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Archives – February, 2012

55 Popular Websites and Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

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When it comes to website or blog promotion, there are many practices can be used to create your site awareness and get more traffic. Some of the common ways include blog commenting, guest posting, social media activities, RSS submissions, link exchange and many more. Today we will be focusing on guest blogging which can be seen on many popular blogs. Whether you agree or not, guest blogging is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways of getting yourself noticed and driving traffic towards your blog site. Being a guest blogger, you’ll enjoy many benefits if your guest post is accepted and published on high traffic blog. Every visitor reading your post will find out about you as a personal and your knowledge of the subject.


In most of the cases, guest blogs will include a small bio paragraph about you, the guest blogger and a link to your own site at the bottom of the page. This will not only drive traffic to your website but also give you a tremendous boost in your SEO strategy. Read more…

50 Creative and Beautiful Logo Designs Created by Talented Designers

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Logos are commonly used for websites, commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals with the intention of promoting public recognition. Generally, logos can be divided into 3 categories which are symbolic, wordmark and combined mark. Regardless which one you choose, there’s no easy answer to the question of what type of logo design is the most effective and impressionable.


To design a memorable logo, you need creativity to make it stands out of the crowd. However that doesn’t mean the logo has to be complex and colorful. Sometimes a simple logo is good enough to impress people and speak a thousand words. Nike’s logo is the best example for this statement. Read more…

14 Awesome Wikipedia Tools and Resources You Should Not Miss

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Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia. It’s maintained by hundred thousand of volunteers around the world and everyone with an Internet connection can create and edit articles on the site. With more than 16 million articles in over 260 languages, every month the free encyclopedia receives more than 388 millions unique visitors and the best thing about Wikipedia is that it’s free of advertisements.


If you are Wikipedia regular user, we think you can explore the site in a better way with below useful tools and resources. Just check out these 14 free tools to enhance your Wikipedia experience! Read more…

32 Best Free 3D Modeling Applications You Must Try Out

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Three Dimensional (3D) computer graphics are not something new or special. They can be easily seen anywhere and are commonly used in movies, advertisements, product design, etc. However, a common thing doesn’t mean it can be easily created. To create a 3D object, you need to download 3D modeling software programs which are usually costly to a non-professional user. Therefore we thought there’s a need to find out the availability of free 3D modeling applications and share with you all.


After hours of searching, here’s the list of 32 free and open source 3D modeling applications that allows anyone to easily create, publish and share their ideas in 3D! Just try them out and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Read more…

How to Access Blocked Websites Using Google Public DNS

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How to access blocked websites? How to increase Internet speed and security? If you are having one of these questions on your mind, this article will bring you an easy solution! As you may know, many websites are getting suspended in countries like China and India everyday. The good news is there are some ways to break all these restrictions helping you to regain your Internet freedom. Proxy websites is probably one of the solutions you can think of to unblock any banned websites. However they might force you to fill surveys or your browser to open adwares. So if you are looking for something safe and permanent, you should change your DNS address using Google Public DNS IP addresses.


Following are step-by-step tutorials for you to change your DNS server settings to Google Public DNS on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The changing procedure is very easy and you can probably get it done within minutes! Now you can access any websites you want to enjoy the freedom of Internet! Read more…

45 Extremely Funny and Creative Photo Manipulation Artworks

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Photo manipulation is one of the most popular applications of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception. Among all the photo editing tools in the market, Adobe Photoshop is probably the most commonly used software for this kind of work. Photoshop is not too easy to use, but its comprehensive and sophisticated features allow users to blend real photos with vibrant colors and digital painting to emphasize some beautiful details, which makes the software the best choice when it comes to photo manipulating jobs.


Here’s the showcase of 45 extremely funny and creative photo manipulated images from professional Photoshop artists around the world. We believe these masterpieces absolutely worth your attention and they can be used as the source of inspiration for your next design projects. Enjoy! Read more…

5 Effective YouTube Tools to Find New and Popular Videos

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With 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, resulting in nearly 8 years of content uploaded every day, it can be difficult to find videos you really want. The most common way of finding video clips on YouTube is type in the keyword and search using its built-in search engine. However, many users don’t know that YouTube also provides a number of useful tools for discovering popular video contents.


In today’s post, we would like to introduce 5 cool and effective tools that will help you to discover new and popular YouTube video clips. They will definitely give you a better YouTube experience and ensure you won’t miss any great videos. Read more…

Top 7 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading

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Which is the best website to watch free movies online without downloading, signing up or paying? Well if you are in Mainland China, it’s pretty easy to watch free movies online as there are many websites allow you to do that. However if you access the Internet from other countries, there may not be many websites provide such service due to copyright infringement issues.


