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Archives – May, 2013

5 Websites to Check Commodity and Futures Quotes in Real Time

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Looking for the best website to check real-time futures and commodities quotes? Well you may stop wasting your time searching them elsewhere on the Web. Below we’ve listed 5 popular financial and business websites that are very helpful for those who are interested in trading commodities and futures.


All these financial resources offer detailed quotes data, live streaming charts, as well as market news and history. Some of them also provide in-depth market research, analysis and reports helping you to understand any specific commodity better and choose the right investments. Read more…

10 iPhone and iPad Apps to Control Your Computer

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With millions of apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, smartphone users can always find the right app to accomplish their daily tasks. However there are so many mobile apps being developed for the similar job, it makes finding the best app for specific task a difficult part. Previously we’ve published quite a number of posts introducing both iPhone and Android apps for various purposes. Today we will be focusing on mobile apps that can remotely control PC and Mac.


Below we’ve rounded up 10 really cool remote control apps that can turn your smartphone into a wireless keyboard, mouse, or trackpad, allowing you to control your computer from the couch. Read more…

How to Protect Your Post Privacy on Facebook

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Facebook is the best place for sharing your status updates with family and friends. However, sometimes you might have some interesting outdoor activities which you want to share with your friends only and not your colleagues. Or there are some personal things that can only be shared with your family members and not the others. To manage your post privacy, you should keep these people separated, putting them into groups like family, close friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. This helps you to easily share information with relevant people and avoid some sensitive data to be seen by others.


Below we’ve written 2 step-by-step tutorials guiding you to create a friend list of your own on Facebook as well as restrict certain people from seeing your posts. We hope these simple tutorials and screenshots are helpful for protecting your post privacy. Read more…

Why Every College Should Perfect Their Mobile Presence

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College students nowadays use their smartphones for everything, but most colleges are not effectively catering to this lifestyle. Creating a mobile presence with apps and a mobile website is important for colleges to appeal to an increasingly tech-savvy population. Plus, having a mobile presence offers several benefits to colleges as far as recruitment and student success. So, take a look at the following reasons why colleges need to have a mobile presence so they can draw in attention from the best of the best.


Read more…

6 WordPress Tips to Building a Successful Blog

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With nearly 65 million sites on WordPress alone, it can be difficult to ensure that a blog stands out from the crowd. Many first-time bloggers – whether they are businesses or individuals – are faced with the challenge of producing something that’s new and interesting, only to find that almost every topic imaginable has already been covered. However, there are stylistic and technical aspects of the process to consider that can bring a blog out of the foggy depths of the internet into a place where it can build up a large and loyal following.


Read more…

Top 22 Image, Photo Search Engines

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When it comes to searching images on the Web, Google Image Search probably is the first web service to cross your mind. However it might not be the right choice to find high resolution pictures, animated images and wallpapers for designing your website/blog, social network profiles, posters and other web design projects.


Fortunately Google Image Search isn’t the only option we have. There are many image search engines and stock photo websites out there where you can look for any type and quality of images. Below we’ve listed 22 image search engines and websites that absolutely worth your attention, some of them even support reverse image search. Read more…