds interesting! Isn’t it? Raspberry Pi based Touchscreen Camera is an advanced yet simple “focus and shoot” touchscreen digital camera. With the help of Wi-Fi connection and Dropbox, it is capable of transferring the pics directly to your system.

18. Pi-based Touchscreen Tablet


It is a simple tablet created using Raspberry Pi and an LCD screen. It is a functional yet cheap replacement for branded PC and tablets. Besides, you can choose the storage capacity and screen size according to your needs and preferences.

19. Raspberry Pi 3D Scanner


It is a superior 3D scanner that captures 3-Dimensional images of living bodies or objects. Multiple Raspberry PI 3D Scanner is an alternate replacement for expensive scanners. Constructed using multiple Pi’s and Pi Cameras, the created image can be easily printed using a 3D printer.

20. Touchscreen Car Dashboard


Raspberry Pi based Touchscreen Car Dashboard is an economical device that can play music and videos. You will not need to buy or use advanced tools such as 3D printers or laser cutters. It is easy to build this advanced tool with the help of Raspberry Pi and LCD screen.

So, these are 20 cool things that you can do with the Raspberry Pi.

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