Fortunately we managed to find 7 popular websites do allow users to watch full-length movies for free. Remember to bookmark them as you’ll need these video sites during your boring day. Read more…

Top 46 Best Facebook Apps and Tools to Design and Customize Your Fan Page

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With more than 800 active users around the world, Facebook is undisputedly the most popular social networking sites on the web. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, blogger, or businessman, creating a Facebook page is vital when it comes to promoting your product, service, website or event. However, setting up a Facebook page is not just about posting your self-promotional updates. You should make your page interesting and initiate more interactions with your fans. And, one of the easiest ways to achieve that is make use of custom content apps, tabs and web tools available for Facebook pages.


Today, we’ve compiled a huge list of 46 apps and tools you can use to customize your Facebook page. With these cool Facebook apps, many interactive activities can be done easily and effectively such as creating custom landing page, adding video player, importing RSS feed or tweets into your news feed and much more. So, just check them out now to have a better interactive experience between you and your fans! Read more…

40 Best Free Movie Inspired Fonts for Free Download

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Movie fonts are always unique, distinct and fascinating. They commonly work like a logo for the movie itself. Sometimes even without a movie trailer, just a brief glance to the title font is enough to understand what movie it refers to. Some blockbuster movie fonts like Harry Potter, Transformers and Jurassic Park have become widely recognizable. They have always been the great source of inspirations to many artists mimicking the peculiar styles in their artworks.


Here’s our collection of 40 best movie inspired fonts for you to use in your blog, web design and any type of artworks. Enjoy! Read more…

18 Infographics about Blogging and Blogosphere Every Bloggers Must Know

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The blogosphere is made up of all blogs and their interconnections. The term implies that blogs exist together as a connected community or as a social network in which everyday authors can publish their opinions. To help you better understand the interconnecting world of blogs, here’s a showcase of Top 18 infographics about blogging and blogosphere that every blogger should know. Through these masterpieces, you’ll not only enhance your knowledge about blog distribution, but also gain an insight into reader’s trends and blogging economy in a visually pleasing way.


We hope you’ll find these infographics useful and wish you have a successful blogging journey! Read more…

Top 12 Most Funny and Hilarious YouTube Videos Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

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Looking for the funniest YouTube videos of all time? Here’s the right place as we’ve been constantly showcasing viral YouTube videos for you to enjoy. In today’s post, you can find 12 popular YouTube videos which we think are unforgettably funny and worth for sharing. So let’s take a break and watch these funny video clips to have a laugh! If you have any other viral comedy videos, please share them with everyone in the comments.


Read more…

44 Best Gmail Add-ons, Extensions, Web Tools, Notifiers and Scripts

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Google Mail, Gmail is one of the most popular email services on the web. It comes with many awesome features that can meet most of your email needs, but it doesn’t mean you cannot ask for more. Due to the popularity of Gmail, many online tools and addons are created to further enhance the Gmail functionality and bring your emailing experience to the next level. Here’s our best collection of 44 Gmail tools and resources including Firefox addons, Chrome extensions, web tools, notifiers and scripts. Try them out now and let us know which one is your favorite!


Read more…

42 Beautiful Contact Form Page Designs for Your Inspiration

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Contact form should not be restricted to the simple and blank html form. As a web designer and blogger, you should put more effort designing a nice contact form to impress your visitors. In addition to common fields like name, email and message, you can also enhance your contact page with some features such as social media information, appealing illustrations and map to improve your visitor’s overall experience.


Here’s a showcase of 42 very beautiful and creative contact-us form designs found from portfolio websites and design agencies around the web. If you think that there’s a need to redesign your contact form page, check out the collection to get some ideas and inspiration! Read more…

Top 25 Sites to Find out Hot Trends and Popular Topics on the Web

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Which is the best website to find out what’s hot online? Living in today’s society, most of us want to stay informed of daily news and be updated with what people are talking about throughout the world. As a blogger, Internet marketer and entrepreneur, monitoring latest trends and hot topics are especially important when it comes to getting more traffic, conversions and sales to your website.


With the rise of social networking sites, search engines, and meme trackers, spreading hot news and latest trends through Internet has become easier than ever before. In today’s post, we’ve listed 25 best websites for you to spot and keep track of rising hot trends! These sites will provide you valuable trending information to improve your online business! Read more…