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How to Send Large Files through Website

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Many internet users have problems of sending big files through their emails since free email service provider like Gmail only allow maximum 50MB size of file attachments. This is absolutely not enough when it comes to sending large files like HD videos and software. Fortunately this problem can be addressed by sending files via and most importantly, it’s free!

send-large-files-via-transfer-big-files offers you a very easy way to send and receive big files. You can transfer files for free with the file size up to 30MB. If you have TransferBigFiles paid account, the online service allows you to send files up to whopping 20GB in size.

Here’s simple guide where you can follow to transfer big files:

1. To make a new file transfer, just add or drag and drop your files or folders to the files panel. Your files will be instantly uploaded to TransferBigFiles’ servers and a new transfer page will be shown.


2. Add recipients’ emails. If you’re logged in user, TransferBigFiles allows you to write a custom message and select some send options namely “Password protect”, “Notify upon download”, “Allow recipients to share”, “Send email from me” as well as “Expire files”.


3. Hit the “Send Transfer” button to send the file. Please take note that the transfer will expire in 5 days.

4. Transferbigfiles will then email recipients a link to the download page where you can view or download the files.


You may sign up for a paid account to extend the file transfer limit up to 20 GB. Additionally you’ll get permanent storage, receipt notifications, transfer history and ability to receive large files.


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