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20 Websites to Download Free High-Quality Stock Photos (Part 2)

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Everyone who deals with content in one way or another has had to run a search on photos with sharing copyrights. Many people believe that these photos exist only if you pay money to get subscription to royalty-free stock engines. However, that is not the case with all the websites.


A lot of websites feature photos that you can use for free without registering or paying for any subscription. All you have to do is search them out and they are all yours to use in any way you want. Included below are a few websites that can make your task a whole lot easier:



The website has a large collection of images handpicked from public domains. All of the images are of high quality and can be used immediately for projects under creative commons license. There is no need to create any account either for using the images.

Image After
It is a great resource for downloading high quality websites for commercial as well as non-commercial usage. The website also offers a large collection of stock textures which you can use for creating the additional elements of your website.



It is a great website for travel-related photos. There are more than 3000 photos, all of which are available for free to download and use. If you host a travel-related website or a blog, then this website is your heaven on internet for photographs.

The page provides a large collection of high-resolution photos for a variety of projects. They have a record of more than three million downloads with a variety of 5000+ photographs. All of the images can be used without any additional requirements for any kind of project.

This is a photo library website that operates under the creative commons license for free. All they require from you is to sign up as a free user in order to download from their gallery. The registration does not require any additional charges whatsoever.

Studio 25


If you do not mind signing up for a free account in order to download your high-quality images, then sign up at Studio 25. There are more than 6000 photos for download for you to use in your projects. All it requires is an account with them and you are good to go.

This website has been providing free stock images of high-quality ever since 2010. They have a lot of photos for usage as long as you abide by the creative commons license. They would be more than grateful if you wish to credit them.

New Old Stock
It is a project by Cole Townsend and specifically for people who are looking for retro images. Townsend searches old retro photos and publishes them for free download and use. All images are extracted from the Public Archives.

Death To The Stock


It is a joint project by David and Allie who are tired of seeing everyone use bad stock photography and poor stock image qualities. They email you free stock photos monthly directly to your emailif you join their page.

It is a photo collection website run by Jeremie Zimmermann. The photographer allows free download of his photos as long as you credit him or his website properly for the photo. There is no need to register for any account; all the images can be downloaded instantly from the website.

Splitshire is a photography resource project of Daniel Nanescu. He provides all of his images for commercial as well as non-commercial usage. It caters to a lot of categories such as food, fashion, bokeh, animals, abstracts, etc.

This website allows you to download a limited amount of images in a day. All the designers contribute to this website, and the images are high-quality for you to use. All images are easily searchable as well.

A clean and simple website, Gratisography provides a large collection of photos for commercial and non-commercial projects. All you have to do is go through the trouble of scrolling because there is no option for searching of images, which reduces feasibility.

Life of Pix


It is a website which features high quality photos for free without any restrictions. All the images can be used for commercial purposes and can be downloaded for free. The website adds new photographs on a weekly basis and brings variety in the overall collection.

This is a photo project by Jonas Nilsson Lee. There are not so many options but you can find a great collection of high-quality photographs related to animals, objects, landscapes and scenery for download. All of the images are in high quality and can be directly downloaded.

Lock and Stock Photos
Lock & Stock Photos is a project of AJ Montpetit. The photographer holds a great admiration for the open-source community and gives back to the community by sharing and letting people download his photographs for free.

It is a free project by the photographer Thomas Mühl and have no restrictions related with them. All of the images are searchable via different categories for easier usage. They are all in high-quality and can be downloaded and used without any restrictions.

Everyone loves to take pictures especially from their phones nowadays. If you would like to have your photographs receive exposure, you can submit them at GetRefe. GetRefe takes photos from users and makes them available for public resource usage.

It is a free resource for all designers. It provides free images which can be used for any non-commercial, commercial or personal project. While they do not require anything in return, giving their service a credit is not a bad idea.

Superfamous images offer high-resolution photos for free download. All of the images are organized under different categories so that you can search for them more easily. However, the website requires that you credit their images properly and link back to their website if required.

So if you are in the need of images, go check out the links above; you might actually find what you are looking for in a jiffy.

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