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Archives – October, 2013

4 Essential WordPress Tips That Can Take Your Blog To The Next Level

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You made the big decision of joining the amazing blogosphere. Congratulations! You just took the first step into the most exciting and fast developing area of the Internet.


“In order to increase keyword rankings, traffic and online exposure, your company needs to be seen as a thought leader and one great way of doing that is through a company blog,” said one representative from the Palmetto Web design. Read more…

The Best User Interface Design in a Responsive World

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The total number of visitors on the Internet has grown exponentially during the past decade and continues to increase as more devices become capable of browsing the Internet. While this means that more people are likely to visit any given website in the future, it also means that they will be more likely to visit any website you make on a device that may not necessarily be a computer.


As you may well be aware, that means that you have to plan for a device that is your typical 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio on a large (1440×900 or larger) resolution. It is extremely difficult to make one layout that works for every type of device that can browse your website. Even when you manage to make one type of layout, it is likely optimized for only one type of viewing device, such as a computer or a mobile browser. Read more…