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How to Send Free SMS Text Messages through Yahoo Messenger

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Do you know that Yahoo! Messenger allows users to send free SMS text messages? Simply type in a friend’s mobile phone number, compose your message then send it out right from Yahoo! Messenger. Yahoo! Messenger is currently supporting SMS messaging in countries such as United States, Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Kuwait and Pakistan.


Just download Yahoo! Messenger then follow the following steps to send free text message to any of your friend’s mobile.

1. Sign in your Yahoo! Messenger with your Yahoo! ID.

2. At the top of the Yahoo! Messenger, click on “Actions” tab then select “Send SMS Message…”. It can also be done through shortcut by pressing “Ctrl” + “T” to launch this free text messaging feature.

3. If you perform step 2 with your Yahoo! Messenger contact highlighted, you will be prompted to enter recipient’s mobile number the first time you contact him/her using this SMS messaging feature. After entering recipient’s mobile number, click “OK” to save it for future use.


4. If you perform step 2 without your Yahoo! Messenger contact highlighted, you will be asked to select a recipient from the list of “My Contacts” with contacts’ mobile numbers already stored.

Or you can select “Other Contact” and enter mobile number of the person you would like to reach. Click “OK” when you’re done.


5. You will see an instant messaging window appears, enter your text message then press “Send” to send SMS for free.


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