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Archives – July, 2012

Why iOS is Favorite Choice of Developer Over Android

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There are a lot of genuinely substantial reasons why iOS is a far better choice than Android. A number of these things will be highlighted here so that people can clearly establish why iOS is the favorite choice of a developer over Android. The battle royal that does exist between iOS and Android is profoundly apparent. Therefore, it all depends on which side of the fence a person does find themselves, and which of these two contenders they do happen to like the most as opposed to the other one.


One of the big reasons that iOS is a favorite choice of developer over Android is that Apple does continue to come up with the kind of phone that most end users do request and want the most. This is something that is extremely beneficial as the end users are the ones who provide them the majority of their business in addition. Giving the people what they want the most is why iOS is the chosen favorite over Android any day of the week. Read more…

Top 10 Best Websites to Watch Free Live Streaming Sports Online

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Which is the best website to watch live streaming sports online for free? In conjunction with London 2012 Olympics Games, we’ve crawled deep into the Internet to surface 10 awesome live sports streaming websites. No matter if you are a fan of Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, or Baseball, these sites allow you to watch every live sport match for free as long as there’s Internet access.


Don’t forget to bookmark this post and share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. You will definitely find it useful whenever there’s a sports game such as UEFA Champions League, NBA Playoffs, Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments, or even special events like Olympics games and FIFA World Cup. Enjoy! Read more…

16 Financial Management Tools for Freelancers and Web Designers

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No matter what kind of business you are in, it’s critical to understand your finances and manage them well. There’s no exception for freelancers. Fortunately there are many online tools available out there helping you to keep your business efficiently and smoothly. In today’s roundup, we’ll recommend 16 online services that are very useful for freelancers when it comes to invoicing, billing and other financial management matters. Although most of these online services are paid, some of them do offer limited free plans or free trials that worth for a try.


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