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Archives – December, 2010

How to Create a Facebook Username URL

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Have you created your Facebook username URL? Instead of using the URL that was a randomly assigned number like “id=785858475”, you should create a distinct web address reflecting your identity. It will definitely make your friends, family members and co-workers a lot easier to connect with you and visit your profile on Facebook.


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Top 10 Best Features of Apple iPhone OS 3.0

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While you may know the Apple iPhone operating system OS 3.0 comes with tones of new features, you probably don’t know them all. The list below recommends you 10 great features and provides the step by step instructions for you to learn.


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How to Turn Off iPhone Auto-Correction and Auto-Capitalization Features

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If you are one of those who find your Apple iPhone’s Auto-Correction or Auto Capitalization features a bit buggy. Here is the easy way for you to turn off these features.


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How to Set Directory Permissions on GoDaddy Hosting Account

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To Set Directory Permissions on Your Windows Hosting Account


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How to Use iPhone As a Mouse or Trackpad and Keyboard

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With the free iPhone app – TouchMouse given away by Logitech, you can turn your iPhone, iPod Touch and even iPad into a wireless mouse or trackpad and keyboard. TouchMouse is definitely a cool app for you to point, click, scroll and type during a presentation, watching movie, surfing internet on your computer from afar, and other applications on a Mac or PC.


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How to Use iPhone As a Modem

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Do you know that you can turn your Apple iPhone into a modem? Yes, your iPhone’s Internet tethering feature allows you to connect your computer to the Internet using its cellular data connection. It comes in handy when you want to use your laptop to access the Internet in the area where there is no Wi-Fi. Below is the instruction for you to learn how to enable the modem function in your iPhone.


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Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts 2010

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Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year is around the corner, have you prepared the best Christmas gifts for your loved one, family and friends? If you haven’t figured out what to get, check out below top 10 popular Christmas gifts for 2010 to have some ideas. Wish you a Very Merry Christmas!


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