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20 Best Tips and Tricks for Winning NFL Games

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NFL sportsbetting is one of the most popular forms of online wagering as there are a number of sporting fans interested in the added hype.


Based on this, all the best games are showcased on leading sites, getting players ready for the action both on the field and online sports betting in NJ. So if you are planning on joining in on the latest New Jersey trend and aim to win at betting on NFL games, here are 20 playbook tips and tricks.

1. Finding a Trusted NFL Sports Betting Site

One of the first steps to wagering successfully is choosing a successful site, one that can be trusted, which is safe and legal and one where your winnings will be paid out upon winning sports bet lines. Licensed sportsbooks will freely share this info under their privacy policy and are regulated through authorized gaming companies.

2. Understanding the Basics

Before placing money bets, be sure to understand the basics in both how to bet and what the betting terms are.

3. The Moneylinevs. the Point Spread

When frequenting online sportsbooks bettors will pick up on two betting options. The moneyline, one of the most popular betting methods, allows bettors to bet on a team as a whole while the point spread is more complex and allows bettors to wager on who they believe will win and by how much.

4. The Favourite

This term is used to refer to the player or the team thought to win. Understanding why and when to bet on the favourite can be made possible by learning about the player or the team. This is an only trick used by bettors who are unfamiliar with the favourite.

5. The Underdog

Unlike the favourite, the underdog is the player or team thought to lose. Although betting on the favourite is thought of as a winning bet, the underdog is also bet on.

6. Choose Your Team Wisely

Just because your favourite is your favourite, it doesn’t mean the team will win. Pick a team by understanding how both play and what their strengths and weaknesses are before placing cash wagers on your favourite team.

7. Compare Odds and Lines

By comparing the odds to lines, you are comparing what the sportsbook predicts against the underdog and the favourite. If you know your NFL teams, you can gauge how these odds are measured against the predicted moneylines. Alternatively, there are a number of online calculators which will help influence your decision.

8. Choosing Mobile Compatible Sportsbooks

Placing wagers means staying on top of your bet. Mobile compatibility is key to keep up with placing wagers especially for in-play betting. Mobile tech has allowed for HTML5 compatibility allowing users to access sportsbooks on the go.

9. Joining Online Betting Forums

Online betting forums are online chat hubs where likeminded bettors unite to discuss, debate and look into wagering options to help each other win. Here you will pick up tips and tricks that can be used to strategize future bets.

10. Budgeting and Managing Bankrolls

Placing bets and losing them is all a part of the thrill. However, many bettors try to recover their losses by going over budget which impacts on their gaming experience as a whole. Avoid this through bankroll management and never go over your budget.


11. Ditch the Superstitions

Many NFL fans are superstitious and wouldn’t consider betting on the underdog. This kind of betting won’t get any wining bets as there will be times the underdog will win, whether bettors like it or not.

12. Keeping a Journal

Keep recordings of how you bet and what you bet on. This will help you determine where your strengths and weaknesses are in placing bets.

13. Practice
Practice by placing small and frequent bets.

14. Take Breaks

Staring at your screen for some time may prove ineffective as bettors can become agitated, distracted and it may cause them to lose focus, essentially costing them the bet. Make sure you take breaks during half time and use these break spurts to your advantage and regain focus.

15. Explore Betting Options

NFL is a sport which offers loads of betting options and while you may begin betting using the most common or familiar wagering options, the more you explore.

16. Avoid Drinking and Betting

Impaired vision and discernment will have a negative effect on bets placed. Our experts suggest avoiding online sports betting as an entirety when vision is impaired.

17. Be Selective

Being selective is important when placing larger informed wagers. The more selective and informed your bet, the better the chances of you winning the money line which has been based on the player, your knowledge and the sportsbook betting odds.

18. Understanding NFL Live Betting

Find out more about live sports betting which allows bettors to adjust their bets as the game is in play. This is a popular NFL betting preference and one that could too be beneficial to you.

19. Watch More NFL

Staying up to date with the best games for betting purposes is just another reason to watch the latest NFL games. While watching, observe both teams and use this knowledge to your advantage.

20. Have Fun

The most important contributing factor to placing successful bets is to remember the past time is for fun! Have fun with it and you will return probably with more enthusiasm as your knowledge of NFL sports betting improves.

These tips and tricks have been used by many professional expert bettors and have been the source of many wins. Winning NFL games is more than just placing money on your favourite team or player. Its understanding how the game works, how sportsbook plays are made, which teams play better on which fields and so forth. Understanding this will set you on the path to success and allow you the opportunity to win while watching your favourite game, having fun and learning about other teams. This is what makes successful bettors and may even help you win!

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